safe gambling week 2022

Safer Gambling Week 2022

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The Safer Gambling Week backed by the Betting and Gaming Council returns to us for the fifth year in a row. The 2022 Safer Gambling Week will take place from October 17th to the 23rd. Even though the casino industry promotes responsible gambling throughout the year, Safer Gambling Week simply highlights this commitment.

The main focus points are Ireland and the UK, but the message needs to be heard worldwide. In addition to the BGC, the event is also supported by Bacta, the Lotteries Council, and the Bingo Association. This will be a cross-industry event that aims to promote responsibility and customer care across the world.

The Goal and Promotion

As we mentioned, this is not the first time the Safer Gambling Week event was held. It has been going strong for 5 years now and was originally named Responsible Gambling Week. That being said, the aim has remained the same throughout the years. That aim being the promotion of ideas that gambling should not interfere with your life, friends, and family. That you should set limits for yourself. That you should engage in this leisure time responsibly.

Similar to the previous years, the event consists of the main website and various safe gambling messages. The promotions are happening both in online casinos and land-based ones. Furthermore, a lot of the big names in the casino gaming industry are promoting the event on blogs, social media, etc.

BGC chair Brigid Simmons said, “Although it is good to focus on responsible gambling throughout the week, the topic must be addressed all year round. Safer gambling is, of course, for all year round.”

The event is also promoted by famous celebrities like the football star Harry Redknapp. Harry is urging others to use the safer gambling tools available to play safer.

The Significance of Safer Gambling and Asking for Help

This event is of great importance worldwide in reminding enthusiasts that they can seek help for gambling problems if necessary. This notion is promoted in each casino through the Gamble Responsibly message.

The importance of this event is so vast that even the UK government is making it a headline. Additionally, UK and Ireland have various gambling helplines that are crucial during Safer Gambling Week. In the link we provided, readers can find the numbers for international helplines as well.

These helplines are an effective way to receive assistance with any gambling problems you might have. The UKGC has been known to impose strict laws that protect the players. However, nothing helps more than hearing another human being and simply talking about your problems.

Stay safe and gamble responsibly. Promote the Safer Gambling Week.


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