Singapore to Establish Gambling Regulatory Authority By 2021

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Online gambling regulations in Asia differ from the rest of the world. Although Asia is the biggest continent, and thus the biggest casino market, online gambling is illegal there.

However, all Asian countries have autonomy over gambling regulations. As we heard, Singapore plans to establish a gambling regulatory authority to oversee and regulate gambling in the country. Let’s see the full story.

New Regulator in Town

The Ministry of Home Affairs in Singapore announced the new changes for the gambling industry. As the representatives explained, Singapore is to establish a Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) by the end of 2021. The main tasks of the new regulator will be optimisation and regulation of the entire gambling market within a single agency.

The new regulator will unite the previous two main gambling authorities in Singapore into one organisation. Namely, the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) currently oversees all casinos that work in Singapore. The other part is the Gambling Regulatory Unit, which regulates remote gambling services and slots. Next year, when Singapore gets a new casino gambling authority, these two will become one.

Additional Info

We also heard that GRA would control all land-based gambling services that are currently under the supervision of the Singapore Totalisator Board. Illegal gambling activities will be another priority that GRA will take over from the Singapore Police Force. Finally, GRA will also take care of the responsible gaming measures which the Ministry of Social and Family Development oversees.

The Ministry of Home Affairs released a statement in which it explained the motivation and reasons behind this decision. According to MHA, technology has changed the way people gamble and made it more accessible. Business models followed suit. Companies now adjust to changing customer preferences and introduce gambling elements in products that are not inherently gambling.

That is why GRA needs to consolidate and optimize gambling regulatory resources within a single agency. In their words, “this will allow GRA to stay even more effectively abreast of technological and global trends”. Furthermore, MHA hopes GRA will respond faster to emerging products with a more holistic approach to gambling policies and issues.


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