Slot Machines Generate 85% of French Casino Proceeds

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Over the last year, slot machines were ‘held responsible’ for 84.87 percent of the total casino trade in France.

The 200 French casinos operating during 2016 through 2017 fiscal year calculated the total gaming proceeds to be €2.292bn, which is 2.48 percent higher than the previous year, with slot machines down 1.47 percent to €1.92bn. The average daily toll per slot was €69.42 over the past year.

Growing Popularity of Electronic Games

Simultaneously, electronic table games also maintained their growing popularity, which increased by 24.33 percent, fostering at that €144,623,837 and providing 6.3 percent of the overall gross gaming revenue (GGR).

Only 20 out of the 200 casinos mentioned above were not operating electronic table games, which is significantly fewer than the year before — 31 casinos. Electronic English Roulette produces the chief part of this total with a GGR of €141,330,842, with electronic Blackjack being in the second place with €2,968,357. The remaining profit is produced by electronic Punto Banco, with games still being operated on trial, which is still new on the market.

On the other hand, traditional table games increased by 0.36 per cent a month at a time with GGR of €202,238,101.

Taking the first place was English Roulette, which is offered in 120 casinos and carries a GGR of €72,139,432. Six casinos (Aix-en-Provence, Cassis, Deauville, Enghien, Evian and Niederbronn) are still offering French Roulette. Lastly, only two Caribbean casinos in Gosier and Saint-François make American Roulette available.

Blackjack Follows Suit

The traditional table game Blackjack, absent from only four casinos, is the second top-earning one in France, with a total GGR of the spectacular €67,179,602.

Regarding the other main games, Texas Hold’em Poker has a GGR of €22,011,710, Ultimate Poker of €14,759,025, and finally, Casino Hold’em Poker of €2,410,550.

Punto Banco is offered by only five casinos in the whole of France with Lucian Barrière’s Enghien casino producing by far the majority of this at €14.051.435, while the other four casinos generate the aggregate earnings of €312.851.

Ultimately, La Boule – the old version of roulette, which is still offered in more than 40 casinos, earns a total GGR of €2,223,077.


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