The Stage is Set for the US Sports & Gambling Summit

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Pre-conference workshop for the third annual Summit on Sports & Gambling is scheduled for Wednesday, 18 July and will consist of morning and afternoon session.

The main idea of the Summit is to discuss the negative impact of gambling addiction on athletes and other players, how to recognize the problems and act accordingly. Leaders in all major fields in sports and betting will be present and address and review current issues and try to provide solutions together.

United States Gaming Expansion

The U.S. is facing the biggest potential expansion of gambling in its history with the recent legislature changes so the Summit is necessary to examine the current consumer protection issues and prepare to mitigate problems caused by the anticipated expansion of legalized sports betting.

Just last month, the United States Supreme Court voided the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) so dozen of states are in the process of legalizing sports betting. The legal battle was on for years and the loudest advocate for banning the 1992 federal law was New Jersey, which spent years and millions during these legal fees. Nevada was the only one to offer legal sports betting and now, their monopoly will be over with other states joining the party.

Being the one that fought hardest, New Jersey was expected to be the first state to roll out sports betting but Delaware has just launched it recently.

Delaware have already had the legal and regulatory structure in place while lawmakers in New Jersey are expected to consider legislation this week in order to regulate such wagering. Mississippi, Pennsylvania and West Virginia will follow them soon. The prognosis is that in five years, thirty-two states will offer sports betting. This huge change will bring significant tax revenue and fill the states’ coffers but there are still those who have expressed concerns about the risks this shift will impose on players.

The Summit Topics

The Summit on Sports & Gambling will address all possible gambling problems since individuals in amateur and professional sports are at higher risk of developing gambling addiction which is a threat to the health of athletes and the integrity of the game.

Although we think these doubts are unsubstantiated, customers can be at ease since the greatest names in the industry will come together to work on solutions to minimize the negative impact of gambling addiction both on athletes and society.


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