UKGC Introduces Tight Rules for Online Operators for 2021

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The UK Gambling Commission has finally released its plan of business for 2020/21. The British gambling regulator introduced a new set of rules and presented effective plans for the upcoming period.

The new rules are quite strict. The UKGC has decided to put a tight leash on operators by imposing rigorous guidelines for risk and harm prevention.

Safety Is Still a Priority

The key priorities in the report are still the safety of the players and responsible gaming. The UKGC has a strong on-going campaign to reduce harms and risks in the industry. Moreover, the regulator seeks to create a safer environment for the players.

In the report, the UK Gambling Commission announced a new set of decision that will soon go into effect. Each decision or project aims to prevent harmful activities.

Neil McArthur, Chief Executive of the Gambling Commission that the financial year began in extraordinary circumstances. First, the new COVID-19 virus became a significant problem for the entire world. According to McArthur, it will bring ‘significant challenges for us all, including the gambling industry’. That is why gambling-related harm is dangerous. Players now spend more time indoors, which means they spend more time playing games. The UKGC must try to drastically reduce damage even if operators cannot protect their customers. One of the potential measures is suspension and license revocation for problematic operators.

Hard Work So Far

Since 2018, the UKGC has managed to introduce numerous safety measures to protect the problematic players. Age and ID verification was among the first innovations in the industry. Other new strategies included customer interaction, unfair T&C elimination, and credit card bans. Credit cards were the latest item on the UKGC’s agenda.

This year, the UKGC will deliver recommendations for VIP incentives and online advertising, as well as online gambling products.

In 2020/21, UKGC will launch an “Experts by Experience Board”. This will ensure that the customers that have experienced harms have direct access to the Commission.


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