UKGC Reinforces Safety and Fairness in Gambling

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The UK Gambling Commission is drawing attention to its plans to make Britain’s gambling industry as secure and fair as possible. Aiming to boost the country’s approach to and handling with gambling, the UKGC urges all stakeholders to share their views on the three measures the Commission has proposed to decrease harms caused by gambling.

Work Hand in Hand with the UKGC

The three partners working on the project are consumers, gambling businesses and other interested groups.

“Making gambling fairer and safer is at the heart of how we regulate and better customer interaction, higher ADR standards and facilitating readily available blocking software are all part of this,” Paul Hope, the Gambling Commission Executive Director said.

Since one of the proposals made includes resolving disputes between consumers and operators, you, as a client and devoted player, will have your say in the matter.

Customer Interaction

This is likely the most important party in the heart of the matter. The regulator describes the term as “how gambling businesses identify and interact” with a consumer that is in jeopardy of getting harmed by his or her gambling habits.

The Commission’s view on this section is that the bond with clients needs to be strengthened. The consultation will consists of sharing what client expect from operators as well as testing new strategies based on the feedback, and evaluating what works best.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

It is mandatory that all legally operating and licensed operators should live up to certain standards when dealing with complaints and disputes is concerned. After assessing the state of the matter, the Commission decided to inspect whether operators should be required to use ADR providers only in order to be in conformity with the standards.

Gambling Blocking Software

Lastly, the UKGC is attempting to see whether it would be needed for operators to provide access to blocking software free of charge to clients. Gambling Blocking Software is used to enable customers to block access to gambling products on their computer, phone or tablet.

With the aim of examining how this could be effectively carried out, Hope commented, “The proposed changes are intended to accelerate progress in protecting consumers and preventing them from experiencing gambling related harm.”

They at the Commission would like to have as many people come forward with their suggestions and feedback.


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