UKGC Tries to Influence Gambling by Introducing New Rules

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UK Gambling Commission has announced a new set of regulations for license conditions and codes of practice (LCCP) which will influence alternative dispute resolution. The new rules and regulations cover several aspects of gambling, including the identification of licensees and interaction with customers, and research, treatment, and prevention. The new rules are to come into effect near the end of the year.

A Great Start

As the leading authority body both in the UK and the global market, UKGC has already started the initiative for safer gambling.The initiative was started in 2018 and it is supposed to last until 2021. Some of the results of the initiative are the workshop for responsible gamingin 2018, after which a new plan of business was introduced.

The New Changes

According to UKGC, casino operators and similar businesses will be able to work only with ADR providers (Alternative Dispute Resolution) who fully meet the new requirements and standards. The new standards cover customer service, governance, and decision making.

As for customer interaction, the requirements for businesses that interact with vulnerable customers are also reinforced. These requirements focus on the outcomes and impacts of customer interaction on players that are at risk of harms that come from gambling.

Providers will also need to focus on prevention, treatment, and research.

The new rules are there to ensure that funds that are intended for licenses are instead contributed to the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms in Britain, and businesses that contribute the funds are provided with a list of bodies where they can contribute.

The rules for research, prevention, and treatment come into effect on January 1st, 2020. However, rules for customer interaction and alternative resolution providers will be realized in October. To be more precise, the exact date for both sets of rules is October 31st.


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