William Hill CEO Donates His Salary to Employees in Need

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The COVID-19 crisis is getting bigger by the day. Countries, economies, healthcare systems and brands are threatening to collapse under the pressure. Because so many companies are in grave economic danger now, employees are losing jobs each day.

However, there is a bright light in all of this. William Hill CEO Joe Asher decided to help all its employees in need. He donated his entire salary to an employee fund last week.

Big Heart

Joe Asher, the CEO of William Hill US, has a big heart. His actions in the past couple of days show that he truly cares about his company – and his employees. The now-famous CEO delighted everybody in the gaming world when he donated his salary to the employee fund. Before he announced that he would donate, he created the fund himself.

According to Asher, the situation is not easy at all right now. Numerous employees and staff are struggling to make ends meet. Therefore, he thought it would be convenient to help them in these dire financial times.

A Fund for the Future

Asher created a new fund for the William Hill employees in the USA. He aims to provide help to employees who have a rough time getting used to the unique situation. The first donation to the fund was his salary. As he explained, the company had to send the staff home. Some of them still work, while others are on breaks – which affects the company. But now those that are out of work do not need to worry about finances anymore.

“I didn’t feel right about continuing to get paid while so many people were out of work. So, I just decided to donate all of my salaries to the foundation and encourage everybody else in the company who’s still working to donate what they can,” Joe Asher said.

The news of the donation came days after Adrian Marsh announced he will not be joining William Hill as we expected.


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