Yggdrasil and Flow Gaming Strike a Franchise Deal

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Yggdrasil Gaming is keeping busy with new deals. The latest news from the innovative provider state that the company joined forces with Flow Gaming.

Under the terms of the contract, Flow Gaming will gain more access to Yggdrasil’s set of developmental tools. That includes the GATI product, YG platform, and end-to-end production tools. Furthermore, Flow Gaming will be able to access all content created by YG Masters members.

Conquering New Continents

The new deal between Yggdrasil Gaming and Flow Gaming will enable Flow Gaming more control over its B2B operations. The terms of their contract state that Flow will get a host of privileges from Yggdrasil Gaming.

Most notably, Flow Gaming will obtain all end-to-end production tools. Plus, there is also the boost set of promotional tools, GATI, and YG platform. We mustn’t forget the YG Masters content – Flow Gaming gets access to that as well.

The reason why both companies are excited about the link-up is that this enables expansion for both Flow and Yggdrasil. The companies will be able to expand their influence across multiple countries in several continents.

Wise Choice

Flow Gaming COO Peter van Tuyl said that Flow had its eye on Yggdrasil for a long time. For Flow Gaming, Yggdrasil is the perfect partner because it has fantastic content that matches well with Asian customers. Flow currently has an extensive infrastructure that caters to Asian players and their tastes. Yggdrasil’s new partner is very active in that region, and that is only going to get better once Flow gets the perks.

As he explained:

“With our extensive marketing knowledge and tuned infrastructure for Asian distribution, this will be a very good concept for both parties.”

He also added that the Yggdrasil franchise proposition is a new and very clever approach to onboarding content and technology. With these tools, Flow Gaming will optimize and enhance its business operations.

Through the franchising agreement, Flow Gaming will also be able to source and offer its own game content for distribution. It will also combine its work with other franchisees on a global level.


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