Yggdrasil Completes Migration of Content onto Google Cloud

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Yggdrasil Gaming has devised several strategies to boost performance and content development. One of the strategies includes a complete migration of its production and staging environments onto the Google Cloud Platform. The game developer recently announced the completion of the movement, which will boost performance and reduce costs for the company.

A Pioneering Move

The three main concerns of Yggdrasil Gaming for 2020 is scalability, efficiency, and flexibility. The company intends to boost its performance across all verticals shortly. The first step in securing better performance is the transfer of content and placement onto Google Cloud.

With this move, Yggdrasil became one of the first suppliers in the industry to transfer its content to GCP. The Gibraltar Regulator had approved the transfer before Yggdrasil initiated it.

This will help Yggdrasil increase the efficiency of software production. Moreover, the product initiatives GATI and YG Franchise will take less time to configure thanks to this. Previously, the set-up lasted for weeks, and now the software will complete the set-up in hours.

Amazing Perks

This means more advantages for Yggdrasil content and solutions. After the production ends, a year-long project will yield better controls over costs. Yggdrasil will have better control over scalability and won’t require additional software and hardware.

Yggdrasil CTO Krzysztof Opalka commented on the announcement. He said that the company set a target last year to migrate the platform onto the cloud. Everyone at the company is proud of the successful completion of the objective. He also said:

“This advanced set-up futureproofs the business in several core areas. And it ensures we can manage day-to-day activities and grow as a business more efficiently. We can scale accordingly as well as both reduce and control our costs more effectively, while also having better support for new business initiatives. For example, we can now set up an entire Yggdrasil node, in any local market, in just a few hours.”


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