Yggdrasil Is Launching New Publishing Division

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The award-winning gaming company Yggdrasil is taking things to a new level.

Or should we say, dimension? It was recently announced that Yggdrasil is launching a brand-new publishing branch of its company. The division comes with all the necessary tools that providers need to design, develop, and release their content.

With Yggdrasil Publishing, the aspiring customers now can have control over the production and distribution of their prized content.

Step Towards the Future

The Yggdrasil Publishing arm will deliver tools that are required to build a B2B business from the ground up. The division will offer everything that Yggdrasil has, the YG franchise, YG Masters, and YG game IP. That means that all companies that decide to collaborate with Yggdrasil, will have platform IP licensing, game development and distribution program, and game IP licensing.

The decision to open this kind of branch is described as Yggdrasil’s “giving others the keys to the kingdom”. And in a way, it is.

Put a Label on It

Yggdrasil aims to create a franchise of its entire business. The franchise will include not only content portfolio but also gamification. Customers can expect to receive platform technology, new game adaption tools, and interface product as well. Yggdrasil hopes this will help aspiring companies create their end-to-end offers faster than before. The company firmly believes that they will do that with the help of Yggdrasil Publishing.

Björn Krantz, the leader of the new publishing division, explained that the new arm “will give operators, studios and suppliers all the tools, tech and knowledge to take control of their content production and distribution and create unique player experiences. “

He added that “this is a ground-breaking global licensing business that significantly changes our and the industry’s approach to content creation, publishing, and distribution.” After six years of successful delivery of top-tier games, Yggdrasil is ready to take things to a new level.


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