Yggdrasil Shakes Hands with Black Cow for Platform Integration

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Yggdrasil Gaming signed a deal with Black Cow. Through the new partnership, Black Cow’s specialists will integrate the GDK platform into Yggdrasil’s GATI solution.

That way, local and global developers will have instant access to game engines and new markets.

Help for Small-Scale Studios

This deal is the first deal for the Publishing division that Yggdrasil launched in January. Described as” the keys to the Yggdrasil’s kingdom”, the new Publishing arm is there to help all Yggdrasil’s partners. Thanks to the new platform, partners can speed up their business strategies, and increase their revenues cost-effectively.

The GATI solution is the source of power for the YG Masters program. Thanks to this deal, Black Cow will build game engines for any member of the YG Masters Program. The Games Development Kit (GDK) platform will be integrated into Yggdrasil’s new Yggdrasil Game Adaptation, Tools and Interface (GATI) solution.

The point of the deal is to help studios that previously had no tools for game engines generation. With these tools, they can build their game engines easily and rapidly.

However, that also means that all Black Cow partners now have better chances of becoming YG Masters partners. Thanks to the new game engine tools, they can connect their games and benefit from wide distribution and industry-leading marketing tools.

Expanding the Horizons

Stuart McCarthy, Head of Partner Strategy & Sourcing at Yggdrasil, said: “I’m delighted to be able to announce our partnership with Black Cow. Our revolutionary GATI solution allows studios and game developers to build directly onto our platform. Thus, they benefit from our global distribution, promotional tools and regulated market adaptors while taking control of their roadmap and retaining complete protection of their IP.

He also added that the addition of Black Cow’s GDK technology, Yggdrasil creates the perfect go-to option for any studio. Companies that are looking to get their games to market quickly and securely will love working with Yggdrasil and Black Cow.



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