Novomatic Anticipates High Revenue for 2019

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The second month of 2020 is a perfect time to sum up the previous year. It is also the time when gaming companies release financial reports for the previous fiscal year.

One gaming company that is very optimistic about the results is Novomatic Group. The company expects excellent results for the last quarter of the year, as well as the entire year in general.

Better than Before

At the ICE 2020 press conference, the CEO Harald Neumann discussed the upcoming financial report. He said that he expects amazing results for the previous years. According to him, if everything goes right, the Group stands to report an incredible revenue of $5.6mn for 2019.

Of course, he could not give a precise figure, as the report is yet to emerge in the following weeks.

These results could outshine the bad start of the previous year. Even though the CEO now predicts amazing results, the beginning of 2019 was not exactly stellar for Novomatic. The first half of the year yielded a decreased revenue, in comparison with 2018. The company revealed before that that the total revenue for the period was $1.391mn, which is lower than 2018 revenue of $1.451mn.

However, Neumann maintained that the company would bounce back and reaffirm its position for the rest of the year.

40 Years Later

At the show, Novomatic celebrated its 40th anniversary. The company showed that, after 40 years in the game, it is still a number one choice for many players and operators.

However, the regulatory change in Germany affected its business operations.

For this year, Novomatic is planning to continue to develop the components as well. The company wishes to achieve higher goals than in the previous years. For better results, the company employed better projects and initiatives. The CEO mentioned the appointment of the new Chief Financial Officer as a major refreshment for the company.


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