10 tips for successful online casino gambling experience

10 Tips to Help Make You Successful When Playing at Online Casinos

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Playing at an online casino can be an exhilarating experience filled with ups and downs.

However, there are some tips that can help improve your chances of having a more fulfilling experience, and that is the purpose of this article.

We have included 10 tips we know are proven to help increase your overall experience. While our goal is always to steer you in the direction of the best casinos, we understand there is more to it than simply playing the games, and by employing a few of our tips and seeing them as a playing strategy, you hopefully will increase the amount you win and put in your pocket.

Table of Contents:

  1. Know the game you are playing
  2. Play within your budget
  3. Be Aware of bonus terms and conditions
  4. Don’t allow superstitions dictate how you play
  5. Take regular breaks
  6. Read casino reviews and avoid the risk of rogue casinos
  7. Beat the casino at its own game
  8. Increase your odds of winning big with Progressive jackpot games
  9. Take advantage of loyalty and VIP programs
  10. Never drink while gambling


  • Know the game you are playing

Knowing the game, you are playing is an essential part of playing online. While many games are similar, no two are identical if playing slots. Each will have a unique paytable and higher paying symbols, as will video poker and table games. Spend time understanding each game before you play, if playing slots, identify the slot variance, if playing video poker, understand what hands are premium hands and if any special cards add potential to the outcome, and if playing table games, understand the odds.

  • Play within your budget

When playing, do so with an amount you can afford to risk. If you have a budget of $100, there is little point playing dollar machines as it will eat your balance quickly should you not have a winning session. However, playing lower denomination games will allow you to extend the time you play and afford you a greater chance of building your bankroll.

  • Be Aware of bonus terms and conditions

Those who play online know the excitement and power that a bonus can bring. However, every bonus is different and has its own unique terms that govern the bonus and how it is to be used. This includes wagering terms, what games are allowable under the bonus, and in some cases, the maximum amount that can be wagered for each bet placed.

Understanding bonus terms can see you avoid heartache as should you breach any of the conditions of a bonus; winnings will be forfeited. Therefore take time and read the terms and conditions BEFORE you accepted a bonus and make a deposit.

  • Don’t allow superstitions dictate how you play

All online casino games, whether it is a slot, table game, video poker or other will have its results generated using a random number generating software. The second you spin the reels of a slot machine, the results are determined, and whether you rub the machine, pray to the heavens or hold your good luck charm, your actions will not have any impact on the result. The same applies to table games and video poker, albeit you have a larger influence on the result as you participate in the outcome by selecting cards or how you play cards that were dealt to you. Ultimately, the results or cards drawn are random. Do not get lured into the belief that you can control the outcome, sit back, relax and enjoy the wins as they come.

  • Take regular breaks

Taking regular breaks is an excellent strategy for a number of reasons. Gambling is meant to be a recreational activity, and as such, should be fun. By taking regular breaks it allows you to maintain a sharper focus if playing table games, and those playing slots it allows them to extend the time they play.

  • Read casino reviews and avoid the risk of rogue casinos

The landscape of online gaming has changed a great deal in the last decade. The risk of playing at rogue casinos has been vastly reduced, but not eliminated. Taking time to read casino reviews such as those provided by BestCasinos will help you to determine which casinos operate to the highest standards and focus on providing a fair gaming platform.

A casino review does not simply discuss what a casino offers, but provide a detailed account of the casino, its operations, its licensing, banking options, the time it takes to pay winnings and many other elements proven to impact the positivity players experience – use this resource, it is invaluable!

  • Beat the casino at its own game

If playing table games such as blackjack, it is important to bet to win. Each game has a house edge, whether playing online or at a traditional casino establishment. By employing proper betting techniques, the house edge can be reduced in your favour. Understand your game and the strategical technique that can be used to increase your overall rate of success.

  • Increase your odds of winning big with Progressive jackpot games

Progressive jackpots use to be reserved for those with large bankrolls. This was due to the fact most required a minimum bet that often was higher than many felt comfortable with. However today online progressive slots have been re-designed so that the betting limits cater to all playing budgets, and they afford an equal opportunity at winning its jackpot. Take time to investigate each progressive slot you find at your casino of choice, read the paytable, review the jackpots it offers and learn what is required in order to win the jackpot.

  • Take advantage of loyalty and VIP programs

The overwhelming majority of casinos will offer some form of a rewards program. A loyalty program provides perks to regular players such as free casino credits, special bonuses, and more. As you advance in a loyalty program, so too will the rewards. These can see rewards such as electronics, exotic trips or invitations to exclusive events in your area and more.

  • Never drink while gambling

Drinking while gambling is never a wise decision. The consumption of alcohol clouds good judgement and will lead to, in many cases, you to spend more than you can afford. Always exercise caution if playing at a casino that provides free drinks. Those drinks cost money and are given free of charge for a reason, and that is to make you spend more and play for longer periods. The combination of the two usually does not end well, so avoid drinking whenever engaging in gambling activities.


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