How to Win Money Playing Online Slots Tips

11 Surefire Tips How to Win Money Playing Online Slots

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Lots of slot players play their machines both in online and land-based casinos, often depending on where they are and what else they’re doing at the time, but whichever type slot casino they choose, they must have the best slot machine strategies.

The idea of course is to win, as much and as often as possible. We’ll look at the best slot strategies online and compare them to land-based casinos. We will also give you other helpful hints and tips that will increase your bottom online-slot-playing line.

Preferably, play your slots online. You’re better off doing so, even if you live around the block from one of those glittering land-based slot palaces. The main reason is simple convenience. Playing slots online with any computer or mobile device lets you enjoy the experience wherever you want to be and in the total privacy many slot players prefer. It also allows you to play the exact type of slot game you’re looking for, 24/7. Going to the land-based slot-machine casino sometimes makes you wait for the game you want when you get there. A busy Saturday night and you might not find the slot game you want, and to boot, you’ve already invested both time and money to get there, even if it’s a short five-minute drive.

  • Find the best online slot casino

The most important element is to find the slots that have the highest payout percentage. Just like in land-based casinos, slot games online vary as far as how much they pay out. The advantage playing slots online is that since they don’t have the same overhead costs that land-based casinos do, you can find online slots that pay out at a better rate than any land-based casino’s slots do. You should accept nothing lower than a 98% payout-rate.

Next you must take into consideration if the casinos with the best payout rates also have the best bonuses. If not, find casinos that are near the top in both categories. Note that payout rates and bonuses offered do fluctuate, so you need to closely monitor the best combinations of payout percentage and bonuses as they change.

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  • Get the best slot bonuses

There are two types of online slot bonuses: cashable and non-cashable. Cashable bonuses you can keep after meeting the wager requirements. Non-cashable bonuses you can wager and keep the winnings but not the bonuses.

Non-cashable bonuses are better for most online slot players because they can avoid what are often strict wagering requirements. So the best tip here is to find the biggest non-cashable bonuses offered. However, if you can find a casino with a big sign-up bonus and low wagering requirement, then you can maximize the amount of real money available to you from the start.

Also take advantage of free spin bonuses and no-deposit bonuses that give players the chance for free online slot action without having to deposit money.

Finally, be aware of casinos that offer large bonuses but hide the fact that they require a huge betting amount before you can redeem them.

  • Avoid slot casinos’ tricky tactics

Some casinos have slow payout times, which is nothing more than a ruse to get you to blow your winnings before they pay out. So find online slot machines that offer the best mix of variety, jackpots and user-friendly software, which includes fast payouts. Practically all online slot casinos with good reputations don’t play around with your wishes to cash out.

Other casinos take this trick do much further extremes: they avoid cashing you out, sometimes disappearing from the Internet without ever having paid you. So you must protect yourself from rogue online slot casinos by keeping up with blogs and reviews concerning the ever-growing array of online-slot casinos.

  • Learn the types of online slot machines and pay tables

Anyone can simply play a slot game, but if you don’t review and understand the slots you’re playing, you cannot possibly figure out the correct amount of coins you should play each spin. Therefore, knowing the different characteristics of multiplier, bonus-multiplier, multiple-payline and buy-a-pay slot machines is an absolute must to successfully play any or all of them.

Of equal importance is knowing how to read the slots’ pay tables; if you don’t you’re starting off at a disadvantage. Pay tables tell you how much you can win on every wager you make, which means you´ll know how to let your money work in order to come out winner after each online slot session. You need to thoroughly understand all the aspects of how a slot machine pays.

A very important thing to learn from the pay table is that the more coins you bet, the more you can win, so it’s always optimum strategy to bet the maximum amount of coins. This is a must for qualifying for the big payouts, especially the jackpots.

  • Play fixed-payline slots

These games offer attractive bonus games and base game bonus features. But the best aspect of fixed payline games might be psychological rather than mathematical. If you´ve ever played a minimum number of paylines and seen a big winning combo spin on a payline you didn’t play, you know that sickening feeling of “I shoulda, woulda, coulda!” Had you been forced to play all the paylines, you’d be hearing those wonderful winning cacophonies instead of kicking yourself in the ass!

And then with the bonus games and base games featured you have a great chance of scoring some very big payouts when they are set off and awarded to you. When paying optional-payline slots you are more in control but less likely to win satisfying amounts of money. If unsure on which type of slot game you want to play, you can always begin with the optional-payline version and see how it goes.

  • Don’t get sucked in by progressives

That’s right, progressive slot games are not always the best games in town. They are mainly for players who are looking to make that once-in-a-lifetime huge score that really comes about once in fifty or sixty lifetimes if you check the statistics. Needless to say that since the jackpots are so high, the machines generally pay out less often.

So for those slot players who play a reality-based strategy, (even though there might not be many of them), there are many more winning opportunities on the machines offering a lower jackpot. Slot players who chase the progressives generally find themselves out of action much quicker than those who don’t. And remember, the odds of hitting a multi-million-dollar slot jackpot are more or less the same as winning a multi-million-dollar state or national lottery.

  • Join a Slots Club

Just like in land-based casinos, you can take advantage of your slots play by joining an online slots club. There are many winning benefits, even though these benefits are not directly winning in themselves. Winning money via slots clubs comes in the form of freebies, discounts and comps.

All these benefits are tied into the amount of time you spend yanking the online reels. They include rebates on players’ losses, where a certain amount of losses will result in the online slot casino giving the player a certain amount of credits to be used in future play. There are also free games awarded when you sign up as well as well as matching funds, where the casino matches the amount of money you spend, which in effect allows you to play for half the money. You can also qualify for discounted entries into online slots tournaments, which might lead you right into winning a huge jackpot-like prize!

  • Take advantage of Slow-Playing Slots

Some online slot games have a special feature allowing you to speed up or slow down the rate at which the reels spin and stop. There are several advantages to playing online slots slowly, the first of which it tends to promote responsible gambling and gives each player a moment or two to evaluate exactly what they’re doing. This helps you reduce the number of mistakes you might make on a faster game.

Naturally your outcome will evolve slower: you will either win or lose slower, but you will rack up more time on the game, which ultimately leads to more benefits. This is especially advantageous for those players on limited bankrolls. The old saying, “Get more for your buck” certainly applies here. And remember that no matter how slow you are playing your slot games online, you still will be earning your rewards. But should you get bored with the slower passing of events, you can always turn on a ballgame or your favorite TV show while playing.

  • Play slots for free before stepping up to real money

Most online casinos give you the chance to play slots for free before taking the plunge into real gambling. You should take advantage of these opportunities because they give you the chance to familiarize yourself with online slots and develop and perfect your strategies. Some casinos have a free no-download instant-play feature that really makes your dry run into online slot-play easy. Doing so will give you a chance to learn and digest paylines, pay tables and bonus features. This is especially handy when new slot games become available, and it will also help you decide which games, old and new, appeal to you and your online slot bankroll.

  • Be on the lookout for periodic Huge Bonus Offers

Be it a new slot casino, a seasonal promotion or just a great bonus offer that pops up out of the blue, be ready to take advantage of all of them. These promotions usually encompass much larger than usual match bonuses, free spins and other promotional gimmicks that can help you get the best bang for your buck. With this in mind, don’t automatically delete the emails you receive from your favorite online slots casinos. Many of them may contain promotional offers that coincide with seasons, major sporting events, national holidays and simple new-game offerings. So be on the lookout for all this great slot stuff because it arrives, monthly, weekly and even daily—and sometimes even hourly!

  • Manage your money

Like in any online game, like in any land-based game, managing your funds is of the utmost importance and when done properly leads to overall enjoyment playing online slots. Simply put, don’t play slots with money you cannot afford to lose.

If you do, you will find yourself under constant pressure and you will experience very little enjoyment, which to many slot players is as important as winning or losing money. Just like when playing slots in land-based casinos, when things are not going well take a break. The online slots will be there every time you boot up your computer, so don’t put pressure on yourself to play. And while you are playing, make sure you stay within your bankroll, which means don’t allow a loss that is too big a percentage of your bankroll during a single session. In fact, you should never lose more than 5% of your total bankroll in any given day playing online slots.

Key Takeaways on How to Win at Slots

  • Determine how much bankroll you want to put into playing online slots and manage it over a significant period of time.
  • Try a few spins on free slot games to familiarize yourself with the games and develop your betting strategies.
  • Make sure you learn the different types of machines and their pay tables.
  • Look for the best-percentage payout slots.
  • Find the best bonuses.
  • Pay fixed payline slots and play them slowly.
  • Stay away from progressives unless your only real goal is to hit that dream jackpot where you’ll never need to play slots again!

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