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All You Need to Know About Quartz Blackjack Live

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In February, NetEnt delighted its fans and partners by launching its brand-new physical studio. It has two rooms which house half a dozen Roulette and Blackjack variants fresh from NetEnt’s studio. The two rooms – Gold Room and Silver Room – now accommodate live casino games that you can enjoy. And we are sure you will enjoy the latest Quartz Blackjack, a brand-new variant that is available 24/7.

Before you head off to play Quartz Blackjack in live mode, we recommend reading through the info that we compiled below. We included detailed gameplay, along with several strategies for playing Quartz Blackjack. We also attached our in-depth analysis so that you could see how we liked the game.

Quick Game Overview

Quartz Blackjack is a standard variant of Blackjack played in live mode. The rounds are based on turns, and up to seven players can play a single round. The live dealer that hosts the game uses 6 card decks. The theoretical RTP for Quartz Blackjack is 99.50%.

When it comes to reshuffling the cards, there are two options: manual and automatic shuffle. If the automatic shuffle is at play, the dealer will reshuffle the cards after each round. With manual reshuffling, the dealer waits until the insert card appears to reshuffle the cards at the end of the round.

You can find all information about the bets, table limits, and bet types by clicking on the Table Info tab. Your bet limits for each bet are in the top left corner of your game screen.

How to Play Quartz Blackjack

If you are familiar with the basic rules of Blackjack, you will find that playing this variant is just as easy. The goal is to get as close to 21 as possible and beat the dealer along the way.

Before each round starts, the players place their bets. As the table accepts only 7 players, you take turns placing your bets according to the table limit. Once you finish this part, it’s time to start playing.

The dealer first deals one card to himself, and then two to each player at the table. Finally, the host adds one face-down card to himself. Before the croupier reveals the value of its second card, you play your hand by choosing one of three possible options. You can either choose to Stand, Hit, or Double.

With Stand, you choose not to add additional cards to your pile. With Hit, you decide to get an additional card, while Double adds an extra card and doubles your previous bet. Sometimes, you can also choose to Split, but that option appears only if you get two cards with identical value.

There is also an additional option that the dealer offers if his first card is an Ace. You can choose to take Insurance (pays 2:1) in case the dealer has a Blackjack. If he doesn’t, you lose the insurance. You can also take Even Money in a situation where you have a Blackjack, and the dealer has an Ace.

In Quartz Blackjack, the dealer always stands on 17.

Side Bets in Quartz Blackjack

This variant allows for two different side bets. Payouts depend on the odds and types of side bets in the game.

  • 21+3: The poker hand side bet includes three cards, two from the player and one from the dealer. If the three cards together make one of the following combinations, you win the 21+3 bet. The combinations for the 3-card hand are suited trips, straight flush, three of a kind, straight or flush. The theoretical RTP for this type of side bet is 93.71%.
  • Perfect Pair: Players also have a chance to bet on the odds of receiving a pair of identical cards. The cards must have the same value, but they can also have the same colour and the same suit. If they are of the same suit, you get a Perfect Pair side bet that pays 30:1. For the matching colour, the payout is 10:1. The theoretical RTP for Perfect Pair side bet is 94.21%.

Top Quartz Blackjack Strategies

As this is a standard Blackjack variant, you can use classic Blackjack strategies to play Quartz Blackjack. There is no need to devise different and more complex techniques as there these traditional strategies proved to be quite efficient.

Oh, and they are versatile – they apply to not only this game but to all classic variants in the online and live mode. So, if you are looking for tips that can serve for all future Blackjack games that you play, you can use the following methods.

  • Avoid Insurance: The first thing that everyone who knows about this game can tell you is to avoid insurance. It’s a bad option for the players and will take you nowhere in the long run.
  • Find Charts: Charts are quite useful if you want to master the game properly. There are numerous charts that you can use to determine the precise move that you can use in a round.
  • Don’t Split 5s and 10s: If you can help it, do not split pairs of 5s and 10s. The odds are higher if you keep your hard hands of 10 and 20. Plus, with 10s, you can stand on hard 20, which is a winning option in most cases.
  • Hit the Hard 12 if the dealer Has 2 or 3: If you have a hand with a hard 12 and the dealer has 2 or 3, hit. You will thus win more money in the long run.
  • Split 8s and Aces: With a pair of 8s or Aces, the best option is to split. You then get two hands that are solid and could have better results than by keeping these pairs.

Where to Find Quartz Blackjack

NetEnt is a gaming leader on a global scale. Therefore, the company works with dozens of online casinos throughout the world’s biggest markets like the UK. And just like all slots and previous live variants, NetEnt’s Gold and Silver Rooms are available at numerous casinos.

We know that it is not enough just to find a random venue and sign up to play. That is why we devised a list of several impressing online casinos where you can find Quartz Blackjack. If you want to play Quartz Blackjack for real money in online casinos, you can look up any of the following gambling sites.

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Play NetEnt Quartz Blackjack Live at LeoVegas!

Our Experience with Quartz Blackjack

Before we get to dissecting this game, we have to say: we love standard Blackjack. It’s simple, it’s elegant, but most of all – it’s fun to play. However, we are no strangers to experimentation and creativity. We love when we see a game or table that offers to the players something fresh, something that they have never seen before.

Generally, we liked Quartz Blackjack. The game does provide excellent entertainment to Blackjack fans.

If you are looking for a classic version to enjoy, NetEnt’s new title is a great option.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something innovative and fresh, this table might be boring for you. Quartz Blackjack is not a revolutionary title, nor it aspires to be. NetEnt wanted to make a game that provides something universal, and it succeeded.

As we already said, we like basic Blackjack, so we enjoyed Quartz Blackjack immensely. If you share our sentiments, you’ll have a great time with this game too.


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