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The Secrets of Keno – Best Keno Strategies and Numbers to Play

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Strategising is present in every gambling game, and even keno includes various strategies and theories about best keno numbers. Best Casinos is dedicated to bringing you the best tricks and tips about conquering the gambling realm – and this time, we’re taking on the world of keno.

Keep reading to see how to play keno and what keno strategies have the most effect on increasing your advantages. We also listed the best numbers in keno which you can play for wins.

The Game of Keno: Standard Rules

You cannot win at keno every single time, and it wouldn’t be fun if you could. A game purely relying on luck, it attracts players from all walks of life but are all aware of one simple truth: you cannot conquer keno, just learn to wield it every so often.

But if you’ve never played the game before, we are here to teach you how to play keno online for real money. The game is pretty simple and has only a couple of rules you need to memorise before playing.

  • Find a reliable casino with enough keno games
  • Pick a game and open it
  • Set a wager for the round
  •  Select the numbers you want to wager on. You can pick up to 10 digits in most cases
  • Click Play and wait for the numbers to be drawn You will automatically get a payout according to the number of guessed numbers at the end of the round.

See, it’s pretty easy! The game’s simplicity does not force you to invent a complex strategy, but you always want to increase your winning chances. And we are about to show you what they are!

Top Keno Strategies to Use for Advantage

No one has a detailed instruction manual for winning at keno because it doesn’t go like that. We are talking about a pure game of luck, which means you do need to rely on your good fortune to win. But it doesn’t mean you cannot create your own keno strategy to use the next time you visit a gambling website.

We have several tips which might help you increase winning chances and, consequently, wins. Here is how to maximise winning chances in keno.

The Best Keno Strategy Tips

Find an online casino with reliable playing conditions and fair payouts. You wouldn’t believe how much difference does a proper payout makes when choosing casinos. Not all casinos are honest towards their customers, so they pick games with pro-player rules.

Choose four to eight digits. You can wager on 10 to 20 numbers per round, depending on the variant. However, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Experts have found that wagering on four to eight digits from the lot optimises your odds and lowers the house edge. For instance, choosing one to three numbers does not bring a hefty payout, so if you win three out of three, it is still low, right? If you wager on more numbers, say nine, you have to hit at least five or six to get a good payout. But, if you wager on four, five, six, seven, or eight balls, your odds are the highest as there’s an excellent chance to hit four out of four or five out of five.

Play keno online for free and practice. The road to the top is rocky and often costly. Although keno is not considered a game with significant losses – because you don’t invest so much – it can cost you a great deal when you add everything up. Hence, playing for free might save you a few pennies and help you boost expertise before venturing out into the real thing.

Play with the best payouts only. To get out the best possible advantage and play with the best keno numbers in the game, you need to play a variant with good payouts. As there are countless variants, not all offer fair playing conditions. Therefore, you must play games with optimal payouts only.

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Find more on optimal payouts and where to find them below.

The Best Keno Payout Table

To ensure you know exactly what you are getting into, we made a chart showing how much you should get paid for each winning streak according to the number of chosen numbers or spots. Here’s an example. If you select 1 number and it gets drawn, you will receive a 1:1 payout. However, if you choose ten numbers and only one gets drawn, you will receive nothing, etc.

Have a look at the optimal keno payouts in the chart below.


Catch/Hit Numbers

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 1:1
2 1:1 9:1
3 1:1 2:1 16:1
4 0.5:1 2:1 6:1 12:1
5 0.5:1 1:1 3:1 15:1 50:1
6 0.5:1 1:1 2:1 3:1 30:1 75:1
7 0.5:1 0.5:1 1:1 6:1 12:1 36:1 100:1
8 0.5:1 0.5:1 1:1 3:1 6:1 19:1 90:1 720:1
9 0.5:1 0.5:1 1:1 2:1 4:1 8:1 20:1 80:1 1200:1
10 0 0.5:1 1:1 2:1 3:1 5:1 10:1 30:1 600:1 1800:1

If you play a variation that lets you choose more numbers, you can calculate the payouts based on this chart too. The payouts should continue according to the paytable above.

The Secret of Keno Numbers: Best Keno Numbers to Play

If you consult Google on the best keno numbers, you will see most search results rely on the most drawn numbers. It seems everyone wants to know which numbers are drawn most often, probably because they think they are most likely to win if they choose them.

The logic behind this is not faulty in the least, but it is only one way to look at keno winning numbers.

Experts and veterans usually group numbers into several categories and the most drawn numbers are just one of them.

Most Drawn

This is an easy one. Most punters believe the best keno numbers combinations are the ones that hit most often. There is some truth to this idea, but you might find this to be a rather imprecise method. You cannot learn how to predict numbers in keno, at least not precisely and correctly every time. Moreover, it is a balanced game, which means every digit from the 80-digit lot hits nearly as much as others. They all have a similar frequency, which is, when translated into percentages, somewhere around 25%. The most drawn numbers in keno are 27, 35, 3, 50, and 12, but only by a minute advantage. The data often changes, so don’t expect to find these numbers on the list of catches every single time.


A creative approach to keno winning numbers prediction is betting on consecutive numbers. Although the chances of landing several consecutive numbers are slim, you might have more chances of covering a section of the ticket. So, if there’s a hit, you will catch it. This approach’s efficiency has not been entirely tested, but it is a common technique for deciphering keno winning numbers. Is it good? Well, no strategy is failsafe, and neither is this one. But if it works, it works.


Betting on cold numbers in keno is the reverse of wagering on the numbers that hit the most in keno. But like its counterpart, it does not guarantee a winning result. However, it’s pretty popular among players who have already tried several strategies and believe that numbers that haven’t been present in a long time might bring wins. It builds on the gambler’s fallacy, just like the most-drawn theory, but it is a fun way to experiment with wagering.

Lucky Numbers

Finally, some believe they have a lucky keno numbers combination destined to bring a massive win. And what do you do with such a lucky combo? You repeat it, of course. Numerous punters copy and paste a combo on multiple rounds with hopes of reaching the top prize. We cannot tell you how smart repeating a combo is, but the odds are not great – the chances of hitting that exact combination, depending on the number of spots included, are less than slim. They are practically non-existent even. In other words, repeating identical combos on consecutive rounds is not your ticket to the best numbers in keno.

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Confidence in keno winning numbers is a fickle thing. How can you predict numbers in keno? Which numbers are most drawn in keno? Or should you wager on those that hit the least?

No method or strategy can help you accurately predict every single number in every round, but even if there were a chance, it would kill the fun. Hence, your best bet is to rely on your luck, choose numbers on instinct, and be smart about your wagers. You might not control the draw, but you can control which game you play, how much you bet per round, and where you play. The secrets of keno are exposed – the best numbers in keno are the numbers you believe in, based on a strategy you personally choose.


Best Casinos team consists of online casino experts dedicated to spreading their knowledge and experience to a wider audience, all in effort to help even the most inexperienced players gain their footing in this exciting industry.