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Microgaming Brings Back Massive Casino Classic with Casino Solitaire

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Casino Solitaire is a new Microgaming casino table game with 715x maximum payout from November 2020. The game brings back Solitaire, a classic card game that is a variation of Las Vegas Scoring Klondike Solitaire. It was developed by GameVy, one of Microgaming’s independent studios. Casino Solitaire has two side bets, low volatility, and a 96.80%.

This year, Microgaming has been decidedly open to diversification in the gambling sector. Casino Solitaire is but a fraction of its new portfolio – but one we are about to explore a bit more. Let’s revisit the classic and brush up our knowledge of Solitaire before we look for it at top Microgaming casino websites.

Casino Solitaire Guide Overview

What is Casino Solitaire?

Casino Solitaire is a table game that GameVy and Microgaming brought to casinos in November 2020. It is a new and exciting take on classic Klondike Solitaire which offers payouts for every card stacked. Two side bets exist to boost the experience.

The point of the game is to stack up all four suits from A to K. You win cash for every card you place on the stack. Casino Solitaire uses a single deck of 52 cards.

Before the start of each round, all cards are shuffled randomly and distributed into seven columns and ‘play’ card deck. The columns contain from 1 to 7 cards, all hidden except the last one which is face-up. You can move the cards by stacking them in a sequence – A to K – but the colours must be red-black-red, etc. Four stacks where you are to build suits are empty at the beginning of each round.

Casino Solitaire offers you a 96.80% RTP, 99.49%-win rate, and low volatility. The maximum payout in this game is 715x the stake.

Key Features

Casino Solitaire is a highly entertaining game, and we have no doubts you’ll have a blast while playing it. It comes with a string of innovations and features that fans of the classic will surely appreciate.

The key features in Casino Solitaire are:

  • Great RTP rate of 96.80%
  • Low volatility
  • Single-deck play
  • A Las Vegas version of the classic Klondike Solitaire playable for real money
  • Two side bets, No Move, and Red and Black
  • Eight betting options that range between €0.52 and €20.80
  • Autoplay

Although it is fun, you can turn up the fun even more. The game offers you the Autoplay option, which automatically resolves the game, so you don’t have to waste time on thinking through each move. If you turn on Autoplay, the game round will be over in a couple of seconds.

How to Play Casino Solitaire

How to Play Casino Solitaire Microgaming Table Game

Many of us remember playing  Solitaire on our desktop computers even before the internet became a thing. The tradition persevered for many years afterwards, and Solitaire remains the most popular card game to this day.

Diehard Solitaire fans will be delighted to learn they can now play the game in their favourite casinos too! It arrived as a new casino table game to all Microgaming casino sites.

To play Casino Solitaire, you only need to follow the next steps:

  1. Enter the game.
  2. Pick the main bet amount.
  3. If you want, you can also pick one or both side bets.
  4. Start Solitaire and play.
  5. Stack up the four suits by moving the cards or use Autoplay to automatically resolve it.
  6. Wait for the game to end and collect your winnings.

You need only six steps to reach exceptional gambling fun! Microgaming and GameVy did their best to simplify the game, so the rules are more than easy.

When it comes to picking bets, you have eight options. We will show you all bets and payouts in the next section. For now, it is important to remember that you first have to pick a bet and then start the game. You will get a prize for each card you place in the stack.

The whole point of the game is to build stacks. However, that won’t be as easy in here, because you can open the ‘play’ cards only once. This greatly lowers your winning chances, so you should be extra careful while forming sequences.

You can place any card on another card, but keep in mind they need to be in a sequence. Moreover, you cannot put a red card on a red card – it must be red on black, etcetera.

Casino Solitaire Bets and Payouts

The betting system in the Microgaming game is different than most modern releases. For instance, you have eight betting options that you can place on a single game. Each bet comes with a corresponding payout. However, payout refers to individual cards.

In other words, you will get a payout for each card you place on the four stacks. Below is a table which shows how much you get for each wagering amount you choose.


Pay Per Card

€0.52 €0.05
€1.04 €0.10
€2.08 €0.20
€3.12 €0.30
€4.16 €0.40
€5.20 €0.50
€10.40 €1
€20.80 €2

Pick a bet that suits your gaming taste the most. Don’t rush into maximum bets if you are not ready to go all-in. If you want to spice up the session a bit more, try playing with side bets.

Side Bets

Microgaming Casino Solitaire comes with two side bets – No Move and Red and Black. Let’s see what they are all about and how they contribute to the game.

No Move

If you are not able to make any move at the start of the deal as a consequence of the original deal, you can win cash too. If you turn on the No Move side bet, you will receive 15x the wager if no initial move is available after the starting deal. The betting limits for this side bet are €1, €2, and €3 in total per round. In other words, you can win between €15 and €45.

Red and Black

If you start with a deck of all red or all black cards, you can win up to 200x the stake. This is a sporadic occurrence, hence the high potential payout. Betting limits are €0.25, €0.50, and €1. With this side bet, you can win between €50 and €200.

Where to Play Casino Solitaire

The game is in all Microgaming casinos that support Gamevy as well. Our favourite casino website where we enjoyed rounds of Casino Solitaire is LeoVegas, the top-tier gambling brand.

You can play Casino Solitaire for real money at the casino, but that’s not all. If you want to first play Casino Solitaire for free, you can do that as well!

Just visit the casino and find the exciting Klondike classic in the lobby.

Play Casino Solitaire at LeoVegas!


The amount of fun we had while playing this game is inexplicable. Microgaming and GameVy did an amazing job with this one. Moreover, we are excited that such companies decided to draw attention to such a game! Let’s face it – we all love Solitaire, but we don’t play it that much anymore.

Hopefully, the new Casino Solitaire will change that. The game is live since November 2020 in all major gambling brands, so don’t miss your chance to play it. Play Microgaming Casino Solitaire and enjoy classic casino gambling!


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