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Introducing Evolution Gaming’s Upcoming Power Blackjack Live Table

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We thought we knew everything about Blackjack, but then Evolution Gaming came and reassured us. The innovative game producer of live dealer games has brought in a brand-new Blackjack variant that you are surely going to live.

We hope you are ready for Power Blackjack! The new live table is arriving at your favourite live casinos in two weeks, so it’s time to see what’s the game all about. We prepared a fantastic overview of the game, complete with tips, tricks, and strategies for the new table. Learn how to play Power Blackjack before the game rolls out so you can become a master before anyone else!

Brief Game Overview

The idea that Evolution Gaming had for this release was a mixture of standard Blackjack and a hint of Infinite Blackjack. We thought we could never imagine such a thing, but the provider did – and voila, we have the Power variant incoming.

The game involves eight decks of cards, but with a slight alteration. Namely, there are no 9s and 10s, which means we must come up with brand-new game strategies. The old ones won’t do here, because the provider included a new Multiplier feature that lets you multiply your bets. Speaking of bets, they go from €1 to €5,000 per round. You have the option to multiply your double down bets 2x, 3x, and 4x. Plus, you can boost even your Split hands! The side bets in the game are Bust It, Hot Three, Any Pair, and Three of a Kind, but you won’t find the Six Card Charlie rule here. The optimal theoretical RTP rate for this game is 98.80%. An unlimited number of players can join the game at the same time. Now that we covered the most important details let’s see how to play Power Blackjack.

How to Play

If you have even the rudimentary knowledge of standard Blackjack, there won’t be any problems with this variant. Its main appeal lies in the easy rules and straightforward gameplay, despite the new bets and options. However, even if you are a pro at playing this game, we’ll take you through the basics to brush up on the rules.

Basic Rules

This game is all about predicting the opponent’s rules. You don’t play against other players; you play against dealers. But you need to outsmart them by managing your cards. In each round, the dealer will present you with a choice to either Hit, Double, or Stand. If you choose Hit, the dealer will give you another card. With Double, you get another card and your previous bet doubles. Stand means you wish to end the round there, and the dealer won’t give you any additional cards. Sometimes, you might get to Split, but only if you get a matching pair. Like in any standard variant, here is the main point reaching 21 sans going over. Oh, and you need to be better than the croupier.

Sounds easy, right? Well, Evolution Gaming threw in a little twist. You do have eight decks of cards, but there are no 9s and 10s. Hence, 64 cards are missing from the shoe, so you need to devise new tactics to win. Furthermore, in each round, you will notice that there are additional options next to Hit, Stand, etc. Those are Multipliers. You can boost your bet 2x, 3x, or 4x and the dealer will give you a third card. If you win in Double Down, you will notice that your multiplier glows in the UI.

Finally, make sure to adjust your bet before each round.

Side Bets

We are very excited about the side bets in this game. Evolution Gaming incorporated four different side bets that you probably know from Infinite Blackjack. Here are the side bets:

  • Hot Three: If you choose this side bet, you essentially bet on the chances that your first two cards and the dealer’s one will make a high card combination (19,20, or 21). The best possible outcome here is if you get three 7s. That’s a literal Hot 3 hand. Bust It: With this side bet, you wager on the chance that the dealer will go bust with three cards. The payout grows if the cards have a higher value. For instance, if the dealer goes over with sevens and eights, you get a bigger win. 
  • Any Pair: This side bet offers you a chance to win on any pair that you get as two initial cards. It is quite simple. Literally, any pair that comes to you in the first two cards earns a payout if you place this side bet. 
  • Three of a Kind: Three of a Kind is a typical Poker side bet. With this option, you bet your money that your two cards and the dealer’s one would make a three of a kind poker hand. The cards need to be of the same value, but they do not need to be of the same colour, nor suit.

Perfect Power Blackjack Strategies

Now that we know that the game doesn’t have 9s and 10s, it’s time to figure out how to play the game. Most of our old strategies won’t be useful here. Furthermore, not only have we lost 9s and 10s, but we also have Multipliers. These new options influence the game, just like the absence of 64 cards does. However, let’s see, what are the best strategies for playing Power Blackjack?

  1. Don’t take Insurance: We talked about this before. The Insurance bet is not helpful at all and will only hinder your chances of winning in the long run. Steer clear of Insurance if you can.
  2. Experiment with 8s and Aces: Remember how we talked about splitting eights and Aces? Well, you can still use that strategy. Aces are even more significant here as you don’t have 10s and 9s anymore.
  3. Be careful when you bet: Multipliers sound tasty, but you need to be careful how much you bet. Never place a bet that’s more than 10% (or even 5%) of your total balance.
  4. Make use of the side bets. There are four side bets, and there are huge chances that you will win if you bet on at least one of them.
  5. Practice: Strategies cannot help if you don’t play enough. We recommend the practice as the best way to master the game. You can also get a clearer understanding of what works for you here (strategy-wise) and stick to that tactic.

Where to Find It

The company behind this title is a well-known game manufacturer in the online casino community. We all love and cherish its games, so it’s no wonder that so many casinos have it on their provider lists.

Therefore, you can find the game in any casino that features its games. Browse the live lobbies, or quickly search through the featured section to find it.

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If you cannot find it, have a look at the casinos that we displayed here. You can investigate the venues even more if you are not familiar with it that much.

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Why We Love This Game

If you’d asked us about our favourite Blackjack variant three days ago, we would have said Infinite Blackjack. Or better yet, any Evolution Gaming live Blackjack variant. However, we must admit that we changed our mind when we met this game.

Power Blackjack is precisely that – raw power, a potential hidden in the Multipliers and side bets. And as you increase the stakes, the potential goes up as well. It’s wildly entertaining, sometimes even more than its precursor. But then again, it’s not a surprise for Evolution Gaming. Just look at Mega Ball and Crazy Time!

If you want a game that has a lot of exciting moments and gives you more new options, this is it. It offers a fresh perspective on live casino gaming. And we certainly love that.


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