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Feature Buy Slots and the Irresistible Pull of Boundless Possibilities

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We have heard of high-limit slots, classic slots, even 3D slots – but what are feature buy slots? And should you purchase the buy feature in slots?

Be calm, dear readers. BestCasinos will clear up the confusion right away. We are here today to discuss bonus buy slots or slots with the bonus buy functionality. We will show you how these games work, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as where to find them. We also threw in a list of the best buy feature slots online.

What Does “Feature Buy” Mean?

Slots are so easy to play that you need no skills, just enough cash to play for as long as you want. And when you play, your only task is to get to the bonus features because that’s where the biggest wins await. However, we all know how difficult that can be.

When high volatility gets involved, your chances of scoring big grow – but the hope that it will be soon (and frequent) are squashed. The only thing that you then have to do is stay patient and wait for luck to struck and trigger bonus features. Or do you? What if we told you that you don’t have to do that anymore?

Feature buy slots are online slots that allow players to purchase entry into bonus features, thus avoiding the long wait for a trigger. 

This functionality has several names, including “Bonus Buy”, “Feature Buy”, and “Buy Bonus”. But, regardless of the name variety, the function is the same in every game – it’s there to help players skip base game loitering and send them straight to free spins/bonus rounds. Of course, such a perk is not free – you can enjoy it for a fraction of your balance. The cost varies from provider to provider and slot to slot. With newer slots, the features keep getting better, which means their price grows.

The functionality takes you to free spins in most cases, as they are often the main game feature. However, providers like Nolimit City and 4ThePlayer offer you entrance into several boosters, including multipliers and wilds.

Pros & Cons of Bonus Buy Slot Games

Should you purchase the buy feature on slots? Let’s see the benefits and drawbacks of feature buy games.

One thing that is in favour of bonus buy slots is the speed. You don’t have to waste time spinning the reels in hopes of triggering a booster. You can cut to the chase and enter the bonus round within seconds.

Waiting can be boring, but we can deal with boredom, right? Well, what if the feature triggering is challenging? This can help if you struggle with opening the booster. With higher-volatility slots, triggering the boosters can get tricky, so having an option that allows you to avoid this hassle altogether is great. With the bonus buy feature, you can relax and enjoy your guaranteed booster without stress or worry.

Finally, the best aspect is the guaranteed win. Most bonus buy slots guarantee a massive win should you purchase the booster, with only a handful of slots that don’t guarantee a win (but it’s still very likely to happen).

On the other hand, there have been concerns about the side effects of having such an option. For example, industry experts have argued that they encourage players to act irresponsibly, which might increase the chances of gambling addiction.

Things to Remember Before Purchasing Features

The good sides are great, but the bad side – the gambling addiction concerns – are not something you should disregard. Responsible play is a crucial aspect of your online gambling experience, so we must advise you to be careful when purchasing these perks.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from harm with feature buy slots is to carefully examine the functionality. Check the price, see if it suits you. Moreover, see if it’s worth the price by comparing it to the max payout and winning chances. If you see that the price is too high and that you have better chances of scoring the win without purchasing it, don’t buy them.

If you see that you have enough cash and good winning chances, you can buy the feature.

We might sound like a broken record, but we really think playing slots online for free is a great starting point for slot testing. And it applies to buy bonus slots, too, because they are regular slots that you can play anywhere you want. Hence, our advice is to play the games for fun before investing real money. This way, you can see whether you like the game and if the feature buy functionality is a good bargain for your balance.

5 Best Bonus Buy Slot Games to Play for Real Money

The first feature buy slot came out in 2017 when Big Time Gaming launched the popular White Rabbit game. The White Rabbit included a Feature Drop™ booster, Big Time Gaming’s trademark add-on that sparked a revolution in online slot gaming.

But soon after White Rabbit hit the casinos, an onslaught of slot machines came out bearing a similar perk. Of course, they came out under different names (still do), but the point is the same – if you want to reach free spins (or any other main booster), you never have to wait.

And since we value speed here, we have something just for you. So, if you want to see what games are the best bonus buy slots online, all you need to do is look below.

Here is our top 5 list of feature buy slots.

  1. Starburst XXXtreme – NetEnt (96.26% RTP)
  2. El Paso Gunfight xNudge – Nolimit City (96.05 RTP)
  3. Dead or Alive 2 – NetEnt (96.80% RTP)
  4. Punk Rocker – Nolimit City (96.01% RTP)
  5. 3 Secret Cities – 4ThePlayer (96.50%-98% RTP)

You can play all these remarkable bonus buy slots right here at BestCasinos.com! Just visit their reviews and learn everything there is to know about these games. If you want to play them for real money, we suggest hitting our recommended casinos.

Where to Play Feature Buy Slots

Feature buy slots may not be a household term that you hear in every casino, but you can play them anywhere you are. For the past four years, they have spread like wildfire across the globe, capturing the attention of millions of casino goers in Canada, Europe, and Australia. Unfortunately, you cannot play them in the UK – more about that in the next section – but we are sure you will find a suitable bonus buy slot casino.

If you don’t have a favourite casino that offers buy feature games, you can check out the following gambling websites.

Visit King Billy!

Enter the world of crypto imagination and let King Billy fulfil all your dreams. This remarkable gambling venue is heaven for crypto fans, but it also offers some of the best gambling games on the internet.

Enjoy PlayAmo Slots!

A sister casino to BitStarz and Bao, PlayAmo is an international brand that hosts punters from all walks of life. There is only one rule – play responsibly and have fun. If you want to have the best fun, play bonus buy games.

Bonus Buy Slot Ban in the UK

We mentioned that you could not play bonus buy slots in the UK, and we know you are dying to learn why. Why are the bonus buy games banned in the UK?

The answer lies in the gambling regulations that UK casinos have to abide by.

Namely, the UKGC was very worried about player safety when the first slots with feature purchase came out. The government and the gambling authority were concerned about a potential spike in gambling addiction and thus decided to protect the players in the best way they could – by banning feature buy games altogether.

As of 2019, all games with such functionality were out of reach for UK customers. Brits have one of the biggest and safest markets in the gambling industry, but they cannot enjoy this functionality.

Final Words

Now that you’ve read all about the feature buy slots and their charming concept, what do you think? Are you convinced they are a good option for you?

Regardless of your decision, we highly suggest checking out the recommended bonus buy games above. Check back with BestCasinos for more news and updates on feature buy slots.


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