How to Play Evolution Crazy Time Live?

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No one does extravagance better than Evolution Gaming! The game show master is back with a new game show that will be live 24/7. Ladies and gents, please welcome Crazy Time!

It has the perfect amount of colour, vibrancy, and over-the-top glitz. Having a great time is the only option here. Evolution Gaming decorated this show with four bonus games that are bound to occupy your attention for hours. We had a tour around this amusement park, and we will be honest – we humbly think this is the best game of 2020. Time will tell whether the game would scoop prestigious awards, but for now, let’s see what the game has to offer. Get ready for the craziest time of your life. Crazy Time arrives at all Evolution Gaming casinos on July the 1st.

Game Overview

We wanted to say that this game overview would be short, but there is no chance for that. Evolution packed so many features here that reviewing the game took us ages, but we are far from complaining.

So, let’s start from the genre. You cannot really place Crazy Time into any category. It has a genre of its own, so let’s just put it in the game show department for now. That is probably the closest thing to a category for Crazy Time. Now, inside the studio, there are two main attractions – a money wheel and the Top Slot. The Wheel has 54 slots that split into segments. Each of these segments contains numbers and one of the Bonus games. The Top Slot oversees bet Multipliers, while the position on which the wheel lands is your ticket to a crazy time. The bottom of the screen shows the usual UI elements – your balance, wins, bets, and the UI for the game. In the top left corner, you can see that the bets go from €0.10 to €1,000. Crazy Time also comes with a theoretical RTP rate of 96.08%, which is sound given the diversity of features in the show.

How to Play

Now, here’s a million-dollar question – how to play Crazy Time? Well, it’s easy. First, you open the game within your favourite casino. When you enter, you will notice that the user interface hasn’t changed, and instead, it bears a familiar Evolution Gaming feel. The bottom of the screen contains info about your balance, bet, wins, and the game that you are playing.

Your task in the game is to pick a bet amount and place it on any segment in the Money Wheel. Bear in mind that, although the Top Slot spins simultaneously, you cannot bet on it. This part of the game brings random Multipliers that will apply either to a random number or a bonus game on the Wheel.

When the Wheel stops, the screen shows your win (or loss). If you have won a Bonus game and the Top Slot assigned a Multiplier to that segment, congrats! You will both get a chance to try out the new round and an augmented payout.

However, it is useful to note a couple of things. First, this is a live show, which means you cannot try it out without betting real money. And second, don’t forget to place bets on the Bonus rounds – because if you forget, you won’t be able to get there!

We covered the central part of the gameplay, so let’s see those bonus rounds up close.

Cash Hunt

Hitting the Cash Hunt segment on the Wheel leads you the eponymous shooting gallery. Once there, you’ll discover a massive screen that features 108 multipliers. We’re not kidding – 108 multipliers hold random positions. The best thing about this round is that you can choose your personal target. It’s highly interactive, so all players get a chance to win something for themselves. Before you get to shoot the target (because this is a shooting gallery, remember), the screen covers the multipliers. After the shuffle, you get to shoot the cannot. The symbol that the cannon hit will then reveal the multiplier beneath.

Coin Flip

This round brings you a choice between the red and blue coin sides with accompanying multipliers. The red side of the coin gets a certain multiplier, and the blue one does too. The round begins with the coin flipping and the side that lands face-up, wins. You then get that multiplier that came with the side. There is a twist too – if the assigned multipliers are small, the game might introduce a Rescue Flip that will repeat the entire round and flip the coin again. This way, you may get a bigger payout than you expected.


The Pachinko round features a massive wall with numerous pegs, drop zones above, and landing zones beneath. This game starts when the puck drops from above and travels down the wall. The place where it lands denotes the prize that you win in this round. Furthermore, before the puck drop, all landing places get a random multiplier, or in some cases, a DOUBLE value. This is interesting because the DOUBLE value assignment means that all multipliers present on the wall will be doubled. If you land here, the game boosts the multiplies, and the puck starts again. It can continue happening, provided that you keep hitting the DOUBLE. The round ends when you land on a Multiplier. Evolution Gaming said that the max multiplier in this game is 10,000x.

Sometimes, you can get the Rescue Drop if you land on a small multiplier.

Crazy Time

The final bonus round of the game bears the same name as the game. To get to the Crazy Time bonus round, you must walk through the red door. Behind it, there is a colossal wheel that is entirely in the virtual realm. Now, why does it bear the name Crazy Time, you ask? Because it has a wheel full of 64 enormous multipliers that can increase your balance in a second.

Choose one of three flappers – green, blue, or yellow – and start the spin. The multiplier that stops by your flapper is the one that you get. But here is a surprise: the DOUBLE and TRIPLE values get assigned on all multipliers on the Wheel. If you land on any of these slots, you might get a max multiplier worth 20,000x the stake. Do you see now why this game has the name Crazy Time?

Where to Find It

Just like its other popular releases Mega Ball, Power Blackjack, and Instant Roulette, Crazy Time will be in all Evolution casinos. Your only task is to check whether your favourite online casino works with Evolution Gaming.

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You cannot play it for free, so your best option is to wait until the provider releases the game and it arrives at famous casinos. We don’t doubt the casinos will host special promotions when the game rolls out.

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A game show like this will surely reap all awards when the time for accolades comes. Make sure to give it a try as soon as it is out – you won’t regret it.

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Our Experience with the Game

To sum up all impressions – Crazy Time is crazy good. The game is a fantastic concoction of boosters, multipliers, additions, features, and payouts. All in all, you’ll have a great time!

The reason why we love this game so much is that you can never get bored here. Seriously, there is no way to lose interest because there is always something happening.

Evolution Gaming is excellent in creating thrilling adventures, we know that, but this title brings the game to a whole new level. Better yet, to a whole new dimension.


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