How to play live casino game shows like a professional

How to Be Successful at Live Game Shows

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Live game shows are a popular gambling choice for players at online casinos. Played in real-time, with fresh features and exciting side bets, they represent the pinnacle of modern gambling innovation.

But neither comes with a uniform instruction manual. Therein lies their beauty – each is different, has differing rules, and requires a unique set of skills to be beaten. If you want to learn how to play live game shows and be successful at them, welcome to the BestCasinos guide! We’ll show you the tips and tricks for live performances at online casinos worldwide.

What are Live Game Shows?

Live game shows are gambling games based on popular TV game shows played in real-time.

Using beloved TV shows like Deal or Deal and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire as their inspiration, casino software companies started experimenting on new releases. What they made represented not only new releases but rather an entirely new genre of online casino games.

Today, live casino game shows represent an excellent online gambling product, attracting millions of players with each new release. Evolution and Playtech are the pioneers of the genre, creating a wealth of live shows popular worldwide. However, they quickly realized that live game shows went beyond the constraints of the genre. TV shows were aplenty, yes, but not all yielded enough inspiration to the developers and allowed them to think outside the box. That thinking outside the box is precisely what led them to borrow inspiration from movies, popular board games, and books. Evolution live casino game shows quickly started exploring various themes, including football and Monopoly. Evolution live casino game shows are some of the most sought-after live casino shows across the globe.

You’ll see in a bit what the most popular live game shows are and where to find them. However, before we get to the most popular live tables, we first have to figure out how to play them – and do it successfully.

Things to Know Before Playing Live Game Shows for Real Money

Before you even enter a live game show, there are a couple of things you should know. One of the first rules of live gambling is that you never enter the game if you do not understand what you are getting yourself into.

Things to do before you start playing live game shows for real money: 

💡 Read reviews.

Game reviews are a brilliant way to meet the live show. Through the reviews, you learn about vital info, such as volatility, RTP, and rules. We recommend reading through BestCasinos expert reviews and learn everything there is to know about these exciting gambling releases.

💡 Get familiar with side bets.

 Many of these live casino shows exhibit a surprising number of side bets and add-ons. For experienced players, this does not pose a problem, as they are already used to handling additional wagering options. But if you are new, make sure to meet them before joining the game. In most cases, they serve to spice up your gaming experience (and boost the bankroll via lucrative bonuses). So, they are not only fun, but often handy as well.

💡 Be realistic with your expectations.

Another crucial step is mental preparation. You cannot go into Mega Ball or Crazy Time thinking you’ll win millions or find a strategy that works 100% of the time. Live casino game shows are based on pure luck, even more so than classic casino tables. Hence, your winnings and losses depend more on luck than complex strategies.

💡 Find a reliable casino to play.

A big step in your live show adventure is finding a trustworthy online casino where you can play for real money without worries. Before you pick the site, don’t forget to check whether it has the tables you are looking for.

💡 Confirm your T&C with the site.

 Live game shows often participate in casino bonuses, but it doesn’t mean that would always be the case. Hence, before you sign up and start playing, please read through casino T&C and check wagering contributions. This is important as it shows you whether you can complete the playthrough via live shows or not.

💡 Practice if possible.

If you can practice playing the game somewhere, don’t hesitate to try it! Live game shows, like all live dealer tables, are not available in demo mode. But if you can practice by watching videos or reading reviews, use it to your advantage. Practising will surely help you build your proficiency.

🌡️ Hot Tips for Mastering Live Casino Game Shows

Here comes the part you’ve been waiting for: learning how to be good at live casino game shows.

We will be honest; it’s not rocket science – but it does involve a lot of concentration and dedication. Here are the essential tips to learn and apply while playing live casino games at online casinos.

  • 📏 Set a betting limit before stepping inside the casino lobby. Betting limit setup is always the first thing you hear from fellow players. Set a betting limit before you enter a game, not mid-session.
  • 📌 Don’t stray from the limit. You’ve set the betting limit, but that’s not enough – you have to adhere to it. Adhere to your own rules! Don’t break the limit you’ve set, as you will increase the risk of losing the money you cannot afford to lose.
  • ️ Don’t join the round right away. Enter the show but wait a couple of rounds before investing real money to see how the rounds are going. We are not superstitious, but careful – you will get a better sense of the rounds this way. It could have a great impact on your performance later on.
  • 🕹️ Adjust gameplay to your gaming preferences. This refers to the wagers, pace, and expectations. If you like slow-burners, don’t venture into fast-paced and risk-prone games. Stick to the easier stuff, where you can play in a relaxed manner without worrying about spending funds too much (or too quickly).
  • 🧮 Adopt a functional betting system. Betting systems like increasing or decreasing wagers after certain outcomes are a useful way to manage your funds during the game. This way, you make sure your funds last longer and you might recover lost funds in subsequent rounds. There are many betting systems (Martingale, Paroli, Labouchère, etc.)  so just pick one which suits you the most.
  • 🚫 Don’t let the gambler’s fallacy get the better of you. Many punters, especially novices, nurture several beliefs which could be quite harmful. One example is the gambler’s fallacy – the misconception that you are more likely to get one result after a series of certain results. That is not true – and you might lose precious cash if you fall into this trap. Never chase your losses and potential wins.
  • 💬 Chat with fellow players and the dealer. Bear in mind that they are not there to teach you to play, but chat only. Nevertheless, they might be a great source of info if you need additional details or help with the rules.
  • 📊 Make use of game history and statistics. Round stats are there for a reason. Don’t miss a chance to become better at what you are doing because you were too busy to go through round history. Nearly every release now allows you to access such data in-game.

Top Live Game Shows to Try Out

The theory is one thing, but the practice is a whole different dimension of experience. We showed you the main things to keep in mind before playing casino live dealer game shows for money.

And the number of live shows is rising. More and more tables inspired by Alice and Wonderland, popular shows, and movies are appearing. BestCasinos made a list of the top 5 live casino game shows where you’ll meet some of the most popular releases on the global market.

The most popular live casino game shows are:

  • Mega Ball (95.50% RTP)
  • Dream Catcher (96.58%)
  • Adventures Beyond Wonderland (96.82%)
  • Crazy Time  (96.08%)
  • Deal or No Deal the Big Draw (95.28%)

Worry not; if you are not as familiar with them as you’d perhaps like to be, you can keep reading to find out more about each release.

Mega Ball

Mega Ball is a lottery-style live casino game by Evolution. It came out in 2020 and set the industry on fire upon its release. Evolution Mega Ball live game show became an instant hit thanks to its friendly hosts, charming ball-bouncing Bingo elements, and crazy multipliers. It’s available in every major Evolution online casino, with some even hosting exclusive promotions for the release. If you want to practice freeplay before hitting the real-life version, try the First Person Mega Ball first.

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Crazy Time

Crazy Time is another game Evolution graced us with in 2020. The remarkable game is one of the hottest releases of the year (if not the decade). It features an ensemble of fantastic features and modifiers. But that’s not all – it features four different bonus games, each a separate adventure awaiting players who dare to join the Crazy Time train. A marvellous release, indeed.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher Live is another one of Evolution’s smash hits. The show mixes elements of the Fortune Wheel show and live dealer tables. There’s a host who guides players through each round and spins the enormous wheel, which is right in the middle of the studio. Out of 54 segments, only two are chosen to bear multipliers – and if they land, they boost players’ bankrolls. Evolution streams Dream Catcher Live from its studio in Riga.

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Deal or No Deal the Big Draw

Deal or No Deal the Big Draw is one of several Deal or No Deal live shows inspired by the eponymous TV show. Playtech decided to contribute to the popular subcategory with its own release near the end of the first decade of the 21st century. Each round consists of five phases, with the fifth being the culmination of an adrenaline-infused adventure. The maximum payout amount within the game is 1,000x the stake.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is a direct reference to Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Moreover, it is somewhat a continuation of the novel adventures, depicting amazing features not included in the books. Launched by Playtech in 2020, the live show features three bonus rounds where players can earn more than in the base rounds. Infinitely fun and entertaining, Adventures Beyond Wonderland were a massive hit release in 2020.

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Playing live casino game shows at online gambling sites is not a challenging task. These releases are designed to provide fun to all visitors, which means they are not difficult to grasp.

However, as they exist primarily in the live, real-time mode, they are riskier than RNG content because there is no time to pause and reconsider – shows don’t wait for anybody.

We hope you liked our guide and tips we listed for successful live casino game show play. If you have anything to share with us, ask, or express, don’t hesitate to drop a line in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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