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How to Play Ezugi Lucky 7?

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Ezugi is one of those companies whose goal is not to surpass other companies, but its previous achievements. Lucky 7 is a game that embodies that – simple and elegant gameplay mixes well with high payout potential. We had a look at the new game and compiled a detailed report of our findings.

Lucky 7 is an 8-deck Indian Hi-Lo card game with one main and two side bets available at Ezugi live casinos. If you want to get to know this game better, sit back and keep reading. We laid out all the details, including the table limits, payouts, and RTP. We also discussed strategies for Lucky 7 and provided you with a list of top Ezugi casinos where you can play Lucky 7.

Game Overview

Lucky 7 is a brand-new card game that Ezugi recently launched. Compared to other Ezugi games, it has some of the most straightforward rules that you can find in casino games.

In Lucky 7, you play with a shoe which consists of 8 decks of cards. If you are familiar with Hi-Lo, you will learn the ropes of Lucky 7 in no time.

The main point of the game is to predict whether the next card to be dealt going to be exactly, above, or below 7. For that purpose, there are three main bets that you can place.

Ezugi also added a compilation of 4 different side bets that you can use to spice up the gameplay.

As soon as you enter the live dealer table, you will notice that the surroundings have a distinct Indian theme. That is because Ezugi streams the game from its Indian casino studio which is located in Bucharest.

Lucky 7 works on all platforms, which means you can play it via desktop and mobile devices.

Bets go from €1 to €1,000, and the RTP depends on the bet that you are using. For instance, the main bet offers 92.3% RTP, while Red/Black is 95%, Odd is 96.92%, Even is 92.31%.

An unlimited number of players can join this live table and enjoy Lucky 7 at the same time.

 How to Play Lucky 7

Now, let’s get to the best part of this article – actual gameplay.

Lucky 7 Rules and Payouts

Playing Lucky 7 is exceptionally easy. The game sports some of the most uncomplicated game rules that we have ever seen! For instance, you need only place the main bet (and side bets if you want) and that’s it. The dealer does all the work with dealing the cards.

We mentioned that the main goal is to hit the right outcome. Given that the game title is Lucky 7, the output does revolve around that specific number.

Here is how the round looks:

At the beginning of the round, the players need to place bets. When they do that, the dealer will deal the card. Within each round, the host will deal only one card.

When you see the outcome, you will know whether you’ve won or lost your bet.

The possible bets are 7 down (that the card has a value lower than 7), 7 ( the next card will be 7 exactly), and 7 up (which states that the next card will have a value over 7).

You can also use the side bets. There are four side bets with which you wager on additional features of the next card. For example, Odd and Even numbers, or Red and Black card.

Each side bet has a specific RTP and payout. We will list all payouts in the next section for a better understanding of your winning potential.


Here is how much you stand to gain with each bet option at a Lucky 7 live table.

Main bets

  • 7 up – 1:1
  • 7 down – 1:1
  • 7 – 11:1

Side bets

  • Red – 0.9:1 
  • Black – 0.9:1
  • Odd – 0.8:1
  • Even – 1:1

Don’t forget that the smallest bet that you can place at the Lucky 7 live table is €1. The highest bet, on the other hand, is capped at €1,000 per round. For side bets, the maximum bet amount it €500.

Top Lucky 7 Strategies

The game might be easy to play, but you can still be in danger of losing assets if you forego a sound game plan.

Play Lucky 7 Live Dealer

Luckily for you, we compiled a list of the best tips for playing Lucky 7 that you can use the next time you visit the table. If you want to achieve optimal results, use our tips and tricks, and you will become a pro at Lucky 7 in no time!

  1. Start small. This tip is actually one of the first things that we tell our players. Be careful how much you bet in the game. This is especially important if you are new to the game. The game might look simple, but there is still a risk of losing precious assets if you are not careful with the bet. Place small bets at the beginning and increase them over time.
  2. Trust your casino. Before you step into the game, make sure that the venue where you are playing is a reliable site. Ezugi is a great provider that works with a plethora of operators, but not all sites are trustworthy. If you see a license issued by Malta Gaming Authority or the UKGC, the casino is safe.
  3. Try statistics. There are 8 decks in the shoe, each with 4 7s. That is 32 7s in total, opposed to 416 cards overall. Complex strategies won’t exactly help because you cannot count the cards but try applying statistics and math models to the cards. If you are not into that, just go with your gut and enjoy the fast-paced game!

Where to Play Lucky 7

Now that we know what is and how to play Lucky 7, it’s time to find a place to play it. Ezugi is a fantastic game developer that works with outstanding online casinos. Hence, it won’t be hard finding a venue where you can enjoy Lucky 7 for real money.

LeoVegas is one of the best online casinos that offer Ezugi games. Its portfolio spans thousands of slots and table games, but live dealer tables have a special place in the lobby. Visit the casino for a spectacular chance to try premium Ezugi games.

Play Lucky 7 at LeoVegas casino!

Another great venue that offers Ezugi games is BitStarz casino. As one of the champions of crypto casinos, BitStarz is a great place to start your casino adventure. It also provides a plethora of bonuses for crypto users.

Play Lucky 7 at BitStarz Casino!

The third venue that we quite like is 1xBet casino. This internationally acclaimed brand offers an impressive collection of live and online casino games, as well as sports betting. If you decide to become a member of 1xBet casino, you will be able to enjoy a plethora of online casino promotions.

Play Lucky 7 at 1xBet casino!

Final Thoughts

When Ezugi announces a new game, everyone who is even a little bit invested in the live sector stops and waits. We all wait because we know that the game that Ezugi launches is already great!

Seriously, it seems that Ezugi can’t go wrong, no matter what it decides to do. The new release proves that – Lucky 7 is a fun, fast-paced game with a lot of potential.

Our team likes it for its flow and amazing concept that is, although simple, charmingly appealing, nonetheless.

If you want to play Lucky 7, find a reliable casino and go for it. You won’t regret it.


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