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A New Kind of Video Bingo: Meet Neko Games’ Pachinko Bingo

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Pachinko Bingo is a 19-pattern video bingo game by Neko Games released exclusively for Microgaming casinos. The bingo game has 19 winning patterns, medium volatility, 95.82% RTP, and a 5,000x jackpot prize. The release is loosely based on Pachinko, a popular Japanese parlour game akin to slots. The official release date is the 20th of January 2021.

BestCasinos.com reviewed the game and discovered a plethora of interesting details about the new release. If you want to learn how to play Pachinko, what the features are, and where to play Pachinko, you only need to keep reading our article.

What is Pachinko?

Play Pachinko Video Bingo Microgaming Online

Pachinko is the latest video bingo title to join Microgaming releases. It is an exclusive release from Neko Games which you can find in any Microgaming casino which offers bingo.

The bingo release has 19 winning patterns, which means players have 19 potential ways to score a win. The game allows you to play with up to four tickets per round. This is important as a certain feature will only trigger if you use all four. Namely, the game’s goal is to hit the numbers on the tickets during the draw. If you succeed in filling out one ticket during the initial draw, you will get the bingo jackpot prize. But that can happen only if you use all four tickets.

This is a 90-ball bingo variant. During the initial draw, 30 balls are drawn. Neko Games also added the Extra Balls feature, during which you can purchase 10 additional balls for the draw.

Pachinko comes with medium volatility, 95.82% RTP, and a maximum 5,000x jackpot prize. Bets have a €0.05-€40 range.

Key Features in Pachinko Bingo

Neko Games pulled all the stops with this release. The game is a magnificent combination of Pachinko games and bingo. We can freely say that the Maneki-Neko inspiration is visible in every part of the game, but visuals aren’t everything.

The provider also managed to fit a surprising number of features within the game. Here are the key features of Pachinko bingo:

  • Real elements of the Pachinko game including Gotokuji Temple
  • Desktop and mobile accessibility
  • Exclusive Portrait Mode for mobile players
  • 10 extra balls per round
  • A maximum of 5 free balls per round
  • The random Wild Balls feature
  • A 5-level bonus game with 1,850x the stake payout
  • 30 balls in initial draws
  • 19 patterns
  • Four tickets
  • Jackpot is worth 5,000x the stake
  • 82% RTP
  • Medium volatility
  • Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • 33% hit rate

The list goes on, as you shall soon see. We have many other things to show you, the list above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Pachinko bingo.

How to Play Pachinko

And now, the fun part. How to play Pachinko, we hear you ask?

Easy, that’s how. As a regular 90-ball video bingo game, players have only a few tasks to complete during the round.

  1. Set the bet per ticket.
  2. Choose the number of tickets you want to use.
  3. Click Play
  4. If you are offered Extra balls, you have to click to purchase each
  5. If you win a line or complete any other pattern, you will get a payout

And that is the entire deal with the base game. Below, you will find details about each additional feature within the game.

Bets & Payouts

You already know how much the jackpot is worth, and how much you can win inside the bonus game. But what happens with other wins and lines?

Here is the paytable with full payouts for each winning pattern in Pachinko bingo.

Microgaming Pachinko Bingo Paytable

The payouts displayed on the paytable are valid for €1 bet per ticket. However, the total bet depends on the number of tickets you play with. For instance, if you are playing with 4 tickets with €1 bet per ticket, the total bet is €4 for the round. The highest bet for per ticket is €10, making €40 the highest total bet in the game. The maximum payout of 5,000x the stake is calculated as 2 jackpots given within the game at the same time.

Special Game Features

Non-believers who think bingo games are boring and uneventful are about to realize how wrong they are. Microgaming’s studio brought in so many features within the game that you will be occupied for hours with this release. Have a look at the best game features in Pachinko bingo game.


The jackpot is the main feature. Jackpot or bingo is the goal of the game – you must fill all numbers on a ticket to get the bingo jackpot. The max payout for this feature is 5,000x the stake. However, there are two conditions players should complete before getting this prize. First, they have to play with all four tickets. Second, they need to fill the ticket(s) with balls from the initial draw. Extra balls do not make your ticket eligible for the prize! Players can win up to 2 jackpots per round.

Free Ball

Free Ball is a random feature. Any extra ball can be a free ball. However, you have up to 10 extra balls during the round, and only 5 of them can be free.

Wild Ball

Wild balls are like Wilds in slot games. A Wild Ball has the power to daub any number on the tickets that was not called. But here is the thing – you choose which one it will replace. When it appears, the number with the highest payout potential will be highlighted to show you that it is your best option. In Portrait mode, the highlighted number will appear enlarged, to prevent mistakes. That way, you won’t mistakenly click on another number.

Maneki-Neko Bonus Game

The bonus game opens when you complete the bonus pattern on any ticket. This bonus game has five levels, each with 6 Maneki-Neko figures which contain prizes. One contains the Exit sign which signals the end of the round. Your objective is to click on them and collect prizes. Click on one to reveal what is hidden inside. If it is a prize, you move onto the next level. The round lasts until you reach the final level, or you hit the Exit sign. The maximum payout for this round is 1,850x the stake. You get 400x for completing the pattern, and additional 1,450x during the round.

Where to Play Pachinko

Right now, you cannot play the game anywhere because it is not live yet. But, come January 2021, and this changes.

For starters, we recommend hitting LeoVegas casino for a chance to play Pachinko. LeoVegas is a popular Microgaming casino with numerous bingo games. Pachinko will fit right it with the existing titles in the lobby.

Play Pachinko at LeoVegas!

Another great venue you should give a try is William Hill. The brand is one of the biggest gambling brands in the world. Microgaming content is its prized possession, and we have no doubts Pachinko will appear there as well.

Play Pachinko at William Hill!

The third and final venue you can explore is 888. A remarkable venue with impeccable reputation and status, 888 is the king of online gambling. Visit the site to enjoy a variety of games, including bingo titles.

Play Pachinko at 888 Casino!

Final Thoughts

Japanese Pachinko is a gambling phenomenon in Japan. Parlours exist across the country, and the Maneki-Neko figure became a global sign of Japan. And now, you can enjoy it without visiting Japan.

Neko Games brought Pachinko bingo straight to Microgaming fans and players. During testing, we were amazed by its potential, innovation, and design. This will surely be a hit among players at Microgaming casinos. Stick with us for more info, which is coming soon.


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