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Making Craps a Career: Can We Play Craps for a Living?

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Dice games are outrageously volatile, which makes them highly entertaining to play. The thrill of winning at anything that involves dice invokes such a rush – just ask craps players! Also, one of the main questions we hear from our readers involves a craps career. Casual play is highly entertaining, but can you play craps for a living? Is it possible to make the adventurous rolling dice a career path?

Let’s find out. In this article, BestCasinos will investigate the probability of playing craps for a living, your chances of success, and how to achieve it.

Becoming an Expert Player

Punters who make a living out of any hobby must be very good at it. Hence, if you decided to pursue a career in craps, you need to make sure you are an outstanding player. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make continual progress at the table, in which case your efforts to earn a living would go to waste.

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Learning the ins and outs of the game, practising, and absorbing every morsel of knowledge you can get your hands on is paramount. For instance, we recommend giving our craps guide a go. The guide is suited for novices, but advanced players can explore our other tutorials for additional info too.

Practice Makes Perfect

Even experts practice. They know full well that to reach the top, you need to stay sharp. And the best way to stay sharp about a casino game is to play it all the time.

Thankfully, if you decide to devote your time to a pro career of a craps player, you will get plenty of practice along the way.

But we recommend playing free craps games as well, as you won’t risk real money to learn the moves. RNG free craps games are a perfect start. Unfortunately, live casino tables are not available for demo play, so you cannot practice in real-time. Hence, only RNG games are at your disposal if you don’t want to invest real cash. And we highly recommend going with this option if you are a complete beginner! If, however, you don’t mind spending a little to learn a lot, you can try live craps games – Evolution Live Craps is a great choice! – and wager smaller sums. In the case of real cash tables, we strongly recommend going in with minimum wagers, just in case. Live dealer tables are suited for proficient punters. Evolution, knowing how complex craps can be for novices, connected its Live Craps table with the RNG version called First Person Craps. It’s by far the best option for players of all skill levels.

Our favourite casinos which offer freeplay and live craps games are PlayAmo, William Hill, and 32Red Casino.

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A Winner’s Mindset

Talent and skill can help you only to a certain point. Sure, you can use a winning strategy – advanced/optimal/whichever suits you – but you need a professional mindset as well. By professional mindset, we mean the attitude of a winner. Knowing that wins and losses are equally crucial is essential for a good player. And any  player looking to improve skills and play craps for a living understands that.

In other words, you need to know how to handle losses. And because craps is a dice game relying heavily on luck, losing is a given. You will probably lose a lot of money (playing live) until you hit a big win.

Therefore, we recommend adopting an open mind and accepting losses as a necessary part of the game. Otherwise, you will lose control over your emotions, letting the outcome affect you and potentially endanger your success at the table. And every player in the casino industry knows that that is not something you want to happen!

So, toughen up and don’t let the game get the best of you.

So, Can You Make a Living by Playing Craps Online?

We chatted with countless craps players who wanted to earn a steady income from playing craps. Unfortunately, what we heard from them is not exactly encouraging. Most punters who have tried to win a constant profit from the table had to play every day and invest a lot of money. In the end, they lost most of that money, but that doesn’t mean it is a mission impossible.

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Instead, our research has shown that emotion control, a winning attitude, and skill are necessary – but you also need to know when to stop.

Knowing when to withdraw wagers and leave the table is perhaps the most critical step. Being a responsible player does not include small wagers and rationalizing wagering options. The crucial aspect of responsible play – which guarantees a safe and enjoyable experience with minimal losses – is knowing when to back away.

According to advanced players, if you acquire all these skills, you may get to the point where you can make a steady income each month through craps only.

However, we recommend playing craps as a hobby until you are ready for a professional career. If you realize along the way that there’s a better way to use your craps knowledge – like teaching perhaps – you can easily switch careers. Teaching others to play craps for real money could be an interesting path for you – and you can certainly make a living out of it!


Reaching the finale of this article, we cycle back to the question: Can you play craps for a living? It’s a difficult one. What we discovered through our chats with fellow players worldwide led us to believe that a successful career in craps rarely relies on the casino and the game. It has more to do with the punters’ attitude or how they handle wins and losses in the game. If you have a healthy perspective and consider the game a hobby, you should never fear going pro. On the other side, however, players who tend to play for too long or wager too much are perhaps not suited for a pro career in craps. They might not know when to stop or how to control their emotions, in which case they’ll make a mistake and lose money.

Hence, we leave it up to you to determine whether you can make a career out of craps. It is certainly feasible, but it takes a lot of discipline and self-control to reach the top spot and become the best player who earns money each month from craps.


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