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Meet Reels Room, Pragmatic Play’s Brand-New Slot Feature

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Pragmatic Play is no stranger to gaming innovation, and neither are we. This year has been a tough year on many accounts, but it seems that lockdown inspired so many providers to think outside the box – Pragmatic Play included. The latest innovation to roll out of its studio is Reels Room, a game-changing slot feature.

Not much is known about the new feature, but we dug deep to uncover what we can. Keep reading to meet Reels Room and its many benefits.

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What is Reels Room?

According to what we have learned, Reels Room is a soon-to-come slot feature. It will be located in – you guessed it – Pragmatic Play slot games.

The name comes from the fact that it will look just like a regular Bingo Room, but with few slight changes of course.

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The point of Reels Room is to give players more variation. Instead of playing for cash, punters will get a chance to play for Free Spins! The Free Spins will presumably be available for top-rated slots in Pragmatic’s portfolio. Judging by how cryptic the company was about this feature, we have no doubt it will have elements of both bingo and slots.

We daresay it will be a mixture of bingo and slot games, a crossover of some sorts. We will have to wait until release to know more info, though.

Slots Meet Bingo

It’s official: Bingo is back!

Bingo is an important vertical at Pragmatic Play. The company never stops experimenting with bingo games, and the most famous example is the Bingo Blast. Before Bingo Blast, the company invested time and effort to come up with never-before-seen rooms and features for bingo games. For instance, Fair ‘n’ Square, Jackpot Room 90? Yes, Pragmatic is always pragmatic about bingo.

However, Reels Room is not the first feature to try bridging the gap between slots and bingo games. Before Reels Room, Sweet Bonanza Bingo warmed the hearts of diehard fans and made them fall in love with bingo all over again.

It seems that this new feature might take things to a whole new level – we just need to wait and see.

Reels Room Slot Games

For now, the only game that we are sure will carry Reels Room feature is Release the Kraken. We are not sure enough to guess which ones will come next, but for now, we are delighted such a popular slot will get an update like this.

Release the Kraken is perhaps one of the most famous and popular online slots in Pragmatic Play’s library. It has a marine theme, and the entire action plays out on the bottom of the ocean. If you are familiar with oceanic lore, you must know about Kraken. The monster that lurks in the depths of the ocean provides more than enough material for a scary slot, but Release the Kraken is anything but.

As one of the top-performing slot games in the portfolio, it attracts millions of players worldwide each month, and will surely continue to do so once Reels Room launches.

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As for other games, we will have to wait and see. Pragmatic Play will surely use this chance to surprise us with something spectacular, so have faith in this amazing provider.

What to Expect from Reels Room?

It is early to make predictions or any kind of analysis. For now, all we know is that Reels Room is in the making, which means there is no date set for launch. More info or the feature itself might drop any day.

But we have a feeling it will be something quite delicious. The company is unusually tight-lipped about this, which can mean only one thing – it’s big.

In any case, we will have to stay patient and wait for it to hit the reels. If you are as excited to learn more about Reels Room like we are, stay tuned! We will fill you in as soon as we learn something more. So, what you think Reels Room will be all about? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment right in the section below!


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