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Meet Sette e Mezzo, Playtech’s Lush Italian Card Game

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Sette e Mezzo, which translates into Seven and a Half, is a card game with Italian origins. Although its origins are easy to guess, its nature and gameplay are quite exotic for average players.

We devised this introductory piece to Sette e Mezzo that will help you learn the ropes in less than seven and a half minutes. We included a detailed overview of the game, rules, symbols, and side bets. Fear not – you will find attached a list of top Sette e Mezzo strategies at the bottom as well.

Without further ado, let’s meet Playtech’s Sette e Mezzo Live.

Game Overview

Sette e Mezzo Playtech Live Table Gameplay

Sette e Mezzo, or Seven and a Half, is a game that comes from beautiful Italy. And like most Italian things, it’s elegant, classy, and wildly entertaining. In terms of style and rules, we’d say that it mostly resembles Blackjack. However, labelling it as a mere Blackjack variant would be an underappreciation of its enormous potential.

A mixture of world-class Blackjack with a hint of Baccarat is the closest description of Sette e Mezzo that we can think of. After you learn more about the game, feel free to reach out and share your opinion about this marvellous game!

This live dealer table uses Neapolitan card suits, and each contains ten cards. Thanks to Playtech’s use of cutting-edge technology, you can access the game in real-time anytime you want. An unlimited number of players can join a single round because the whole game functions as a single player. Moreover, Sette e Mezzo Live offers you 99.31% RTP rate, which is excellent for a live dealer table.

How to Play Sette e Mezzo Live

Although we revealed several game details, we haven’t even scratched the surface. Learning to play Sette e Mezzo might be overwhelming for you, especially if you are new to the live casino games.

Nevertheless, we intend to show you the quickest way possible to master Seven and a Half in live mode. We will start with the basics.

Game Components

Your introduction to playing Sette e Mezzo must start from the deck. This is one of the most striking differences that require time to get used to. The game is easy to play, as you will see in a moment.

But things start to complicate once we bring the card suits into play. The four suits are Neapolitan, which means they are slightly different from those that you are used to. The four decks are:

  • Cups (Coppe)
  • Coins (Denari)
  • Clubs (Bastoni)
  • Swords (Spade)

They have ten cards each, which means you get to play with a fresh deck of 40 cards in total. Within each suit, we differentiate between Aces, Kings, Cavaliers, Jacks, and low cards. The low cards are assigned values between 2 to 7.

Observant Blackjack fans will surely notice the absence of 8s, 9s, and 10s. The answer lies in the deck used. Neapolitan decks do not have eights, nines, and tens.

The value of the cards is as follows: Aces are worth 1 point, while Kings, Cavaliers, and Jacks carry half a point. The rest of the cards have their face value (2-7).

Also, make sure to remember King of Coins well. This is the Wild of the game which can substitute any card.

If King of Coins is in your possession and you reach seven and a half points, you will win the Sette e Mezzo Royal hand. And that in the world of Seven and a Half is a phenomenal feat.

Basic Rules

Sette e Mezzo Playtech Live Table Overview

We are now acquainted with the deck, which is half the job done. So, let’s see how to play Sette e Mezzo.

The goal of the game is to defeat the croupier by getting a better hand. So far, so good. You can see why this game resembles Blackjack.

But there is a catch. The total value of the cards in your hands must not exceed seven and a half points. This rule is why the game bears the name Seven and a Half, obviously. Even if the dealer goes over the maximum value (goes bust), you can still win the round.

Now, at the start of the round, you should know that the game employs certain automatic rules that activate in pre-determined situations.

For instance, if you get the King of Coins as your first card, the dealer will instantly deal you a second one. If this Wild appears in the dealer’s hand, you as a player receive cards until you reach seven. If you accidentally go over the maximum value, you go bust.

This is a game of simple math, really, so there is a lot of counting involved. Another rule that you should remember is that the value of your hand should be higher than the dealer’s. Hence, you will continue getting cards until the value exceeds the dealer. After you reach that point, you will get a chance to choose between hitting or standing.

If you and the croupier both land a 5 as the first card, you get another one automatically. However, if the result is 5 for both – it’s a tie, and you lose. The good thing is that the croupier must draw cards as long as its total hand value is under 5.

Sette e Mezzo Payouts

In this superb game of logic and luck, you get to experience a wealth of opportunities to win something. If you score the ultimate winning hand – Sette e Mezzo Royal – you will get a 3 to 2 payout.

A regular winning hand is worth 1:1.

Finally, side bets have their separate payout tables where you can see what each combination is worth.

Side Bets

Like all casino games, Sette e Mezzo live has two side bets. You are probably familiar with both. The first one is Partita Perfetta, or Perfect Pairs, while the other one is Mano di Poker (Poker Hand). The second side bet is similar to 21+3.

  • Partita Perfetta: With this side bet, you wager on the chance that you and the croupier’s opening cards would form a pair. Different cards have different values, of course. For instance, 7s pay 55:1, while face cards pay 10:1. Lastly, if you score a pair of low cards, you get 5:1 payout. This side bet has a lower RTP rate than the main bet, and it’s 96.15%.
  • Mano di Poker: A Poker Hand side bet is a bet that involves your two and the dealer’s first cards. If they succeed in creating a valid poker hand, you win the corresponding payout. A straight hand gets you 5:1, while a royal flush is worth 155:1. The RTP for this side bet is 96.32%.

The Best Sette e Mezzo Strategy

The delicate combination of Sette e Mezzo pre-determined rules and player’s freedom of choice make this game a tough nut to crack.

There is no optimal or basic strategy that you can follow if you want to win without a fault. Unfortunately, you largely depend on your personal experience, proficiency, and luck.

Hence, the best advice that we could give you is going slow. Until you reach a certain level of knowledge about the game, you cannot experiment. That could result in a potentially hazardous situation for you where you stand to lose a lot.

Therefore, start with baby steps. Small bets will get you a long way, especially in the beginning. Moreover, trust your instincts. That is easier said than done, but it is the only way to master the game. Patience is key in Playtech’s live Sette e Mezzo, especially for beginners.

As you build skills, you will start feeling more confident about your moves in-game. And you can even begin developing your own strategy to beat Sette e Mezzo!

Where to Play Sette e Mezzo

Playtech is an international brand that works with major casinos worldwide. Therefore, its games are available at some of the top online casinos in the world. One of the biggest Playtech casinos that house exclusive games is William Hill. Live Sette e Mezzo is a prominent game that William Hill players enjoy playing.

Play Sette e Mezzo at William Hill!

BestCasinos’ Stamp of Approval

These days, it’s hard for a game to truly impress us. We’ve been in the game for years, so we have seen many games that charm with looks but lack depth.

However, Sette e Mezzo live is a game that managed to leave us speechless. It’s entertaining, it’s fresh, it’s novel – everything a game needs to be to land on our radar.

As always, innovation and incredible casino fun are what we get from Playtech. We cannot say that we were surprised! Seriously, playing Sette e Mezzo live is a marvel. It’s true that it is hard to devise the best Sette e Mezzo strategy to beat the game, but it’s worth it.

If you love a game that’s a challenge but pays out generously, try Sette e Mezzo from Playtech. A warm recommendation from BestCasinos!


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