Getting to Know the Deluxe Side of Sic Bo Deluxe

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Sic Bo is among the most popular games on the Asian continent. It is a traditional dice game that has been played for centuries in Asia. Its popularity, however, goes beyond classic brick-and-mortar venues – the game has acquired quite a fanbase in online casinos as well.

Prominent game developers like Evolution Gaming and Playtech have been experimenting with online Sic Bo live tables for years. Indeed, Playtech’s Sic Bo Deluxe is one of the best games that we got to meet in 2020. Hence, our team decided to give you a proper introduction to Playtech’s shiny release. We will show you how to play the game, list special features, and even give you a few pointers strategy-wise. Stay tuned, because we will also show you the best venues where you can find Sic Bo Deluxe. Let’s roll the dice!

Brief Game Overview

The superb Sic Bo Deluxe is, as the name suggests, an exclusive live Sic Bo release that Playtech launched in January. With a recognizable Asian-inspired environment, the game mostly attracts players in Asian countries.

The rules of the game are not different from any other standard variant. Three dice rolls, and the players bet on the outcomes. However, what makes this game a Deluxe table is the presence of multipliers. You can get up to 1,000x Multiplier boost for your balance – which is not something you want to miss. The RTP rate oscillates between 95.088% and 97.22%. You can place bets that are at least €0.20, while the highest amount that you can place as a bet is €500.

How to Play Sic Bo Deluxe

Sic Bo Deluxe Placing Bets

As we already said, the standard rules apply here. You do not have to worry about complex bets and guidelines. If you ever played at least one round of Sic Bo, you will get around this table fine.

Now, the game uses three dice (even though the name indicates a ‘pair of dice’). The dealers use the automatic shaking machine to shake the dice before they roll them. This process lasts around 20 seconds, and that is precisely how long you have to place your bet. The minimum bet amount is €0.20, and the maximum amount that you can bet is €500.

The entire point of the game is to guess the outcome of the dice roll. Hence, you do not need to do anything else except place the bets. When it comes to your betting options, you can choose between single numbers, combinations of dice, and total outcomes. Plus, you can bet on big/small outcomes. Have a look at all betting options:

Available Bets

  • Number Bet: A wager that refers to betting on a single number that would appear on the dice
  • Pair Bet: A wager used for betting on any possible two-dice combination (there are 15 combinations in total)
  • Double Bet: A bet on a specific outcome that includes a particular pair
  • Triple Bet: This is the same as the Double Bet, except it includes a particular triple
  • Any Triple: With this bet, you wager that all dice will have the same value
  • Small: If you bet Small, you wager that the outcome will be between 4 and 10
  • Big: With this bet, you wager that the outcome will be between 11 and 17
  • Total Bet: A bet that bets on the total outcome of all three dice.

Sic Bo Deluxe Win Small Bet

Once you finish placing bets, the dealers will roll the dice, and the outcome will be revealed. The final step in the round is the payout – players get winnings and thus concludes the round.

All this sounds quite familiar to regular Sic Bo players. However, Playtech has a few Aces up its sleeve with this one – and most of these surprises are in the shape of key features.

Key Features in Sic Bo Deluxe

Sic Bo Deluxe might resemble a regular Sic Bo table, but it is not without bonus perks. Playtech spiced it up with random Multipliers, so the gameplay is even more entertaining.

In the game, you will play with up to six random Multipliers. These Multipliers are scattered across the board. Six random bet options will receive a Multiplier per round, and if you place a bet there and win – your balance increases. The most significant Multiplier in the game can augment your winnings up to 1,000x.

Other features that we would like to mention are the game stats, live chat, Autoplay, and dice close-ups. The game stats are great because you can use them as a reference for a playing strategy. Live Chat enables you to communicate with fellow players and dealers. Finally, using Autoplay gives you more freedom to watch the game instead of focusing on the betting time limits.

Top Strategies for Playing Sic Bo Deluxe

Playing Sic Bo is easy. Your only task is to place a bet, and your fate relies on luck. However, you can mix knowledge and proficiency in the game to guess the outcome correctly. Moreover, there are several factors to include in the prediction – things like game stats, for example. That is why we thought to give you a hand in devising a solid strategy for this live dice game. Let’s have a look at the best strategies for Sic Bo Deluxe that you can use to win.

  1. Start Small: If you are new to the game (or this specific table) be careful with the bets. Before you get to the big wins and big bets, it is important to familiarize with the game properly. That is why we strongly advise you to be mindful of the bet amounts – start with smaller ones first.
  2. Bet Big/Small: These two bets types have the best odds at this table. And you know what that means? They have the lowest house edge. In other words, your winning chances are the highest with these two bets. You don’t have to place bets only on these two spots – you can mix it up a bit – but if you want to win, these two are the answer.
  3. Forget Superstition: Some players think that specific outcomes may happen more or less often based on the previous experience. For instance, if one result occurred twice in the five previous rounds, it won’t happen in the future. That is, dear players, wrong. This theory is also known as the Gambler’s Fallacy, and it is quite popular around casinos. But don’t fall into this trap because it will only hinder your progress in the game.

Where to Play

Playtech is an industry-leading game developer that collaborates with dozens of international casino brands. You can find its content in almost all major online casinos.

🎲 Play Sic Bo Deluxe at William Hill Casino!

We selected a couple of top Playtech casinos that will surely be worth your time. If you want to get the best Sic Bo experience, head over to any of the venues below.

🎲 Play Sic Bo Deluxe at 888 Casino!

The game is an exclusive release, so you will probably be able to find it in most online casinos that work with Playtech. Don’t forget to check out other popular titles as well!

BestCasinos Meets Sic Bo Deluxe

This game was a big surprise for us. We could never imagine that we would like a game this much! Seriously, Sic Bo Deluxe is an excellent game. It is perfect for players that enjoy dice games.

The rules are simple, so you won’t get lost in the guidelines and the rules. But you do get to try the Playtech’s Multiplier features, so your balance can grow with just a click.

Our overall impression of the game is excellent. We liked that the Riga studio made an effort to include so many traditional Asian elements – the game has Asian origins, after all. Plus, the lovely dealers are very friendly, and you may chat with them during the game.

If you want to try out the Playtech brand of Asian casino games, check out this live dice game in your favourite live casino. Plus, don’t forget to browse other Playtech games in the lobby. The supplier was very busy releasing new games these past few months. Its industry-first Cashback Blackjack is a live dealer table that you should not miss!


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