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New Live Roulette Table from Playtech Lets You Spin It & Win It

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Live Roulette is not a new concept, but it’s certainly always a fresh one. No matter how many variants and tables we get, we always want more – that’s what happens when a game is so good.

Anyway, Playtech decided to team up with PokerStars to deliver a new live table. The product of their collaboration is the novel Spin & Win Live Roulette table, which is not to be confused with Spin a Win (Playtech’s money wheel game). This new table is all about Multipliers. If you are a fan of live Roulette and Multipliers, grab a seat and read on. We have exclusive game walkthroughs, details, strategies, and tips. Let’s get started.

Game Overview in Brief

Spin & Win Roulette Live is an exclusive live dealer table that Playtech developed together with PokerStars. Hence, the game is available only at PokerStars. Nevertheless, we do not doubt that true fans of this game will head over to the site to explore the new table. It’s more than worth it, we promise you!

This is a standard European single-zero variant with 36 pockets. You have standard bet options at your disposal.

The game’s main appeal lies in the Multipliers. During each round, you can randomly catch a Multiplier if you bet on the winning number. Two unique features that we also liked were the Lucky Dip and Bet Creator that gives you more freedom during the game. The game’s RTP is 97.30%.

How to Play

Spin & Win Roulette Gameplay

The rules are simple: place a bet on the desired spot and wait for the wheel to stop. If you are a winner, the game will pay out the winnings. If not, what you placed will be deducted from your balance.

The introduction of Multipliers spices up the game further. Namely, during the game, you will notice that in each round appears a random Multiplier. If that Multiplier is assigned to your number and you win, you get the multiplied bet. This is the game’s special feature that can boost your balance up to 100x.

At the beginning of each round, the dealer will spin the wheel and wait for it to stop at one number. You have 15 seconds to decide on a bet and place it.

Luckily for you, you can use two add-ons for betting. The Bet Creator lets you devise a bet (however elaborate you want) and save it as your favourite. That way, you don’t have to waste time in the future rounds – you can just click and use the saved bet!

On the other hand, the Lucky Dip is perfect if you run out of ideas for bets. It picks random straight-up bets that you can place – five, seven, or eight combos.

Table Limits & Payouts

The two casino brands kept the standard payouts for each bet type. For instance, red/black pay 1:1, the line is 5:1, and corner 8:1. Here is the full list of payouts for every bet in Spin & Win Roulette Live.

  • Straight up – 17-99:1
  • Split – 17:1
  • Street – 11:1
  • Corner/Basket – 8:1
  • Line – 5:1
  • Column/Dozen – 2:1
  • Red/Black – 1:1
  • Even/Odd – 1:1
  • 1-18/19-36 – 1:1

On the other hand, the table limits also bring excitement to the table. The minimum bet amount for any bet is €0.20, while the maximum differs with each bet. For straight-up bets, the maximum bet is €2,000, while the entire table limit has the maximum bet of €250,000.

Top Strategies for Spin & Win Roulette Live

Spin & Win is a live dealer table, but the gameplay and rules do not differ from standard variants. Indeed, it’s a European single-zero table, so if you have a favourite strategy, you can apply it here.

However, if you are struggling to find a solid way to win consistently, worry not. BestCasinos has your back. We listed below our favourite live Roulette strategies that you can use for better winning results. Of course, bear in mind that in the end, it’s up to you – a strategy that works for you is the right choice.

1.   Paroli

This betting system is perfect if you are into math. Okay, scratch that – all strategies in Roulette employ math. Thankfully, Paroli keeps it on a minimum – there is only positive progression. Essentially, if you win, you double the bet. You keep doubling it as long as you win – up to three consecutive bets. If you lose, you bet the pre-determined unit of money (your chosen unit of cash).

2.   Labouchere

This system is perfect for Red/Black, Even/Odd, and 1-18/19-36 bets (even bets). It employs more math than the other two on this list. If you don’t have a problem with adding numbers and calculating mid-play, this will work great for you. Here is how it works: decide on a sum that you want to win. Split the sum into several small portions. Write the sums in a sequence. Then take the first and last number in the chain, add them up, and voila – that is the sum that you need to bet first. If you win, cross the numbers and move towards the central digit from the outer figures. If you lose, add the bet amount to the left side. And that’s it!

3.   Martingale

Decades after it emerged in brick-and-mortar casinos around the world, Martingale remains a favourite strategy. What this strategy entails is similar to Paroli – although they are opposites. Namely, in Martingale, you double your betting amount every time you lose. After each loss, the amount goes up, and the ultimate hope lies that the first win will recover your lost amount.

Where to Play Spin & Win Roulette Live

As we already explained at the beginning, this is an exclusive live dealer table. That means that, for now, it is only available at PokerStars.

We are not sure whether the game will appear in any other online or live casino in the future. Playtech does collaborate with a host of intriguing casino brands, but this is a special release. The game developer worked mainly with PokerStars in delivering this magnificent Multiplier-rich live Roulette table. We have to admit, Playtech is a fan of such exclusive releases. Remember Cashback Blackjack?

But don’t worry! If the situation changes, we will be sure to let you know immediately! For now, enjoy the game at PokerStars – it’s already live – and we will inform you should anything change.

Spin & Win Roulette – Our Verdict

Spin & Win was a great experience for our team. We must be honest – exclusive releases have more thrills than regular tables. That’s probably why our expectations were very high before we started playing the game.

Don’t get us wrong – this live dealer table met all the expectations that we had! It had everything a live Roulette table should have – a great pay table, versatile table limits, and good betting options. The dealers are great because they are very professional and chatty, so you cannot get bored.

Finally, the presence of the Multipliers was the icing on the cake. Our team enjoyed playing the game that Playtech rolled out. Although, if we had to find at least one flaw, it would be the exclusivity – the game is so good that it’s a shame that other casinos cannot offer it. Thankfully, that doesn’t restrict you from trying other Playtech releases in your favourite casino. Sic Bo Deluxe is out, and it’s your perfect chance to try it out!

But then again, that is the entire point, right – an exclusive live Roulette table is restricted for wider audiences. And we support that.


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