Things You Need to Consider When Joining an Online Casino

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Online casinos have become a popular way many people choose to relax when it comes to entertainment online.

There is little doubt that the quality online casinos’ offer is world-class. Those who create casino games and the software that drives those games are professional companies who work diligently to provide experiences that are not only equal to those found in land-based casinos but surpass it, and that is where the popularity of online casinos grows.

For those who are new to gambling online, understanding what is most important to consider before they register and join a casino can be a bit of a challenge. It is quite easy to get caught up in the games that are seen when visiting an online casino, and of course, this is a big part of the reason we all enjoy playing online, but choosing a casino goes far beyond just the games, there is a lot more than needs to be considered.

Understanding this, we felt it ideal to explain what you need to consider when joining a casino. We hope this helps you in your endeavour to find the perfect casino for you.

1. Presentation and ease of navigation

This may seem like an area that might not be that important but is does impact the overall experience that one gets when playing online. If a casino does not design the layout to easily locate game categories, the cashier, its support services and other key areas, it means those using their casino can feel a level of frustration.

However, those casinos that understand the importance of designing their casino to be player friendly and easily navigated throughout really makes a difference in the time you spend at the casino. It means you quickly can locate your game of choice, quickly access the cashier for depositing and withdrawing and when in need of assistance, quickly access the support team.

When previewing a casino, take some time to consider the layout of the casino and whether it is designed to be friendly and easily navigated – you will be thankful you did.

2. Reputation and licensing

A casinos reputation has a great deal of importance, and in an age when the number of casinos online are increasing weekly, this holds even more significance than it did several years ago. Online casinos operate in a virtual world, and therefore your means of judging them is relative to the experience you get as a player.

If a casino has a questionable reputation, then it is probably best you keep moving on. Finding out about that reputation is not too difficult and reading casino reviews about a casino you are considering will give you a good indication about how they operate and if players are satisfied with the experience the casino delivered.

Another area of importance when considering a casino is their licensing.

One is to verify they are licensed, and the other is where that license was issued as not all licensing authorities are equal. Those licensed in Malta and the United Kingdom, for example, are strictly regulated, and therefore you can have faith those casinos are trustable and operate with integrity. However, those licensed in countries such as Costa Rica often do not face the same level of regulation, and therefore more research needs to be undertaken before registering to ensure that the casino operates at the highest of standards.

3. Mobile Software

As time has gone by, mobile compatibility with online casinos is an expectation.

While some will use downloadable apps, the latest trend is being able to access the casino direct via your mobile web-browser. Mobile game quality is equal today to that one experiences online, so making sure the casino is easily accessed via multiple mobile devices is critical, even if you are one who prefers desktop play.

Take time to look at the games, test their quality, make sure they fit your smartphone or tablet screen and ensure the controls are located in a convenient location so as to allow easy gameplay.

4. Bonuses and Promotions

Welcome bonuses are one of those things that often peak a person’s interest, especially when you see you can double your deposit. This is one that must be considered as it has a large degree of value in so far as it adds money to your bankroll and extends your time spent playing casino games.

All casino bonuses come with a number of conditions. These relate to the wagering that must be completed before you are allowed to withdrawal winnings. As the casino is giving you free money, they have an expectation of fairness, and to meet that expectation, they require bonuses be wagered a certain number of times, generally between 8 and 25x.

In other words, if you deposited $100 and received $100 as a bonus, your starting bankroll would be $200. If the wagering terms require you to wager your deposit and bonus 10x, you would need to wager $2000 on the casinos before you could request payment of your winnings.

Avoid those casinos that place unreasonable wagering conditions, and or have bonuses that are excessively large (500% or more). These will generally have higher wagering conditions, limit the amount you may wager per spin or hand played, and may also limit the type of games you are permitted to play while playing under a bonus.

5. Casino Game Variety

Casino game variety is key to having a good time, and not having a large variety, over time, will dampen the enjoyment you receive. Most casinos of today understand the importance of having a large library of games to choose from and will include different styles of gambling as well such as poker, bingo, live dealer games and sportsbetting.

Make sure you preview the games to ensure that those available meet your expectations. At the end of the day, you will be glad you did as the more game developers a casino works with means more new games you will be given access to as they are released.

6. Security

One of the most important to factor in when selecting a casino is its security features. Today, this is pretty standard and as most casinos license casino gaming software from large software companies and therefore security software is already in place to protect the outcomes.

However, additional security features are often included by the casinos themselves relating to their own operations, and this is where most attention needs to be centred. That includes firewalls for all communications between you and the casino, and then further protection with respect to transactions processed via the cashier. As most use third-party processors, this too is covered and via 128-bit SSL encryption software, which is equal to that used by most financial organisations.

7. Support

Casino support, while it may seem not too important actually is one that must be considered. For the most part, you will not have a need to contact the support department, but those times you do, having one that is professionally run with dedicated, knowledgeable support agents is critical.

Make sure when choosing a casino that it offers multiple avenues for contacting the casino. The most common are telephone, email and live chat. Live chat is convenient and instantly connects you to the support department, and therefore your questions are answered quickly.

8. Banking

When playing at an online casino, you have to deposit via their cashier. When first depositing, you are presented with a number of deposit methods, the more offered, the better. The same applies for when cashing out your winnings, the more options, the better.

Take time to review the deposit and withdrawal methods a casino offers for facilitating transactions. You want to ensure those they do are compatible with the ones you prefer to use. Generally, these will include credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards and direct banking options.

Those casino that do not offer a decent range of methods probably should be avoided as it limits your ability to withdrawal to a method you are most comfortable using.


Online casinos are one of the greatest ways to relax after a long day at work or even one relaxing. There are hundreds of casinos that operate at the highest standards, and with the wide range of casino games at your disposal, the opportunities they provide and near endless.

Whether a slots player, table game player or one who likes a variety of different genres, online casinos provide the platform needed to satisfy those times when you want to have some fun.

Using the guidelines we have listed above will help you find the casino best suited for your tastes, and in doing so, we hope you will hit the big one and get as much from your time spent gambling online as possible.


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