Top Blackjack Skills to Master

X Skills You Must Master to Be Great at Blackjack

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You have all read online about how to become a great blackjack player. You have learned how to play the hand-strategies. You have learned how to manage your bankroll, and you have learned how to camouflage your play if you’re counting the cards.

But what about the “X skills” that are required to really polish up your game. These are the skills that have nothing to do with the game itself but rather with you, the blackjack player. These are the skills that cannot be measured quantitatively, and they may be invisible to the casino personnel watching you play but they are indelibly printed on your mind.

So what the heck are we talking about? Well, let’s get right into them and see.

X Skill One: Play Blackjack With a Clear Head

This may sound obvious but it needs to be really clear. Life outside the blackjack table can get complicated, burdensome and cause lots of uneasiness behind your eyes.  When you’re playing blackjack, whether counting or not, you need to maintain a high level of concentration if you want to be great at it. Thinking about the mortgage payment or the upcoming board meeting while you’re playing blackjack is not going to help much when you’re deciding how much to bet and how to play your hand.

So if you’re feeling the weight of life’s vagaries, including the stress that comes with it, better to avoid the blackjack table until you’re feeling more at ease.

Remember, best is to come to the casino with nothing but blackjack on your mind if you’re going to play great.

X Skill Two: Don’t Play Blackjack after a Bad Session at another Casino Game

Many casino players after losing money at craps and roulette turn to playing blackjack because they think the change in game will change their luck. This is not so and can be filed with lots of other superstitious beliefs. Reality is that when things are not going well for you in a casino, whatever the game may be, it usually gets worse before it gets better, regardless if you go to the blackjack table or not. The best thing to do in this case is let your blackjack play wait for another day. And the same holds true when your bad day begins with blackjack. Instead of then going to a craps or roulette table, just pack in the whole casino-day and come back another time.

X Skill Three: Never Combine Flirting Activities with Playing Blackjack

Who has never made this mistake…especially within the male population? But the point is not to make that mistake again. Trying to flirt while playing blackjack is about the most counterproductive thing I can think of when it comes to casino gambling. Simply put, you cannot concentrate on the bets, cards and hand-play decisions while you’re thinking about having sex with the man or woman next to you.

If you find yourself in this dubious blackjack/flirt position, my suggestion is to pack in one or the other. If winning money is more important to you than your libido at that moment, then knock off the flirting and keep your eyes on your hand, not on the person next to you. But, however, if that person is so hot and you must satisfy your libido at that moment, then get the heck up off that chair, grab her or him by the arm, and head directly to a hotel or to one of your homes, whichever is closest to the casino!…And then you can hurry back!!


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