Friday Genesis Casino Daily Promotion

Explore the Universe via Weekly Bonus Missions at Genesis Casino


The universe is a big place, and it takes a lot to get to know it, right? Well, Genesis is here to ask for your help. Join hands with this powerful gambling website and explore the cosmos to uncover mysteries!

Deposit at least €50 between Monday and Thursday, and you will receive a mission from the casino. Let’s see what else is there to uncover.

The Mission Cosmos

No one knows what’s the mission. Sometimes, not even Genesis Casino knows what the next challenge in space exploration is. However, the cosmic conquest must go on, and each week brings a new adventure.

If you want to participate in this fantastic deal, you only need to do one thing.

Deposit at least €50!

You have four days to complete this task. It won’t be a chore, we are sure of it!

Additional Rules

But wait, what do you get when you complete the mission? What’s in it for you?

Well, It’s not a real mystery after all! You get a 25% up to €100 Bonus on Friday to be used the same day. Imagine that!

Free cash is your first step towards space exploration. Until you reach the moon and the planets – the road’s long – you can explore Genesis Casino’s lobby. It’s full of wonders, just like space!

Visit Genesis casino, deposit, and claim your Weekly Bonus Mission – and grab cash just before the weekend.

Good luck!