Is It Friday Yet? Let’s Make it Scarily Freaky!

Friday PROMOTIONS 4,636

Do you feel it?

Of course you do. The excitement is real from the very first moment you wake up in the morning and realise it’s Friday.

Suddenly, nothing is that difficult any more as you put on your clothes and prepare for work. After all, it the final day of your hard-working week and with those lovely weekend days in sight, why would you burden yourself with utterly unnecessary annoyance over some petty little things.

Admit it, as you eat your breakfast you are already making big plans for the weekend and it seems as if nothing can get you down at this point. Right?

Not even Freddy!

What do you mean ‘Freddy who’? Freddy Krueger of course. Yes, that Freddy from ‘A Nightmare on the Elm Street’ movie series, a burnt serial killer who uses a razor-armed glove to kill his victims.

But don’t worry. One of the urban legends and most recognisable film characters is – believe it or not – here to help you!

Freddy is inviting you to get a scary-good FreePlay bonus to play with over at 888 Casino and you won’t want to miss it. As one of the most respectable online casinos around, 888 has prepared a scarily freaky offer that might be an acquired taste to some extent, but we guarantee you’ll learn to love it.

What is this deal all about?

It’s all about getting FreePlay money to spend on all sorts of casino games offered at this top-rated gambling venue.

There are three types of bonuses to choose from, all depending on the amount you deposit each Friday using promo code FreakyFri.

  • Deposit €20-49, and get €8 FreePlay
  • Deposit €50 – 119, and get €25 FreePlay
  • Deposit €120 or more, and get €60 FreePlay

Once you make a deposit, wager it x3 and see what happens when Freddy and his friends come to play with you.

You won’t regret it!