Boys, Get Ready to Hit the Floor on Tuesdays at Slots Million Casino

Wednesday PROMOTIONS 4,486

Ok, so the girls have been given a head start at Slots Million on Monday and it’s now time for boys to to catch up.

Now, before we start – let’s make one thing clear as we don’t want any grudges – the fact that girls got a head start has nothing to do with disrespect or (God forbid) any form of misogyny. Quite the contrary, in fact, as our friends from Slots Million have nothing but utter respect for members of the fairer sex.

It’s called being a gentleman and letting the ladies have a first taste of all the goodies on offer at this top-rated online gambling venue.

So, without further ado, we give you – a Gentlemen’s Night!

Yes, you should most definitely spread the word around, because boys are back in town. Now all they want is a little time for themselves – a time to pop open a bottle or two of beer and put some steak on the grill.

What better time to do so than midway through the week when that weekend scent is getting stronger.

So now instead of just a regular – s0me would even dare call it a boring Wednesday – you now have a Gents’ Night with a refurbished bonus worth 40% extra on each and every single deposit you make between 7 and 11 PM – up to a whopping maximum of €100.

In order to pick up this incredible offer you need to make at least €25 in deposit. The bonus is available for all MALE players who’ve made at least one deposit before so in case you don’t have the account there yet – here is your chance to hurry up, visit Slots Million and register.

Standard terms and conditions apply and are all listed on the casino website.