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Siirto Casinos Checklist

The Best Siirto Online Casinos

Siirto is a mobile app that connects your casino account with your bank account without sharing any personal info. That’s right, you need only your phone number and you’re good to go. Unfortunately, the service works only in Finland, which means you are not allowed to take it elsewhere.

Also, not many casinos work with Siirto, unfortunately. To find our most beloved Finnish casinos with Siirto deposits and withdrawals, you only need to scroll below. Once you’ve picked the FI casino with Siirto, it’s time to place a first deposit. We can also help with that – just check out our Siirto casino deposits guide.

How to Deposit Using Siirto

A great thing about Siirto app is that the entire thing is over in just seconds. And also, you need just a phone number to access the app. Here’s how deposits with Siirto work.

Check out this step-by-step process for depositing with Siirto app.

  1. Log into your casino account or register if you don’t have one.
  2. Visit the Banking page to start a new deposit transfer.
  3. Select Siirto from the list of options.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to transfer.
  5. Open the Siirto app and confirm the transaction.

The money should appear in your account within minutes. The process is easy to follow, and there are no unnecessary complications with extensive data requirements and documentation. All you need is your Siirto app that’s hooked to your bank account (one of four banks in Finland, listed above).

Oh and before you head out to play casino games in the lobby, make sure you’ve checked the bonus section for a Welcome Bonus. If you can claim one, don’t miss it!

How to Withdraw at Siirto Casinos

The sad thing about Siirto casino withdrawals is that they are not a given for gambling brands. In other words, not all casinos have both Siirto deposits and withdrawals.

But here is a guide for withdrawing money from your casino using the Siirto mobile app:

  1. Log into your account at the casino.
  2. Go again to the Banking section and start a new withdrawal.
  3. Pick Siirto as your option if necessary.
  4. Enter the sum you wish to withdraw.
  5. Enter your phone number and follow instructions to deliver the money.

Once you confirm the transaction the money should appear in your app within minutes. But bear in mind that the procedure might last longer as withdrawals must be verified by the casino always.

In general, the casino does not charge money for withdrawals and deposits. But just in case, check the fees with your Customer Support team! And before you start the withdrawal, make sure you’ve reached the playthrough requirements.

Fees & Processing Time

The fees are non-existent. In other words, no online casino will charge you for using Siirto deposits and withdrawals. In fact, Siirto app does not even cost for bank users who want to use the app for online purchases. There is a cap for monthly transactions, though.

The maximum amount of money you can transfer via Siirto app to a merchant or casino is €1,700 per day, while there are no limits for money deposited to your Siirto app. However, if you plan on using Siirto for casino withdrawals where possible, there is probably going to be a withdrawal maximum limit.

On the question of processing times, we are happy to say that Siirto is doing great on both fronts – deposits are instant, and withdrawals are not far behind either. Hence, not only is the app easy to use and free, but also fast and efficient.

Why Should You Use Siirto?

If you live in Finland, own an account at Nordea, S-Bank, OP Bank, and Bank of Åland, you are eligible for a Siirto account. To get it, simply download the app, use access codes and your phone number to set it up, and you’re good to go.

The benefits of using Siirto are aplenty, but the biggest perk is the protection of data. You won’t ever have to disclose personal info at online casinos – just a phone number will suffice!

The app connects to four of the biggest banks in Finland, so you are bound to have easy access to Siirto even if you don’t specifically use Nordea.

Furthermore, Siirto is free to use – the app does not charge a single cent for maintenance and account – and so you can easily pay for stuff online, send and receive payments from peers, and deposit/withdraw funds at online casinos with ease.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Siirto?

Siirto is a mobile app that is used for connecting banks and merchants. It uses only your mobile phone to authorize payments, making it an easy and instant choice for placing deposits at online casinos.

Where can I use Siirto?

Siirto is available only in Finland. Therefore, you can play only at Finnish online casinos.

Are there fees?

No, Siirto is completely free.

What are the limits for the Siirto app?

For casino limits, you have to check with the casino. However, the app itself limits deposits from Siirto app at €1700 per day, but there is no limit to the money you can receive to the app.

What is the best casino for Siirto?

Check out the list of Siirto casinos above and find your new favourite Finnish casino!