It’s Thursday – Let’s Make Plans for the Weekend!

Thursday PROMOTIONS 4,165

Editor’s Note: This promotion is no longer available.


People tend to leave their weekend planning for the very last day of the work week – for Friday – but trust us, it’s a wrong thing to do.


Well, for starters, there are so many things that can go wrong when you leave everything for the very last minute and Fridays – generally speaking – are not meant for some heavy-duty work. When dawn rises on a Friday morning your minds are already on a beach somewhere so there is no use in loading them anyway.

But Thursdays are a completely different story.

It’s a day you don’t know whether to love or hate but – fortunately – good guys like those over at Jetbull Casino are here to swing you over to the positive side.

Free Spins for the Weekend

As a highly respectable gaming outlet Jetbull has a reputation to uphold and it’s exactly thanks to special offers such as this particular one that casinos help their valued customers keep their smile spreading wide across their face.

For this particular instance, Jetbull Casino has prepared a special offer which lasts from Monday through Thursday so let’s ring those bells loud as clock is ticking!

What is this offer all about?

Jetbull Casino helps you with weekend planning and the proposition is quite simple – play some of your favourite video slots from Monday to Thursday and you’ll get loads of free spins to roll during Saturday and Sunday for some possibly lucrative winnings.

Getting your free spins is incredibly simple!

All you have to do is to play your favourite among over 1,300 video slots during the designated timeline and free spins will be credited to your account ahead of the weekend.

The Free Spins share breaks down as follows:

  • Play 200 Rounds per day to get 10 free spins for the weekend
  • Play 300 Rounds per day to get 50 free spins for the weekend
  • Play 400 Rounds per day to get 100 free spins for the weekend
  • Play 500 Rounds per day to get 200 free spins for the weekend

Mind you that free spins are applicable on NetEnt slot games!