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Live online poker is a live dealer version of poker games. Thanks to powerful software used by gaming companies live online poker powers live streams of physical tables with real dealers. In online casino terms, players typically get to choose between live online poker and video poker, of which live games appeal to more classic players with an affinity for old school card games.

Those on a hunt for online poker live dealer tables are in luck because BestCasinos has just the right thing. At BestCasinos, players can find both top-rated online poker games as well as renowned live poker online casino sites. Find what you are looking for or explore the vast poker realm to locate unique tables and enjoy world-class live poker gambling.

The page before you contains all the necessary information – from comprehensive live poker game reviews to a list of the best live online poker sites. There is also a detailed guide for new players which you can use to navigate the new field of live dealer betting. If you have any questions, feel free to consult the FAQs at the very bottom of the page.

Without further ado, let’s see what we have here:

  • Online poker live dealer game reviews
  • Top-rated live online poker sites
  • A guide for all players who want to master live dealer poker

Finding a reliable casino to play the best live poker online casino games can be a challenging task, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. Let BestCasinos be your guide.

Online Poker Live Dealer Game Reviews

The first part of this guide involves showcasing all the tables we’ve rated and reviewed using extensive search methods. Our reviewers have been in the game for so long they instantly know which game deserves your attention and which doesn’t. In our reviews, you can find all necessary information such as volatility, the house edge, RTP, payouts, and game odds. We make sure to cover all bases, and we often list supported devices, languages, and other important game details for each review.

Top-Rated Live Online Poker Sites

The next phase entails getting acquainted with the best live online poker sites. Finding the game you want to play is not enough; you will need a reliable gambling site to register at if you want a safe gaming session.

Not all casinos are looking out for their players, which is why we must be there to protect the customers by providing unbiased poker site information and reviews. Moreover, all sites we recommend are fully licenced and accessible to players worldwide.

A Guide for Players

Last but not least, you can also enjoy an all-inclusive guide for finding the perfect site and table, as well as game rules, variants, and rating processes. Learn how to spot a reliable table/site with our simple steps and see which live online poker variant is the best for you! There’s a whole world of live online poker gambling waiting to be discovered, and you only need to be brave and step into it. We will be there with you every step of the way.


Online Poker Live Dealer Tables

You don’t know what to play, but you know what you do not want to play? Say no more, we got you! BestCasinos proudly presents its collection of online poker live dealer table reviews. Each review is decorated with extensive game info, stats, and facts. We list the table betting limits, important rules, and unique table features you cannot find anywhere else.

All you need to do is find the game that suits you the most and enjoy it! One of the best ways to dive deep into the field is to search by the name of the provider. You will quickly note that live online poker providers aren’t exactly a big bunch, but those that do work in the field are innovative enough that you won’t ever find it lacking. Browse Evolution, Ezugi, Pragmatic Play, and other providers and their most popular releases below. If you have a specific thing you are seeking, please use the filters to narrow down the search.
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Live Ultimate Texas Holdem
Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em is the most popular house-banked game packed with strategy ...
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Important Things to Know When Playing Live Poker Games Online

And now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally time to begin the discussion. What is live online poker? Is it the same as video poker? And if no, what is it and how to play live poker online?

Fret not, dear players, for BestCasinos is here to bring all the answers. We’ve compiled an extensive walkthrough for all punters – regardless of skill and experience – which will surely prove to be quite handy in numerous situations.

We have a list of the best gambling sites and games you can possibly think of, but we also gave you a glimpse of our rating process so that you’d know what to look for when you start searching on your own.

Let’s start from the beginning: what is live dealer poker and how to play live poker online?

Main Characteristics of Live Poker Online

Before you play live poker online, you must gather all the intel about the games you are about to play. That includes both game rules, in-game info about features, and standard practices on gambling websites.

So, what is live online poker?

Well, the standard live dealer poker is a version of poker played in real-time. The game played at a real physical table is streamed in real-time, with an actual human dealer controlling the game.

Furthermore, players get to watch the action happen in real-time, which generally shortens the betting period, but also opens up social interaction thanks to live chat. You can communicate with fellow punters and the croupier during the game or contact live support if you are experiencing issues with the game.

A common question we get from our readers is whether the dealers can see the punters. The answer is no; they cannot see the players, but they see their actions and reactions shown as camera signals positioned in front of the dealers.

However, the main thing you should remember is that live poker games are the same as regular poker games, they just happen in real-time. you still get a fair pick of variants to choose from, such as Caribbean Stud and Texas Hold’em.

All classic gameplay rules still apply, such as playing against the house (not fellow punters), and you can pick between 5-card and 3-card live poker tables.

In short, the key features of live dealer poker tables are:

There’s more to this list than meets the eye, but these are the main things you should keep in mind before you play live poker for real money.

How to Play Live Dealer Poker

Playing live dealer poker games online is not a complex task, but it does involve a list of items you’ll need to sort out before you play. One of the key things is to find a reliable casino, register and deposit funds. Once this is done, you can move to the lobby to locate a table you’d like to join.

Here’s a list of things you need to consider when you want to play live dealer poker:

  1. Find a respectable gambling website. Register and complete the first deposit. 
  2. Choose a table in the lobby. 
  3. Enter and place a wager to participate. 

We can help with finding the website and the table. However, ultimately, the choice is all on you – which site do you deem worthy? What table piqued your interest?

To select the table, you must decide what’s your end goal. Are you there to boost skills to participate in live poker tournaments? Or are you interested in only live online poker tables and playing with fellow players casually?

If you want to participate in live poker tournaments, the guide is below. However, if you only want to play poker at live online casinos for entertainment’s sake, we suggest learning the rules of the game and practising a bit in free mode before you switch to real-time gambling.

Professional Live Poker Tournaments

Poker players are also fans of live poker tournaments but reaching the stage in which you can freely participate in a tournament and measure strengths against professional opponents is far from a novice’s reach. It takes a lot of preparation and dedication to become a pro poker player at tournaments.

Poker tournaments are some of the most exclusive and exciting events in the world of gambling. Each year, tournaments attract millions of players – both participants and spectators – and amass millions in prize money for the winners.

Before you sign up for such an event, it’s good to know that

  1. You need a high skill level to participate
  2. Most tournaments are buy-ins, meaning you have to pay a fee to participate
  3. The prize money is big, but the competition is stiff

We advise all those looking to enrol in live tournaments to practice free demo games, play with friends, and observe high-stakes poker tables to get accustomed to the flow of the game.

Free Live Online Poker

There is no free live poker online, as live dealer games are played in real-time with actual cash. You can maybe enter the game and simply watch it without betting anything, but you cannot play with fake money a poker game with live dealers.

But you have other options. For instance, you can play video poker to build skills. Video poker is a computerised variant which is easier to play, has countless versions, and is built for novices. In comparison with real-dealer tables, they are a breeze, which is why so many punters choose them as their go-to option.

We suggest playing video poker games for free before hitting live mode to ensure wins and proficiency build-up before staking actual cash.

The Best Live Poker Sites

Live casino poker is no walk in the park, but it’s one of the most sought-after genres for a reason. Live poker sites offer abundance both in terms of tables and poker rooms, but also bonuses and promotions related to these games.

If you want to find the best live poker real money casinos on the internet, you only need to look at our table below.

Rank Casino Name Welcome Offer Register
1 William Hill 100% up to £300 Click Here
2 BitStarz Casino €500/5BTC Bonus + 200 FS Click Here
3 888 Casino £88 No Deposit Bonus Click Here
4 1xBet Casino €1500 + 150 FS Click Here
5 Ignition Casino 300% up to $3,000 Click Here

You can search through the list to find the website that suits your tastes the most. We listed their welcome offers so you can see what you are signing up for when you register. It’s useful to note that 888 Casino has a special section called 888poker, entirely dedicated to live online poker. Ignition Casino is a premium poker site for players in the USA.

How We Rate and Review Live Blackjack Sites

The process of discovering valuable live online poker sites is long and entails many factors and aspects which need to be checked. Before a site lands here on this page, it must first go through our rating and reviewing process.

In case you were wondering how this process looks and how exactly our experts research reliable gaming websites, here is your chance to learn.

We are here to teach you how we rate casinos for live dealer poker players.

The guide below can also be quite handy if you want to start searching for websites on your own.

Here are the main things you should keep in mind while choosing a site:

Each of these items is an essential piece of the whole puzzle. Without one, you cannot truly have it all and enjoy it the best you can. You will see below what we mean by all these listed items.

Licencing and Regulation

For a casino, having a licence is a must. Not all gambling sites have them, granted, but those that do are allowed to work in certain markets which are closed for rogue venues. On the other hand, a licence means a lot to the players as well, as it can be seen as a guarantee of trust in the venue and its fair business.

Then again, not all licences are treated equally. If we are talking about the UKGC licence (issued by the UK Gambling Commission), we speak of high-quality supervision and control over all business dealings. The MGA safeguards the European markets, while Curacao and Alderney have their own designated jurisdictions. Depending on your location, you should always check whether a site is allowed to work in your country by the gambling authority in charge.

Reputation and Player Experience

Sometimes not even a licence can vouch for the safety of players if the site decides to play dirty. In such cases, we always check what the players have to say – they are often the best indicators of the site’s reliability and trustworthiness.

You can try and talk with fellow punters, or you can rely on our reviews in which we’ve taken into consideration everything we’ve heard about the site from punters worldwide. Either way, you shouldn’t disregard it – player feedback is a golden source of information.

Content Offer

You go in for live online poker games, but you might stay for other casino games. Who knows? Life is too short to be limited to one game genre only. We firmly believe in variety and abundance, so we like to see a versatile game lobby capable of satisfying even the most demanding of punters.

When you enter the lobby, make sure to check for other live dealer games such as live roulette, live baccarat, and live blackjack. If you are more into RNG digital games, stop by the casino lobby where digital games await. Oh, and a pro tip: find a casino with plenty of video poker games. Slots, bingo, and dice games are welcome as well!


All players agree on one thing: money has to go in and out of your casino account any way you can transfer it. So why not find a good banking option which is safe, fast, and easy to use?

The days of unreliable cash transfers, long processing times, and dull verification procedures are over. Nowadays, we have e-wallets, speedy cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin and Ethereum, mobile banking options, and internet banking. You can choose from dozens of methods and so never choose a casino that offers fewer than five. It’s simply not worth it.

Customer Support

Customer Support is there to assist you during your playtime session and provide help for any issue you might encounter. In modern casinos, support is usually reachable via live chat, email, and toll-free phones.

Before we place a site on our list, we must check the response time and efficiency of the team. We value speed and efficiency a great deal, and it usually reflects the sites’ dedication and readiness to be there for their punters.

Device Compatibility

When you find a casino site worthy of your time, you’d think you are ready to start playing. But wait, are you really? Have you checked where you can play?

Device compatibility translates into platform support, meaning we list the platforms supporting the gambling content. Android and iOS devices have become a must as mobile casino gambling is on the rise.

With our sites, you get a clear sense of which sites are suitable for mobile gambling and which ones are unparalleled in desktop gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can live poker be rigged?

No, live poker online casinos cannot be rigged as all releases must first go through countless in-house tests and testing by independent organisations. Moreover, if a company wants a licence to work in a specific field, it must work hard to maintain the quality of its games. And rigged games are not a sign of quality.

How do you play live poker against the dealer?

Playing poker against the dealer is the core rule in live poker. In live mode, you get to watch the dealer deal his/her cards on the table right next to those of the player. It is easier for the company to create a game in which the players play against the dealer.

How do I start playing live poker?

If you want to start playing live casino poker for real money at gambling sites, you have to practice and build skills. You can do so by playing online poker, or by watching real-dealer table action. You can read our guides, but the practice is the best way. Once you feel like you’ve practised enough, you can switch to gambling with real cash.

What is the best poker site for real money?

This depends on your personal preferences, location, and bankroll. High rollers frequent VIP casinos, while players looking to have fun go to low-stakes tables. Another important factor is the location, as not all sites are allowed in your country. Learn the rules and investigate which sites accept punters from your country. Another thing to consider is the personal taste – the one you like more is the best poker site for real money.

Can you play online poker for real money in the USA?

Yes, you can play live online poker in the USA poker casino sites. Poker is a popular game in the USA, and we have a solid collection of games and casinos listed as the best live poker sites in the USA.