Pick up the Shovel – There Is Some Gold to Dig at 888 Casino

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By now 888 Casino has become a synonym for wins.

With its never-ending surprises, sometimes it can be hard to catch up with all of them. This time make sure to keep your eyes peeled, for we are bringing you a whole new 888 Casino promotion in a classic 888 Casino fashion – the richer, the merrier.

This one has been symbolically named Gold Rush, as the casino promises life-changing, shiny wins with this one. Get your blood pumping with adrenaline and let the precious metal blow your mind!

Step on the Stairway to Heaven

The promotion includes the possibility of winning up to €18,000 of increasing Free Play. Basically, how it all works is that you simply ought to deposit with the code GOLDRUSH, wager 3 times to get 5 increasing Free Play prizes that total €4,500 Free Play.

Even the lowest of rewards are wealthy and opulent.

With your first deposit, you will get 10% up to amazing €200 Free Play. Following the gradual growth, with your second deposit, you will get double – 20% up to €400 Free Play. As you deposit for the third time, you will get 30% up to €700 Free Play.

Your fourth deposit is also bringing an even greater win – you will gain 40% up to an incredible €1,200. And lastly, when you have deposited 4 times, with your fifth wager, you will rightfully obtain a head-spinning 50% up to €2,000!

If you do all of this, in total you will have a max total of up to €18,000 Free Play!

In short, this promotion just might make your life do a 180 degree turn. But be careful, the promo period ends on 11th March 2018, so register as soon as possible and deposit now for a chance to make yourself a rich man!


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