The Fibonacci Betting in Roulette

The Fibonacci System Explained

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What’s the Fibonacci system? How does Fibonacci betting in roulette work?

Answers to these two and many other questions await you in our guide below. We’ll try to teach you how to use the Fibonacci betting system when playing online roulette, as well as give you an example of betting on roulette using Fibonacci (we’ll cover other games too).


What’s The Fibonacci?

The Fibonacci betting system is a betting strategy that uses the Fibonacci sequence of numbers to determine the stake increases. It is a negative progression system, meaning the stakes increase during losses; wagers decrease after wins.

This betting system might sound like a complex one, but it’s well-suited for newcomers thanks to its simple and low-pressure nature. Simply put, it is not as aggressive as other system you might encounter at roulette tables (and other gambling games).

Experienced players who are not fans of big betting and instead prefer medium-risk betting systems will surely like the Fibonacci system.

How Does Fibonacci System Work?

As said, the system is named after the Fibonacci sequence, as it uses the number sequence for stake increase/decrease.

In case you are not familiar with the sequence, the sequence lists numbers that are the sum of the previous two numbers. It’s infinite, with the starting 13 numbers being heavily popularized in modern culture. Here’s how the Fibonacci sequence looks like.

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, etc.

The sequence is a numerical representation of the sequence, but the sequence is also often represented as an image of a spiral. Namely, the Fibonacci spirals are famous worldwide as the most common representation of the sequence.

Fibonacci betting spiral

Now, we’ve explained that the sequence is used to determine the size of stakes in a gaming session. How so?

Just like each number is the sum of two previous numbers, so does the Fibonacci betting system adds the sizes of two previous stakes to create one stake size. In other words, a stake is the sum of two previous stakes. With every loss, you go to the next ‘number’ in the sequence – you add your previous two wagers and bet the total on the next round.

When you win, you decrease the stake by going back two numbers (or reset the sequence if you are not too far along the sequence as it’s easier that way).

Note that this is a negative progression system, just like D’Alembert, Martingale, the Hollandish, and Labouchere betting systems.

An Example of Fibonacci Betting on Roulette

Fibonacci betting might not be complex, but it would be easier if you had an example of a roulette game session with Fibonacci betting as reference. It’s always easier with an example.

For the sake of this article (and betting using Fibonacci sequence in general) you cannot start with 0. It is impossible to bet a zero on any game. Instead, we take 1 as the starting point.  Our chosen unit size is £1. Moreover, we will place wagers on even-money bets to make it easier for you to understand the example.

Sequence Stake Outcome Balance
1 £1 Loss (-£1) -£1
1 £1 Loss (-£1) -£2
2 £2 Loss (-£2) -£4
3 £3 Loss  (-£3) -£7
5 £5 Win (+£10) £3
2 (reset sequence) £2 Loss (-£2) £1
3 £3 Loss (-£3) -£2
5 £5 Loss (-£5) -£7
8 £8 Win (+£16) £9
3 (reset sequence) £3 Loss (-£3) £6

As there were two wins, we had to reset the sequence two times. However, we did not reset it to the starting position; we just went back two numbers ( for the win with the sequence on number 5, the reset was to number 2; the number 8 win led to a reset to 3).

The 10 rounds we’ve shown above showcase the small fluctuations with losses and wins and; giving you an example why Fibonacci is suitable both for new players and experienced roulette bettors.

Pros & Cons

What is the perk of using the Fibonacci in roulette online? For starters, it’s not as aggressive as other betting systems. That means that you are less likely to encounter massive losses. Moreover, damage control is always easier to handle than with systems that have much larger increase/decrease rules.

Another thing is that it’s a negative progression betting strategy, and these are quite popular. Okay, there are so many positive progression systems used worldwide (such as Paroli and  the Reverse Labouchere) but negative systems are more widespread. I mean, the Martingale is perhaps the most famous roulette betting strategy ever, and it’s a negative system just like the Fibonacci.

But in all seriousness, they are certainly far more dynamic than flat betting, so there’s always something happening. If you notice you are not satisfied with the results from using Fibonacci sequences, then by all means, feel free to change the system and swap it out for something more appropriate.

Best Roulette Games Paired with the Fibonacci

Before we finish this article, we will also try to introduce you to the best casino games where you can use the system and enjoy all the benefits of the sequence.

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is the game that opens our top 3 list, and with good reason. Moreover, Lightning Roulette is perhaps the most famous release from Evolution, surpassing a number of classic table games such as Roulette Live and Power Blackjack. It’s what started an entire series of Lightning games, and to this day, remains one of the best Lightning games you can play for real money at Evolution casinos. If you want to play Lightning Roulette, we recommend giving it a go at VegasLand Casino online. Of course, it’s great for Fibonacci betting – just make sure you are betting on even money bets and that’s it.

Find Lightning Roulette at VegasLand Casino!

Ultimate Roulette

This is not the first, nor the last live roulette game Ezugi plans on releasing. However, it’s among the best ones, for sure.  It’s part of another series, like Lightning Roulette, as our favourite game producers find series to be fun and entertaining. Ultimate Roulette, like its predecessors Ultimate Sic Bo and Ultimate Andar Bahar, boasts Ultimate multipliers. Other than that, it’s a standard European Roulette table, meaning you won’t have a problem learning the ropes and enjoying the game.

Check out Ultimate Roulette at LeoVegas Casino.

Red Door Roulette

Our third and final game on the list is Red Door Roulette, one of the most sought-after roulette games from Evolution. This table is connected to one of Evolution’s most popular game shows, Crazy Time. Namely, Red Door references the red door that you go through to get to one of the special bonus rounds in Crazy Time. Players loved it so much that Evolution decided to regale players with a roulette table with similar content.  The game offers wins up to 4000x the stake, which is no small feat for a game of this calibre.

Play Red Door Roulette at Mr Green Casino!

Stay tuned for more games and recommendations from our team!

Fibonacci Betting FAQs

  • What is the Fibonacci strategy?

The Fibonacci strategy is a betting strategy that uses the Fibonacci number sequence as the stake sequence for betting rounds. It’s a negative system which means you increase stakes according to the sequence.

  • Does Fibonacci work in betting?

Yes, it does. It’s widely used in classic gambling games such as roulette and blackjack. However, it’s most popular for roulette betting.

  • Why is Fibonacci safe?

The Fibonacci system is safe for players as it is not as aggressive as other systems. Moreover, it’s designed to keep players’ wins and losses low – as with every win the stakes reset two numbers back.

  • Can I use Fibonacci betting in other games?

Yes, you can use the system if you want in other gambling games such as blackjack and baccarat. However, roulette betting with Fibonacci is the most common way to use the betting system.


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