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One of the hottest online casinos on the market right now, PlayOJO Casino, is giving a bag full of surprises and opulent rewards every single month of the year! Every 30 days you get the chance to boost your bankroll with an additional £40K!

The Spinoffs Are Back in Town!

The best thing about this PlayOJO venture is that the deal is active around the clock! It won’t mess with your sleep schedule, as there is no bad time for winning. Choose your time and place, play from home or on the go, and get richer and richer each month!

PlayOJO Casino has been known as the king of spinoffs with backstage Glastonbury tickets, shamelessly flashy cars, cash prizes and Free Spins galore being just some of the rewards given away! From this month on, the online gambling venue is adding a line-up of new spinoffs just for you!

The Task

Climb your way up to the top of the leaderboard and collect a plethora of prizes that are up for grabs 24/7. The quantity of the promo is growing every month, and they are no one-hit wonders! staying with PlayOJO Casino pays off big time!

Besides the well-known OJO’s Reel Spinoffs, the online casino is including not one, but four new spinoff awards to the regular mix! All of them added up together come to a total monthly spinoff prize offering of £40,000!

Here are the newcomers to the mélange:

Spinoff 1: £100 for Grabs

Every 6 hours (aka 4 times a day), the best 5 players get a £100 cash prize. Ticket cost: £1.

Spinoff 2: £500 Legendary Daily

The best 20 positions get a £500 in Mega Spins every day, all day long. Ticket cost: £1.

Spinoff 3: £2,000 Weekend Wonders

The weekend has just become even warmer! Top 50 players get £2,000 in Mega Spins every second of the day Friday through Sunday – every weekend! And there’s more! The trinity at the top of the board gets a cash prize as well! Ticket cost: £2.

Spinoff 4: £4,000 Monthly Miracles

PlayOJO wraps the end of the month with the heftiest prize of all! With the ticket prize of £5, the 50 highest ranking players get £4,000, and the best 3 players get cash or a bespoke prize! 

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