Artificial intelligence in online gambling

Artificial Intelligence in Online Gambling

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AI seems to be everywhere these days. From AI image and content generation that allows you to transfer anything from your mind to reality, beautifully written content of Shakespearean quality, all the way to coding, apps, and gaming, it’s everywhere. Artificial intelligence is even found in online gambling, and as latest trends indicate, it’s going to play an even bigger role.

If you want to learn more about the use of AI in online gambling, the effects and possible implications of using AI in gambling games, read on.

AI Gambling: The 4 Purposes of AI in Gaming

What are the main ways in which AI transforms iGaming? There are countless acts of having a transformative impact on game development, player experience, responsible gaming, fraud detection, and many other aspects of gaming.

Like with every new tech advancement, AI has changed the industry, as well as the way we think of gambling.

Countless acts and slight changes shape have had a profound impact on game development, responsible gaming, players’ experience, and even safe gaming guidelines, such as fraud detection.

Simply put, the inclusion of AI gave the industry the much needed push forward. Players get the most immersive experience possible, tailored to perfection. Whatever you want, you can get it!

So, to sum it up briefly, artificial intelligence affects online casino gaming on the following fronts:

  • Innovative game feature possibilities
  • Better grip on responsible gaming
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • In-depth market insights and research

Innovative Games

The most visible (for the punters) change in online gambling with the introduction of AI is game innovation. Even though it’s barely beginning, and not many games openly reveal or talk about being AI-powered or AI-made, it’s already giving players a lot of benefits in terms of innovation. Game-makers can now experiment with visuals, features, and everything in between however they like, as AI has the power of bringing to life almost every idea you might have.

Game mechanics are now optimised to perfection, while successful game producers such as Evolution and Endorphina are creating lifelike game studios and characters that you want to meet IRL for sure.

This form of innovation has not only made things visually better for the players, but also gameplay-wise better. In other words, it’s not just pretty, it has a purpose!

With newer and better features, players can have a tailored experience unlike anything they’ve ever seen. Algorithms can be used for behaviour and preference analysis, meaning companies can now understand better what is it that you enjoy the most. And not only what, but also how and why.

With this, you can safely expect tweaked player interactions, reactions, and gameplay decisions to affect the way that AI gambling games work. And all in all, all this will lead to games unmatched by anything else you might find in the lobby.

If you want to check out some of AI gambling games at the moment, we suggest trying out Endorphina’s Joker Ra, the first-ever AI-designed video slot.

Responsible Gaming & AI

Perhaps one of the most important topics of discussion in the entire industry is responsible gaming. The need to protect the players, especially those who are at risk from gambling harm or are likely to develop gambling addiction, are the most vulnerable points in the industry. Therefore, the more initiatives we have that try and protect players, the better. That is why there are so many self-exclusion and anti-gambling software options. But, as time has shown, not even with those tools can we completely bypass gambling addiction and eliminate gambling risks.

That is where AI steps in. Some experts have harnessed the power of AI and used it for problematic behaviour monitoring, which is just a fancy way of saying ‘AI oversees gambling activity and detects problem behaviour’. Thanks to these efforts, casinos have managed to resolve the situation in a way that is safe for the player. Solutions almost always include bans or player exclusion, which is currently the only way casinos have for restricting gamblers from wagering who are clearly at risk.

Artificial intelligence is far from being without fault, but its use in excessive and harmful gambling behaviour detection is precious and often life-saving for players and their families. Moreover, we are positive casinos and game-makers, as well as gambling authorities will find ways to introduce other ways that casinos can apply AI to the player protection initiatives.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Gambling is dangerous, and that is why it will never lose its stigma and controversy. As you already know, crypto and NFT casinos aren’t exactly without controversy, mostly due to the mistrust they get from the players. And truthfully, it’s good that it’s in our blood to remain distrustful of new things until proven differently. After all, that is what protects us from harm!

In the case of AI gambling, though, there is no reason to fear or mistrust. Casinos that employ AI technology get praise for efforts to protect the players and themselves. One of the ways that artificial intelligence is so useful is fraud detection (and in some cases, prevention).

As you might know, fraud and cheating is not uncommon in iGaming. Rogue casinos, unfair players, and even shady payment service providers seek to make profits regardless of the way it might harm others. That is why having reliable fraud protection and detection systems is essential in maintaining security at the casino.

And guess what is the best solution for fraud detection? Artificial intelligence. Powerful algorithms that can safeguard the casino by analysing enormous amounts of data and spotting suspicious activity in a blink of an eye are crucial. And sure, not every system is failsafe, and AI is bound to make a mistake at least once, it’s still more reliable than regular man-made codes and encryption layers. AI protocols can successfully locate a myriad of errors, including but not limited to player collusion between cheaters and heavily fraudulent monetary transfers.

In-depth Market Insights

Another great thing about AI is that it is able to crunch massive loads of data in a very short period. The data that goes through analysis is also used for market research, on which many software companies base their predictions.

Advanced math models, algorithms, and machine learning are all potent ways to tinker with the data and create highly precise models that can project predictions far into the future.

This might not mean much for the players, but companies creating gaming software and casino platforms essentially depend on that. Market research is everything – it is the pulse of the entire industry, so companies trying to create content for said industry cannot properly work without it.

AI can be also beneficial for content planning. For instance, when a company knows what kind of game design appeals to the public, it can generate a proper marketing strategy that’ll promote content to the right audience – in the right way. That way, they expand their reach, get to new potential players, and expand their influence. Overall, AI has many purposes in the background that you might never even think about.

And considering the path technological advancement is going at the moment, it is almost certain that artificial intelligence will play an even bigger role in the gambling industry in the future – at least behind the scenes.

The Possible Controversy

When cryptocurrency-backed online casinos first appeared, many players were hesitant to join. They considered them unstable, unreliable, and ultimately, dangerous. To a degree, that opinion still stands, as so many skeptical players choose to remain with traditional casinos. If they decide to play at an online casino, they’ll make sure the brand has a career of at least 5 years and no connection to controversial things such as crypto and NFTs.

The same thing can be said for NFTs and the Metaverse. Anything that is too ‘out there’ is quickly labeled as ‘unreliable’ so we aren’t surprised when someone says they don’t trust AI.

Hence, while most of the industry has been greatly in favour of AI gambling, many decided to shelf it for another day. In a sense, they are staying careful, letting time to reveal if artificial intelligence in online casinos is actually possible and reliable.

To be honest, we cannot be the judge and say if AI gambling is ok or not. I guess it all depends on the player’s tastes and preferences. Tech-savvy players are more likely to test AI casino games, while others might require some time to process things a bit longer.


NFT gambling, the Metaverse, and now AI – what’s next for the gambling industry? Well, whatever it is, we are sure the players are going to love it, as every single change companies introduced was with with punters in mind.

So far, the use of AI has been mostly behind the scenes, with only a handful of live gambling games using AI front-and-center through features and add-ons. But who knows? You can never know what might happen in the next couple of years. But we do know that, whatever artificial intelligence adds to iGaming, it will be epic.


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