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Crash Casino Games 101: The Ultimate Crash Games Guide

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If this is your first time of hearing of crash casino games, or just crash games, worry not – you are probably not the only one. Crash games are a relatively new gambling category that’s mostly associated with cryptocurrencies. However, recent years have brought them more under the spotlight, which brought about an increase in numbers of games across the industry.

This article will introduce you to crash games, show you how they work, and provide a list of the best crash games to play for real money online.

What Are Crash Games?

Crash games, or crash gambling games, are simple gambling game where players bet on a progressive multiplier and aim to cash out before the multiplier crashes.

The concept is beyond simple, really. All you need to do is place a wager and try to cash out before the end of the round.

Crash games appeared a couple of years ago at cryptocurrency casinos. Since then, they’ve slowly began popping up at various gambling sites, as well as crash game sites – or sites dedicated to this type of entertainment.

However, as many game producers such as 4ThePlayer and Pragmatic Play realized the potential these games carried, they’ve started developing their own versions of the crash gambling concept. And lo and behold, more and more regular online casinos have been looking to expand their lobbies with crash games.

Key Features

In theory, crash gambling games are even easier to play than slots. They are much simpler too, so they are suitable for all fans of casual games who aren’t looking to spend days learning how to play a random game.

In short, the key traits of crash games include:

  • A progressive multiplier that’s increasing during the round.
  • A crash of the multiplier which marks the end of the round.
  • Players place wagers at the start of the turn.
  • Bets and payouts are typically lower than in slots.
  • Crash game themes are always diverse.
  • RTPs are typically between 94% and 97%, like slots.
  • They are associated with cryptocurrency.
  • Not many casinos offer crash games at the moment.

Unfortunately, crash games are not all the rage just yet, so it’s perhaps difficult to locate them online (at regular gambling sites). But more and more casinos are expected to add them in the future.

How Crash Games Work

We’ll keep this short and simple, as crash games are the definition of simple.

Crash games have a progressive multiplier. This multiplier goes up as the round progresses, until it culminates in a crash.

The objective is to bet on a game and then watch the said multiplier go up. You can cash out anytime – but the point should be the get the highest payout possible before the crash comes.

Chasing a multiplier is risky business, as you never know when it might go down. That is why players are advised to place smaller wagers, and cash out earlier to avoid losing everything.

Needless to say, a crash means the end of the round, and it means the entire wager is lost. Of course, every player looks to avoid that, so smaller bets and knowing when to cash out can help in the long run.

Best Crash Games Online

Crash gambling games are building up in numbers. Therefore, you can now find a great variety of crash casino games on the internet – and the variety will be even better with time.

Here are our top favorite crash gambling games on the internet today.


Spaceman Pragmatic Play

Spaceman by Pragmatic Play is the first-ever crash game for the company. The game has a space theme, with a tiny astronaut taking the stage as the game’s protagonist. Spaceships, distant planets, and shooting stars also make an appearance on the game’s backdrop as you wait for the game to start.

Spaceman’s game screen contains lots of buttons and numbers, but as a player, your only duty is to set the wager and wait for the round to start. You can see full game stats, including game history, Auto Cashout options, and most common crash odds.

Bets in Spaceman start at $1 and go up to $100. However, the highest possible win in the game is a 5,000x multiplier. Finally, the game has an RTP of 95.50%.

1000x Busta

4ThePlayer 1000x Busta

4thePlayer, the software company behind 1000x Busta, is a famous slot-making company. More specifically, the company is a famous independent studio working with Yggdrasil Gaming through the famous YGS Masters program. So far, the company has delivered fantastic and innovative slots that push the envelope of modern slot-making, but few punters know that the beginnings of 4ThePlayer included ventures into crypto games and crash games.

1000x Busta is the second game in the company’s arsenal.

To play, select the bet size and the target multiplier. The third row will illustrate how much you might win if you are right, as well as the RTP for the specific conditions you’ve selected. Once the multiplier has surpassed the target you’ve set, it might continue going up, but you will be paid out the pre-determined payout from the start of the game. Wagers in 1000x Busta lets you wager between $0.10 and $25, while the max win potential is 1000x the stake. The RTP is 97%.


Aviatrix Crash Game

Aviatrix is a crash game by the eponymous company. The brand prides itself on building crash games of the next level, connecting games with NFT, crypto, and play-to-earn gaming. In case neither of these terms is familiar, check out our comprehensive guide for play-to-earn games and metaverse gambling which includes NFT and crypto games.

Now, if you want to play Aviatrix the crash game, you are eligible for a set of fantastic features that elevate the gaming experience and create something unique. The theme is flying and airplanes – as you might’ve guessed – and includes flying colourful airplanes which then crash before (hopefully) yielding payouts.

You can wager on two airplanes or two flights, and then track them as they progress. The game screen also includes a variety of data, including different stats for other planes (they are different for each level) and common odds.     Bets range between $0.10 and $150.  You can also profit from building your own plane, which is an additional perk of playing Aviatrix.

Triple Cash or Crash

Triple Cash or Crash Betsoft

Space seems to be a big theme in crash gambling, as Betsoft’s debut crash game is yet another space-themed adventure. Triple Cash or Crash is a three-in-one crash game as you are not only following one astronaut with his multiplier, but three. You can wager on all three or only one, which adds a bit of flair to the overall experience. It’s certainly less boring or repetitive than other games, which is already a bonus in our book.

Triple Cash or Crash came out in April 2023, and it’s already a big success for Betsoft. The game lets players wager between $0.01 and $5, while wins are capped at $200,000 per round. When we look at multipliers only, the maximum Multiplier possible to win in Triple Cash or Crash is 100,000x.

To play Triple Cash or Crash online for real money, select a bet amount and then confirm it to enter the next round. Track the multipliers on one or more astronauts, and try to cashout before you get to the dangerous territory where there’s a big chance of crashing! To cashout, click on the EJECT button (there’s also an EJECT ALL REMAINING option letting you cashout from all astronauts).

Big Bass Crash

Big Bass Crash Pragmatic Play

Big Bass Crash is the second crash game by Pragmatic Play. It seems Pragmatic Play is among the first game-makers to truly see the potential of crash games, and so the company is busy developing crash games as we speak. The debut Spaceman came out in 2022, and just over a year later, the company announced Big Bass Crash.

Big Bass Crash builds upon the famous slot series Big Bass (Big Bass Splash etc) that’s been a raging success for the company. There have been several sequels, and we were surprised to see the company venture into crash gambling with the newest Big Bass release. We’re loving it, though.

Just like Spaceman, Big Bass Crash allows players to wager between $1 and $100, and they can win a maximum Multiplier of 5,000x the stake. The RTP is identical to its predecessor, peaking at 95.50%.


From everything we’ve seen, it’s obvious that crash games are coming, and they are probably going to stay. Much like other modern gambling trends – live game shows and dedicated tables included – crash games appeared seemingly out of nowhere. However, thanks to an increased interest in crypto and casual gambling, crash gambling games might become the new favourite specialty game at the casinos. Stay tuned for more info on crash casino games and other popular iGaming trends with BestCasinos right here.


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