Top 10 Free Blackjack Games to Play

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If you never had the chance to play free online blackjack with other players, now is your chance. BestCasinos team rounded up the best free blackjack online games we could find for you to enjoy.

Find out which games are an absolute joy to play, and why free blackjack practice is good for you. You can also discover interesting casino sites which offer top-quality freeplay.

Without further ado, let’s see the top 10 free blackjack online games you can play right now.

What is Free Blackjack?

First things first. Let’s discuss the concept of playing casino games for fun.

What is free online blackjack? How to play blackjack online for free?

These (and many other) questions plague aspiring casino buffs around the world.

We have to make one thing clear right here at the start – free blackjack and free bet blackjack are not the same.

Free blackjack is a game of 21 which you can play for fun, i.e. without investing real money. Providers and casinos often allow players to enjoy gratis rounds through demo versions of their games. Twenty-One is just one type of games you can find in demo mode.

Other than the fact that rounds cost zero real coins, the rules are identical. What you see in demo mode is what you get in real money play. More or less, the experience remains unchanged. However, there is considerably less adrenaline involved because you are not risking actual money.

Top Free Blackjack Games

Twenty-One is a top-rated game around the block, which means there is a plethora of titles out in the industry. A surplus of releases hits the casinos each year. Such an abundance inevitably creates confusion among the players as they are not sure which ones are really worth their time.

Moreover, the releases might all look quite similar, especially for novices. Basic rules may be easy to handle, but advanced options and complicated rules might be a turn-off for inexperienced punters.

Hence, we took the time to collect the top ones which are fun, rewarding, and easy to master. We also included several factors which might help you see the bigger picture and truly understand what each title has to offer.

Needless to say, each title on our list is accessible via mobile phones and desktop devices.

Here are the top 10 free online blackjack games and their stats:




BJ Pays


Dealer Soft 17


Sonya Blackjack Yggdrasil Gaming 99.54% 3:2 6 Stand No
Blackjack NetEnt 99.59% 3:2 6 Stand No
European Blackjack Microgaming 99.60% 3:2 2 Stand No
Lucky Blackjack Yggdrasil 99.54% 3:2 6 Stand No
American Blackjack Pragmatic Play 99.60% 3:2 4 Stand No
Blackjack Single Deck NetEnt 99.59% 3:2 1 Hit No
21 Burn Blackjack Betsoft 99.52% 1:1 6 Hit No
Multihand Blackjack™ Pragmatic Play 99.51% 3:2 8 Stand No
Blackjack Surrender Playtech 99.65% 3:2 6 Stand Yes
Super 7 Blackjack Betsoft 99.56% 3:2 6 Stand No

RTP rates are relatively high, with only miniature differences in the overall rate. For you as a player, this might not be such a big deal, given how other options hold more sway over the gameplay and experience. It is important to note that most of them have a 3:2 payout when you hit Blackjack, which is an excellent payout (avoid other variations because they hinder your winning chances). Only one title has the Surrender option – the only Playtech title whose speciality is Surrender. In most games, as you can see, the dealer stands at soft 17, and some even include standing on hard 17 as well.

Let’s see up close what’s the story with the best blackjack online games to play for free.

Sonya Blackjack – Yggdrasil Gaming

Sonya Blackjack Yggdrasil Gaming Free Play

Our audience is quite familiar with Yggdrasil Gaming mostly for its innovative slot games. However, not many punters know that Yggdrasil Gaming is adept at making world-class RNG blackjack games as well! Currently, the company boasts a total of three RNG versions of 21, two of which have landed on this list.

Sonya Blackjack is an RNG version of the standard game. However, it’s not a classic RNG – this is Yggdrasil’s creation, after all. The release boasts superb 3D graphics and effects which might even lead you to think you landed in a real casino. Sonya offers room for three players in a round, but more players can participate by placing the Bet Behind. Sonya Blackjack online free version is a great way to enjoy high-quality gaming regardless of your proficiency.

Blackjack – NetEnt

Free Blackjack NetEnt

The first blackjack game to roll out of NetEnt’s studio is the title that bears a simple, always recognizable name. The company did not want to complicate matters with fancy names and variations for its show opener. As the table which opened an entire chapter in NetEnt’s business, Blackjack is a simple, elegant, and highly appealing game.

During testing, we nearly lost track of time with this one, that’s how entertaining it is. From the look of it, it is both perfect for newcomers and advanced players. Uncluttered table layout, modern jazzy sounds which filter through the speakers as you play and easy-going gameplay together make perfection.

European Blackjack – Microgaming

Free European Blackjack Microgaming

Today, Switch Studios and Microgaming have a long-standing friendship and partnership which spans dozens of releases. However, the flourishing teamwork is rooted in the very first titles to launch via Microgaming from Switch. Ladies and gentlemen, European Blackjack is one of those titles.

It is a simple RNG version of the standard, European variant. Again, it is quite fitting for beginners thanks to straightforward rules and an uncluttered table. It is great for players looking to start their careers in playing European blackjack for real money.

Lucky Blackjack – Yggdrasil Gaming

Free Lucky Blackjack Yggdrasil Gaming

The other Yggdrasil Gaming RNG blackjack table on our list for today is Lucky Blackjack. This release is another one of its games which boast incredible design and animations. You will be surely delighted with the theme which the company chose for this release.

Irish themed games are always a hit with the audience, and Lucky Blackjack online was a hit too. The entire game is built around the luck of the Irish, complete with clovers and the colour green. Throw in the outstanding 3D graphics, and you have a hit game on your hands appropriate for novices and professionals alike.

American Blackjack – Pragmatic Play

Free American Blackjack Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play described its American variant as ‘pure America rules’. And must agree – this game gives off jazzy vibes that transport you to crowded gambling houses in the USA. During the rounds, a soothing female voice will narrate while you play away – you can change the voice to male or no voice too – which makes everything even more realistic.

American Blackjack came out in 2018, but it is still one of the favourites for fans of this company. An option to Double after you chose Split is also allowed. Moreover, every tie you encounter in the game will result in a push. In each round, you can play up to 3 hands at the same time.

Blackjack Single Deck – NetEnt

Free Blackjack Single Deck NetEnt

Blackjack has turned out to be a speciality of NetEnt, especially with their latest endeavours in the field of live casino gaming. However, fans of the RNG genre can also enjoy NetEnt creations – and Blackjack Single Deck is the perfect example.

This game is geared towards mobile users, thanks to Blackjack Touch – Single Deck™. Advanced players and connoisseurs of the game will surely appreciate the great lengths NetEnt went to bring them an exclusive experience. It is a part of their Professional Series. Hence, if you are into playing games on your mobile phone, don’t hesitate to give Single Deck a try.

21 Burn Blackjack – Betsoft

free 21 Burn Blackjack Betsoft

21 Burn Blackjack got its name after the main feature of ‘burn’ cards. This title received a lot of attention when it came out, mainly due to this burn card. So, what does this burn card do? Well, in each round, you receive your two cards and one face-down, which is the burn card. Whenever you receive cards that you are not satisfied with, you can burn the second one (only the second one) and replace it with the burn. You don’t know what value the burn card has, so it’s a risk. If it turns out to be an Ace, you get a payout.

Innovation requires sacrifice, so this game has a lower payout for Blackjack than other games. Betsoft wanted to emphasize the burn card feature, so the payout when hitting 21 slipped to 1:1 and became equal with regular wins. It is not as bad as it sounds. The game still provides enough entertainment thanks to the element of burning cards.

Multihand Blackjack™ – Pragmatic Play

Free Multihand Blackjack Pragmatic Play

Multihand Blackjack is quite similar to American Blackjack, but the two have different decks and RTP. Granted, such details don’t affect the experience that much, as the differences in question are tiny.

The main advantage of Multihand table is the three-hand play at the same time. This is great if you want to increase your winning chances when you transfer to real money casino surroundings. However, when it comes to free blackjack practice, using three hands can be handy as you get to learn at a faster pace. This table is available in all Pragmatic Play casinos.

Blackjack Surrender – Playtech

Free Blackjack Surrender Playtech

Surrender is an option during hands just like Hit, Double, or Stand. However, it is optional, i.e. it is not part of the core options. You are offered Surrender only in specific situations which include imminent danger to your bet. What this means is that, when you use Surrender, you abandon the hand because you’ve been dealt bad cards. So, to avoid losing your entire bet, you use Surrender which pays back half of your bet.

Playtech Blackjack Surrender is the only game that has this option on this list. We included it here to show you how great Surrender can be for the players, but that providers are not as keen to incorporate them. The reason is that Surrender is a player-oriented option, aimed to protect the punters in the game. It harms the house more than it does you, so you won’t see it that much in casinos. Nevertheless, you should get used to it – and what better place than to start with Playtech’s game?

Super 7 Blackjack – Betsoft

Free Super 7 Blackjack Betsoft

Super 7 Blackjack from Betsoft is different from other games on the list in that it has a side bet. Namely, Super 7 is big on the number 7, so getting a seven as your first card has a 3:1 payout. If you keep getting sevens (the first two are a pair of 7s), the payout will increase to 50:1. If they match in suit, it will be 100:1!  Finally, you could land a payout of 5,000:1 if your hand consists entirely of 7s in a matching suit. Other payouts are the same as in the standard version of the game.

A great advantage of playing this game free-of-charge is that beginners can begin getting used to side bets. Additional betting options are quite popular, especially in live games. Having them during free blackjack practice will help you prepare for live-action better.

Benefits of Free Blackjack Practice

Practice makes perfect, is as simple as that. You cannot succeed or build skills in things you have never tried, right?

Well, playing blackjack for free online is the same thing. You can jump straight into real money play and risk losing a lot of cash – but that is not something we want! Instead, you can bide your time, hone the skills, and prepare for real action by playing demo blackjack online.

Moreover, how can you know which title you like if you haven’t experimented a little? There are so many titles to choose from – and there will be even more if Microgaming’s upcoming batch is any indication – so don’t waste time sticking to one game only.

Sure, a reliable table is what we are all striving for here – but it would be a shame to miss the abundance which the modern industry is offering you.

Moreover, you can explore more varieties of blackjack by playing different releases online. Player preferences have led to the emergence of so many genres, after all. So, every player must find the one variant that suits them the most. And that is achievable only through extensive practice and exploration of the wide network of free blackjack games.

RNG VS Live Blackjack

The modern industry is ripe with innovation, and current trends go beyond a few added side bets. No, what the players want is pushing the boundaries, and certain providers like Evolution are more than happy to oblige.

Live casino is the new black, so to speak. Evolution is the current leader in the live casino sector with ground-breaking titles which push the envelope with each new release. But Evolution always lacked one thing which we had in abundance with other players – free play.

You cannot find live dealer tables in demo mode. Part of the reason is the nature of live casino games. They transpire in real-time, and the action is live. Players enter games and play with fellow punters for real cash only. Another part is the exclusivity – providers just don’t want to lower the limit and make their live dealer games lose exclusivity.

And therein lies the advantage of RNG games. They might be less interesting than their live counterparts, but they represent solid training grounds for aspiring gamblers.

Returning to Evolution, it seems that the company got the memo about how popular demo practice is among the players. So, they created the First Person franchise – a nice name for RNG games, really – which contains a plethora of table games which you can play in RNG mode.

The creation of the franchise only highlighted the importance of having free online blackjack games on offer. Players love live games, but without preparation, they stand to lose their assets rather quickly.

In conclusion, it is better to have options than not, we’d say. And your best options are RNG blackjack free games, especially at the beginning of your casino career.

Upcoming Games You Need to Check Out

Microgaming and Switch Studios’ fruitful partnership has brought us some of the best table game releases over the years. But it seems that that was just the starting point, as the two plan to release more titles in the future.

We compiled a list of upcoming games which hit the casinos quite soon – and you will be able to try them out on your favourite site too.

The new arrivals include roulette and poker games, but their upcoming blackjack collection is a goldmine for Twenty-One fans. Here is the full list of hot new games in the category of 21:

  • Atlantic City Blackjack
  • Classic Blackjack
  • European Blackjack
  • Vegas Downtown Blackjack
  • Classic 6 Deck Blackjack
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack
  • Vegas Single Deck Blackjack

They are all multi-hand releases which allow you to play simultaneously more than one hand. Fresh material is always welcome, so Microgaming will keep it coming until the end of 2020. Stay with us for exclusive info, fresh updates, and in-depth walkthroughs for each release.

Where to Play Online Blackjack

A million-dollar question each casino player inevitably asks at least once is:

Where can I play free blackjack online? is here to answer your question.

You can find free demo games in almost any casino on our website. We also offer our own freeplay games, so you don’t even have to switch tabs in search of top online blackjack free games.

However, if you are interested in finding the best casino for fun and entertaining gaming sessions, just keep reading.

Play Free Blackjack at Plaza Royal

Plaza Royal is a popular hotspot for fans of gambling games. It is a superb venue which offers extraordinary bonuses, but it also has a free play option for nearly all games. Head over to the website to enjoy the latest releases along with delicious promotional offers.

Play Free Blackjack at VegasLand Casino

VegasLand Casino is perhaps one of our favourite places to hang out. The playful atmosphere over there is a great motivation for many punters to join, but VegasLand completes the offer with top-tier games from industry-leading providers. Oh, and it always has a great tournament (or two) on offer.

Play Free Blackjack at Revolution Casino

All games in Revolution’s portfolio are available for fun and real-money play. Except for live dealer games, of course. This funky venue offers a range of top releases, even exclusive ones which you cannot find anywhere else.


Basically, you do not need to play free online blackjack. But it will be more than useful, as we have shown above. If you want to play blackjack, free blackjack online is your best option.

If you liked what you learned with BestCasinos here today, don’t hesitate to reach out. Drop a comment in the section below to share your thoughts with us. And stay tuned, as we regularly update our free blackjack online sections with fresh news and hottest releases!


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