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Punto Banco & Edge Sorting: A Winning Baccarat Combination

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Baccarat is notoriously – and falsely – believed to be an exclusively high roller casino game that by no means welcomes low stakes gambler profiles. We are here today to bust the myth and scratch beneath the surface of this puzzling casino game.

In the following paragraphs you can expect to learn all the tips and tricks on Punto Banco, as well as a thorough guide through all Baccarat variations. We cherry picked through the opulent selection found on the World Wide Web, and are bringing you only the best of the best.

After having read this manual, you can expect to be able to apply the knowledge to your gambling habits and successfully practice your newly acquired skills in a lawful way. Before we begin, make sure to gamble responsibly. You cannot be under the legal age of 18 to partake in any online or land-based gambling activity, nor should you continue gambling if you feel you no longer have your hobby under control. Stay safe and have fun.

Table of Contents

  1. Punto Banco vs. Baccarat
  2. Punto Banco Table Layout
  3. The Best Strategy to Play Punto Banco
  1. Punto Banco Suppliers
  2. Other Baccarat Variants
  3. Verdict

Punto Banco vs. Baccarat

If you have ever played Baccarat, and you are good at it, odds are that you will be just as skillful at Punto Banco. Punto Banco is essentially one subtype of Baccarat, and the disparity in the rules is almost negligible. For starters, it is good to know the game’s other name. Many a player refers to this edition of Baccarat as North American Baccarat. Both numbers’ gameplays are identical, but Punto Banco’s house edges are significantly lower than most casino table games. The objective is to attempt to guess on the outcome of the card hands that are being dealt to both you and the banker. Simply put, your winning odds depend on the probability of one getting a higher total than the other. But the matter is not that simple. There is a considerate amount of thinking that could be implemented in your game style to boost your chances of winning.

Punto Banco Table Layout

Punto Banco Table Layout

The Franco-Italian casino game is played across a large table covered with a green felt material in real world, and a simulation of one at online casinos. One game accepts between up to 12 or 14 participants, as well as two croupiers and one banker. Punto is the player, and Banco is the bank. The two have their proprietary bet places on the table. An additional, third section for Egalite bets (Tie bets) can be integrated as well. When there is an egalite (or, tie), bets on both Punto and Banco are considered not played (or, unplayed) and they are returned to the player.

The shoe holds between 6 and 8 decks of cards, which the croupier shuffles before every round. You, the player, are to place your bet on one of the sections: Punto, Banco or Egalite. Once the wagers are made, the first player to the right of the croupier draws 4 cards and gives them to the croupier. What the dealer does then is put them face down on the table. However the order is not random. Facing up, one card goes to the player, one to the banker, then another goes to the player, whilst the fourth one belongs to the banker. In particular cases, the third card can be mixed in any pair of the cards. The one with the largest sum of points takes it all.

The payout rules follow:

  • If the bet on Punto wins, it is paid out 1:1, and the player loses the residual bets in the box.
  • If the bet on Banco wins, the bet is paid out 95:100 (the casino sustains 5%).
  • In case of an Egalite, the bet is paid 9:1.

The Best Strategy to Play Punto Banco

Similar to about any casino game, there is a bunch of diverse methods to be marshaled when trying to get lucky with Punto Banco. The following approach has been proven the most effective of them all, and we will tell you all its secrets.

Edge Sorting

A very important disclaimer is coming ahead. Edge sorting, much like any other strategy that we study and recommend here at, is entirely legal. It belongs to a division called advantage gambling. All practices that belong to this particular group have absolutely nothing to do with cheating or any other illegal activity applied in casinos. Every well trained and professional gambler can get the hang of advantage gambling and practise it lawfully.

Being able to identify cards when they are faced down is an enormous advantage in casino card games such as Punto Banco, and edge sorting is a way to do exactly that. Edge sorting tactic works because the patterns on the backs of many decks of cards, even ones used in casinos, are not perfectly symmetrical. Have a look at any regular, patterned deck of cards. You will notice that one edge has a full diamond touching it, whilst the other side’s diamond has been cropped so you can see only one half of it. This way each side of a single card can be easily distinguished. In other words, a trained eye can easily tell the difference between opposite edges of the same card.

Edge Sorting Example

Now imagine that you can sort the deck so that certain important cards are pointed one way, and all the others are pointed the other way. If you could pull that off, you would be able to identify the next card to come off the deck or cards that are already face down on the felt.

Naturally, the croupier will not offer this “service” on his or her own. However, there are ways to get around this, especially if you are a regular at the casino, and this is where the high roller profile comes into play. The reason why edge sorting is so efficient a technique is because a large number of casino visitors rely on superstition and believe in good luck; which you should. For that reason, the dealer will typically indulge you and turn a particular group of cards (high value) one way, whilst the other group (low value) is faced in the opposite direction. This strategic yet unintentionally indulging placement of specific cards allows an eagle-eyed gambler to take advantage of the situation and scoop some hefty wins. One thing is for sure, you have to creative, and you have to be convincing.

Again, while edge sorting is in no way illegal, it can be detrimental to casinos’ bankroll. That is why you need to be careful and inspect the situation before applying this strategy. Nevertheless, casinos are always in pursuit of being ahead of clients, and can deploy a number of measures of precaution, including:

  • Using perfectly symmetrical decks
  • Using new decks every time they deal, or
  • Incorporating a turn into their shuffle procedure

The third bulletin refers to the practice of having one half of the deck turned 180 degrees before being shuffled. The routine effectively destroys any sorting that has already been done.

Punto Banco Suppliers

In the virtual world of casinos, an army of online software developers supply their online gambling protégés with different variants of Baccarat. The famous card game has been made incredibly popular online through works of Swedish NetEnt, whose variant is one of all time fan favourites. East Sussex-headquartered 1×2 Gaming have also given their contribution to the game, whilst another popular release comes from the studios of Evolution Gaming, in its live casino form!

Other Baccarat Variants

Having mentioned the Stockholm-based manufacturer, it would be a sin not to give a nod to its best Baccarat variant to date Punto Banco Pro. The game’s payout level runs the same speed as every other NetEnt Baccarat variation. The game comes with the expected chic and elegant soundtrack that relaxes you as you play this classy game. In addition, the impeccable trademark NetEnt visuals cater for a graphically impressive experience.

As far as Baccarat itself goes, it has two other world-famous variations, other than Punto Banco: Chemmy (baccarat chemin de fer) and Baccarat Banque (or à deux tableaux). The pair differs from Punto Banco in one key segment. In Punto Banco, it is the dealer’s moves that dictate the rhythm of the game, whilst in Chemmy and Banque, players can make decisions as well. In any case, the winning odds play for the benefit of the bank, and the house edge does not go lower than 1%. In some cases, when a smaller room is at hand, Baccarat is reshaped into Mini Baccarat and has fewer seats.


There you have it. It might have seemed too intricate a concept to be tackled, but we believe we have proven differently. You can now call yourself a Punto Banco and Baccarat expert, and you are ready to try your hand with the game either for free or for real money. Punto Banco can be an enjoyable activity to play regardless if you are low stakes person or a seasoned high roller. It is all about how devoted to the game you are.

Good luck!


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