These 6 Things Will Get You Banned From an Online Casino

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Rules and regulations are not meant to be broken. They are there to be followed as that’s the entire purpose of their existence in the first place.

Let’s forget that carefree voice in our head whispering that by blindly obeying the rules your soul will be captivated and you will be turned into a machine. Simply forget about it and imagine what the world would look like if there were no rules. Think small. Starting from (not) stopping at red light or speeding in a 20mph zone. Now work your way up. The world without rules would be a mess. The same goes for online casinos.

Casinos tend to be quite strict when it comes to rules and regulations, and rightly so. With the unstoppable technical development steering the entire gaming sector into the world of online, safety and security have now become even bigger issues of concern. With a lot of money involved and no way to actually lay eyes on their customers – unlike brick and mortar establishments – the biggest online gambling venues can’t afford a tiniest mistake or carelessness that would result in suffering huge losses both in finances and in reputation.

Carefully going through terms and conditions of an online casino before opening an account there and starting to play is an absolute must. But even with all of them read, analysed and adopted, players need to tread carefully into the world of online gaming and try not to do any of these six things we highlighted below, which are certain to get you banned from an online casino.

False Identity

Identity verification is mandatory during the process of opening an online casino account. Casinos will ask for documents to verify one’s account details in a security process that operators are obliged to follow in order to protect both players and themselves, while at the same time making sure the requirements for safe online transactions between the two parties have been met. Casino operators are required by anti-money laundering regulations and gambling authorities to perform checks to verify players’ identity and – where necessary – the source of any funds placed on deposits by players.

However tedious and boring it may seem, identity verification is done for your own safety. With technology advancing on daily basis, there are more and more system operations – such as the revolutionary Pay N Play method introduced by Trustly – working in the background to run checks and make sure no fraudulent activity is going on your end of the screen, while not taking away any of your precious playing time.

Submitting false identity documents – such as ID, Passport, and Drivers Licence – or any other documents that prove your address – like a Utility Bill – is strictly forbidden and easily detected. What’s more it’s certain to get you banned from an online casino and even reported, and subsequently prosecuted.

Underage Gambling

Identified as one of the fastest growing and most concerning issues in online gaming, underage gambling is being tackled more ferociously these days as online casinos and legal departments work hand in hand to prevent the further wildfire. With new regulations introduced constantly and existing laws being amended to keep pace with technical development, gambling authorities around the world – with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission holding the banner – are laying forth a strict set of rules for online casinos to follow in order to prevent underage gambling.

The challenges are highly pronounced due to a multitude of factors, starting from teens having private and unlimited access to the internet. Having immediate family members to practice online gambling at their plain sight is another way to nurture an underage gambler. In general, casinos can do very little to prevent underage gambling – apart from spreading awareness and making sure all identity verification checks are in order. Getting your hands on a credit card could allow you to sneak into a casino lobby but a self-respected establishment will be quick to urge you to prove your identity and age through an additional document.

Once caught red-handed, an underage online casino player is sure to be banned.

Multiple Accounts

In all truth, the violation of the Single Account Access rule listed under the Terms and Conditions of all highly respectable online casinos might seem as an innocent one but it can nevertheless lead to you being banned from it.

Players are permitted to open only one account per household and that may come as a problem for two – or more – players accessing a casino through different accounts but via the same IP address. You should be particularly careful when having friends online for a joint online casino session. Remember, casinos record IP addresses. Multiple accounts are considered to be held by the same person and will result in immediate closure with online casinos reserving their right to seize any funds gained as a result.

Getting your assets frozen is a problem that can be solved, however, if you approach online casino support to explain the misunderstanding and delete double and duplicate accounts, which can solve the issue and let you back in to withdraw your funds.

Even worse than holding multiple accounts in a single household – that in the end might really be an honest mistake – is players who are caught and discovered to have used disposable email addresses to create multiple online casino accounts. Those will be immediately banned on a premise of potential money laundering and other fraudulent activity.

Bonus Abuse

Making money in the long run by abusing the bonus offering at an online casino has been also called Bonus Hunting. Such a practice used to be common among many a dishonest casino player. As time goes by, going about with this malpractice is getting harder to do and will be easily registered – and penalised.

Online casino bonuses used to be quite big and lucrative back in the day.  At the same time, wagering requirements were contrastingly low with little to no restrictions placed on allowed games. What this meant was that players could just use the bonuses and keep depositing through to keep amounting wins without any repercussions based on maths. How so? If you had a €200 bonus with a 25x play through requirement and you decided to play a game with an RTP of 98% will have you lose 2% of every bet you make. The expected bonus value in this case on 25x wagering requirements would bring it to €100 (100% – 25 * 2%) which is still extremely high.

Online casinos learned from their own mistakes and now have much more delicate calculations in place to protect themselves from bonus hunting. Bonuses with easily cleared profit are hard to come by these days. Abusing a bonus is still possible – but not advised as it’s never been in the first place. Any attempt to do it is easily detected and could result in an online casino ban or getting your account permanently suspended, at best.

Harassment of Customer Support Agents

Playing at an online casino is imagined as a fun activity. Even though it can, admittedly, lead into causing addiction, online gambling venues will be urged to team up with relevant authorities to promote gaming awareness and responsible gambling.

Understanding a problem is the first step towards curing it but it’s also considered to be the most difficult one. One way to recognize that a person is struggling with addiction – though it may as well be quite late – is through harassment of customer support agents. Players who feel like they’ve been constantly done harm by a casino as a defense mechanism after a winless streak could resort to a desperate measure of insulting and harassing the customer service staff whose sole purpose is to offer help and assistance.

Abusing the help at your disposal or misbehaving in any way in your direct communication with online casino personnel will result in a ban. One area of the online casino industry highly susceptible to harassment or abuse is live casino gambling where live dealers can in particular be on the receiving end of some unsavory behavior.

Constant Violation of Terms and Conditions

Online casinos operate a delicate business which relies on a set on terms and conditions aimed to protect both gaming operators and casino players as well as to keep the gambling operation within the boundaries of a legally controlled system.

General terms and conditions explain all a visitor to an online casino needs to know while using products and services at a given establishment. By deciding to use the casino for gaming pleasure the players automatically agree to be bound by these general terms and conditions and they might as well dedicate some of their time to research them and get a wider picture of how best to make sure their time at a gaming venue is both safe and secure from any wrongdoing.

Answers to a wide range of questions – encompassing opening a player account, verification checks, deposits, wagers and withdrawals, wins and prizes, online casino bonuses and customer service and complaints, to only name the few – will all be listed in this comprehensive section found at all online casinos. Constant violations and negligence of terms and conditions will initiate a scrutinised analysis of your casino account and result in suspension, and ultimately a ban from an online casino.

What to do if you I get banned from an online casino?

Honesty will get you far in life and that’s pretty much a general rule of thumb applied in an online casino world as well.

Players who are not malicious and do not want to perform scams or misuse the trust a gaming establishment would invest while opening its door for them will have nothing to worry about. Honest mistakes are part of the job and if you file a complaint, report any problem and offer proof to support your claims, all online casinos will keep you away from harm’s way. Suspended casino accounts are susceptible to reversal.

On the other hand, if a casino has all the proof that you’ve been in violation with terms and regulations or that you’ve done any of things listed above, there is not much you can do to keep your account alive and to avoid getting banned by a casino.

Self-respecting gaming establishments will be in constant effort to maintain their own reputation and that of their clients which is why establishing an honest and an open relationship with your favourite casino is of paramount importance. Reputable and widely respected online casinos will never ban anyone without a reason and that’s why you need to be vigilant during your selection process.

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