What are Telegram Casinos

What Are Telegram Casinos?

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Social media platforms and messaging apps have truly changed the way we live and view life. One of the budding apps for messages with one of the fastest growing rates is Telegram. And if you think messaging is the only way to enjoy a messaging app, you’re sorely mistaken. Telegram casinos are a new trend on Telegram whereby players access popular casino sites straight from their new favourite app.

Are you interested to hear more about this novel gaming platform? Read on.

What Are Telegram Casinos?

Telegram casinos are sites accessible via Telegram, a widespread messaging app. Players join channels with the casinos and then start chats with the bot.

Although quite different from regular online casinos, Telegram casinos share a great deal of similarities with classic, online websites. Players are allowed to join casinos, claim bonuses, play a variety of games including slots and live dealer games , and then cash out winnings whenever they want.

There are two main forms in which Telegram gambling plays out – in text mode, where both game outcomes are revealed to the player as a text message, without the player actually playing the game, or in classic, online casino mode, where the bot launches the casino and the players accesses the lobby, promos, and every part of the website they’d otherwise see when visiting the website from the browser.

A key thing to understand is that most Telegram online casinos uses cryptocurrency payments. Hence, it’s important to have a linked crypto wallet loaded with funds before hitting the TG casino.

Another thing we’d like to mention is that Telegram casinos are instant play sites, with no registration needed, no KYC verification, and 100% anonymous payments and betting. it’s instant, it’s fun, and it’s safe – which is why so many players are trying out Telegram gambling. Telegram as an app has over 800 million users and has been praised as one of the safest messaging apps today, home to millions of hidden and public channels, discussions, and chats.

Benefits of Telegram Casinos

While online casinos provide a certain level of comfort to players (and are indeed in possession of a sound safety net players can always fall back on) there’s no doubt the next-gen of casinos is bringing even more excitement. Case in point, Telegram online casinos. Or, should we say, licensed casinos that work on Telegram!

However, there are many players who’ve got a lot of mistrust towards Telegram, mostly because TG casinos are so new. But one cannot say there aren’t any benefits to TG sites.

One of the main benefits is the increase of security. They are definitely more private than regular online casinos you join via classic mobile/desktop browsers. You are anonymous, and no one can discover your identity and personal data. As you know, Telegram is nearly impenetrable in terms of security. Plus, there’s not much to fear about discovering as you don’t really submit personal details that much. You provide the phone number, perhaps even a wallet address, but not much outside of that.

There’s also the thing that many players hailing from strict jurisdictions will appreciate – you can access casino gaming without using VPN, and still remain risk-free and worry-free.

If you are worried about data storage, the good news is that Telegram is not a big app. In fact, most of the content remains safely stored on TG servers. Plus it’s text-only (technically) so you don’t have to worry about downloading massive apps and keeping loads of storage on the device.

Lastly, there are some casinos that are Telegram-only, and they are offering dashing offers to players looking to experience TG gambling. Telegram gambling sites are not as expensive to maintain and operate, and do often casino managements try to give that back to the players joining the TG casino.

Best Telegram Casinos Ranked

Although there aren’t too many Telegram casinos, they are growing in numbers. For now, we have a top list of 5 best ranked Telegram sites you can visit directly from the app.

  1. Mega Dice
  2. Lucky Block
  3. Casino Bot
  4. Stake Bot
  5. 1xBot

All five are great options if you want to play gambling games on TG.  We must note that not all of them work the same way. For instance, Mega Dice and Lucky Block are casinos that launch as an app within Telegram, while Casino Bot is a bot alongside Stake and 1xBot. These stay within the limits of Telegram messaging, and all actions are performed via messages. Games are played out as moving stickers, a staple of Telegram, too.

Casino Bot is our preferred option as it offers provably fair games, which is a great deal for text-only casinos. Stake comes with a variety of live casino game challenges each day, while 1xBot is the newly-minted 1xBet casino on Telegram.

Mega Dice and Lucky Block launch as apps, allowing you to access the casino lobby like you would from a regular browser.

Is Telegram Casino Gaming Safe?

Safety is the main concern for every player playing online, regardless of the nature of the games. The situation does get more complicated and the outcome is more important when there’s real money on the line. So, in short, safety is crucial for online gamblers.

When it comes to Telegram gambling, players can rest assured they are choosing an okay option simply because they’ve chosen an app that is impenetrable in terms of security. So, your data is safe from third-party sharing and others who might want to steal data. But is it safe from the casinos?

Honestly, that depends on the casino. We cannot deny there aren’t casinos looking to scam you, bots trying to force you to give up money and then leading you on until you are losing patience (and money). But there are safe Telegram casinos that are working in your favor. One such example is the Mega Dice casino, the first ever licensed TG site. But it’s far from being the only reliable casino on the platform.

So, the recipe to staying safe online at Telegram casinos is to pick a venue that is 100% proven to be reliable and player-oriented.

How to Join a Telegram Casino

One of the key things about joining Telegram casinos is the fact that the whole process lasts about 5 minutes. Joining a TG site requires little to no knowledge or expertise. Frankly, all you need is a TG account.

Step 1. Download the app.

If you’ve already downloaded the app and registered, it’s time to start our journey. If not, visit your app store and download Telegram. It’s free and available both for iOS and Android phones.

In case this is your first time downloading apps such as Telegram, you only need to provide your phone number, a name, and a photo (although this is optional).  Once you confirm the number, you are free to use Telegram however you want.

Step 2. Join a Casino Channel

Now, this part is the most important one in the whole experience. Telegram works by channels, and you can join any public channel on the global scene whenever you want. Most online casinos on Telegram have their channels.

To find channels, go to the Search option and type in the name of the casino you want to join. If you are not sure of the name or don’t have a preferred casino, start by typing ‘casino’ in the search box. You will see several options, or search results that match your search the best.

It’s important to note that you can play both directly in telegram via casino bots or access discussions about various parts of the casino, alongside other players.

Step 3. Start the Bot

Once you’ve selected a channel, it’s time to join. In most cases, it’s enough to simply tap the start button which triggers the /start command. Not all channels and bots work the same, though. They might look a bit different and offer the steps in different order, but the point is the same – opt-in to start the adventure and then let’s see where the game takes us.

One of the most famous Telegram Casinos, Mega Dice, offers straight away the option to play right away, access the wallet, where you deposit money to play for real funds, the community which is a discussion group for all players, and support, where the team can assist you with whatever help you need. But that might not be what you are offered with other sites. However, it does give you a perspective of the things you can do with a TG casino bot.

Step 4. Deposit Money

The next step is, once you’ve joined a casino, to start playing. But first, a deposit. Frankly, most of the Telegram casinos work with crypto, which means they allow you to connect your wallet to the app and then deposit funds. Regardless of the site you choose, as this is custom with most casinos on TG, you will have to first deposit money to play. Some offer demo games, which is great, but most directly ask for money first.

To link your wallet, tap the button and then you’ll get a pop-up asking you to launch the casino. It will directly lead you to the payments section where you set a deposit and pick a payment option. Enter the sum you wish to deposit and confirm the transfer.

Step 5. Pick a Game to Play

Now the main part – the gaming. Amongst the options offered by the bot, you will first see the Play option. This leads to games. The app launched offers you access to 3000+ games you can play with just one simple click. Of course, the offering and size of the lobby depends on the casino – some may have way over 3k, while others could have considerably less.

However, if you choose a bot that does not launch an app and instead remains in the Telegram app, you can pick by tapping buttons. Mostly there are slots, dice games, and even darts, bowling, football games, minesweeper, etc. These are all casual games, and you have no influence on the game but rather watch it play out in front of you. It looks like a Telegram sticker, not an actual game so it might not be what you want to play.

Step 6. Cash Out the Winnings

Once you are satisfied with how the game round turned out and with the results, it’s time to enjoy your winnings. Cashing out is similar to deposits. It’s all done within a very short time, so there’s no wasting time and loitering around the lobby.

You access the withdrawals the same way as deposits – through the wallet access. There, select the Withdraw option. the casino will ask you to first select the token you are using. Most common options are BTC, LTC, Binance, Dogecoin, Ripple, Cardano, Tether, Ether, etc. Then you need to enter the address for withdrawal (the wallet) and then enter the amount you wish to cash out.  Once all details are submitted, click on Withdraw and that’s it.


We’ve finally reached the end of the road for this article. We hope you like Telegram casinos a little bit better, or at least understand them and their appeal.

Our impression is that Telegram gambling is in its bloom era, and it can really go two ways – either great success and popularity due to its focus on privacy, exclusivity, and exceptional accessibility, or fail to reach stardom due to players’ mistrust and not enough understanding.

What way do you think it will go?


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