Playtech Hard Rock Digital Deal

Playtech Invests in Hard Rock Digital, Acquires Small Ownership Stake

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According to the latest press release, Playtech invested 85 million US dollars into Hard Rock Digital. The significant investment brought Playtech a small ownership stake to Playtech, as well as a chance to advance its position in North America.

Small Yet Big

From a global perspective, investing 85 million dollars might seem like sizeable sum, but for Playtech and Hard Rock Digital, it’s huge. The most recent investment Playtech made in Hard Rock Digital benefits both parties involved – Playtech got a smaller ownership interest, while Hard Rock Digital got a well-deserved boost.

Of course, there are other perks that both companies get as well. For Hard Rock Digital, this partnership allows it access to Playtech’s top-of-the-line technology which has been praised for its ingenuity and design.

Stronger US Presence

Hard Rock Digital is a company with a strong presence in North America. By signing this deal, Playtech also gets a chance to solidify its position within the market.

At the moment, Hard Rock online and retail sports betting and gaming is currently available in several US states – Arizona, Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio, Iowa, Virginia, and Tennessee included.

According to Playtech CEO Mor Weizer, that aligns perfectly with Playtech’s B2B strategy. Of course, the deal does not cover North America only.

Thanks to the new partnership, Hard Rock Digital customers will gain access to Playtech’s gaming portfolio, including video slots, RNG tables, and live casino games.

According to Hard Rock, they plan to use the investment as funding for US expansion for the company. Expansion across other international markets is also in store for the two companies in the upcoming years.


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