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Pragmatic Play Launches Snakes & Ladders Live Gameshow

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Pragmatic Play has finally launched their live casino game version of Snakes & Ladders. This live dealer game show features dice-based gambling with numerous payout options and bonus games.

What is Snakes & Ladders Live

Snakes & Ladders Live by Pragmatic Play is a live casino game show streamed from a colorful jungle-theme studio. The players can place bets and predict the outcomes on 4 dice towers which randomly generate a dice symbol. The six-sided dice of the game feature star and diamond symbols as well as the SL and ST symbols.

Players can win cash rewards by betting on stars and diamonds or activate bonus games by betting on SL and ST symbols. These stand for the Snakes & Ladders and Snake Totem bonus games respectively. A player wins a payout if at least 2 star or diamond symbols land in the dice tower.

Alternatively, if the player bets on a specific bonus the payouts are a little different. To trigger the Snake Totem game players will have to land at least 3 ST symbols. Furthermore, to trigger Snakes & Ladders the player will need to land at least 2 SL symbols.

Bonus Games

The two bonus games are quite exciting and are the main extra feature of Pragmatic Play’s Snakes & Ladders Live. First off, triggering the Snake Totem game will lead the player to an actual totem in the studio. The totem is filled with tiered rewards on segments which have increasing rewards the higher the player climbs. You can win numerous multiplier rewards here as well as a free entry into the Snakes and Ladders bonus game.

Secondly, the actual S & L game is potentially a higher-paying bonus. The feature is structured in a similar manner to the classic board game and when you triggered it you will be taken to the board. Then, the player rolls a number of dice dependent on whether they triggered the bronze, silver, or gold version. The goal of the game is to climb the board as high as possible for increasing rewards. Landing on snakes will send you flying down while ladders can help you climb higher similar to the board game.

Whether you opt for the cash rewards or triggering the bonus games you can place multiple bets. Snakes & Ladders Live allows you to enjoy a live dealer experience while playing a reward-rich classic board game. Pragmatic Play has done an excellent job with this adaptation.


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