Videoslots Strengthens Safe Gambling with Freja eID Verification App

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As one of the largest and most popular online casinos in the world, Videoslots has a responsibility towards the entire gambling community. Videoslots casino is the first online casino to actively strengthen rules and regulations for safe gambling regularly. The latest news to come from the operator stated that Videoslots joined forces with Freja eID, a verification app across the Nordics.

Leaders of the Industry

The adoption of the Freja eID app across the Nordics clearly shows how Videoslots values players’ security and privacy. This new verification app is a step ahead of all other verification apps in the region. It goes beyond standard verification requirements in the gambling industry to handle more sensitive data. But it is also easier to use. As every part of the process is digitalized, Freja eID allows players more versatility and accessibility via the easy-to-use interface.

One important part of the Freja eID offer is that the app can check the age and location of the players along with other sensitive data. Players have access to extensive user history all the time. Users are also notified of all changes and regulations of third-party information access. That way, everything is kept transparent, so players are more inclined to provide their consent.

Stronger Together

Here is what the COO of Videoslots, Ulle Skottling, had to say about the eID incorporation“We believe gambling should be safe and simple as well as fun. Freja eID will help us ensure we protect players and respect their data both on sign-up and while they enjoy our casino. We invest a lot of time and resources into ensuring we not only comply with regulatory requirements but surpass them and this new tool will be implemented in order to attain the highest standards.”


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