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Meet Blackjack Azure, Pragmatic Play’s Brand-New Live 21 Game

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Live Blackjack is a popular way to spend your time in online casinos. Providers like NetEnt and Evolution Gaming have been busy this year with new live releases, but no one was busier than Pragmatic Play. The leading provider of live and online casino games has launched Blackjack Azure, a stunning collection of six live Twenty-One tables that you can play in any live casino.

If you want to learn more about the game and learn to play Blackjack Azure, keep reading this BestCasinos in-depth guide for the amazing live casino table game.

What is Blackjack Azure Live

What is Blackjack Azure

Blackjack Azure stands for a collection of live Blackjack tables that Pragmatic Play added to its live casino vertical. The games officially joined the ranks of stellar live casino games in Pragmatic Play casinos on September 9th. Thanks to cutting-edge HTML5 technology, every single table is open 24/7, and offers 99.59% RTP.

So far, the company launched six titles, with more to come in upcoming weeks. Two new tables will come out on September 23rd, and the company is set to reveal the release date for the final two.

That makes Azure a compilation of ten live dealer tables that are set to wow the crowd before 2020 ends. Moreover, the provider announced a Roulette Azure table as well.

Key Features

Given that this is a brand-new game, we are confident you are anxious to see what’s new inside. The game does come with a plethora of benefits and appetizers, with table limits being the most obvious detail.

Have a look at the key features in Blackjack Azure:

  • Multi-seat options (all seats have identical bet limits)
  • Early Decisions
  • Auto-Stand
  • Deal Now
  • Perfect Pairs and 21+3 Side Bets
  • Bet Behind
  • Advanced Bets Validation
  • 4K cameras
  • 21 UI languages
  • 100+ operating currencies
  • Quick seat from the lobby
  • Live Chat
  • Live Support
  • Bet History for every player

As you can see, playing this game is not without its perks. The game’s unique trait is the variety of table limits that you can enjoy by switching between tables.

How to Play Blackjack Azure

The million-dollar question now is, how to play Blackjack Azure?

Unsurprisingly, that part is easy. You will quickly realize that playing Blackjack Azure for real money brings joy, entertainment, and action without much hassle.

We will explain how to play Blackjack Azure step-by-step, so read carefully:

  1. Enter the game lobby and pick a table.
  2. Enter the game.
  3. Pick a bet limit and wait for the start of the round.
  4. As the dealer deals the cards, choose what you want to do. You can choose between Hit, Stand, and Double Down. If you have a pair, you can also choose to Split your hand.
  5. Wait for the dealer to reveal the dealer cards. You will then see whether you’ve won or lost. If you are the winner, the winnings will be automatically added to your balance.

See, it’s not that hard at all. The only thing that you should keep in mind is that the game features a 10-second betting time limit, so don’t lag – choose quick (but choose wisely).  If you get bored with main bets, you can jazz up your playtime with side bets. In Blackjack Azure, you can play with Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets.

Tips for Advanced Blackjack Azure Play

How to Play Blackjack Azure

We would not be helpful were we not thorough, right? We have a couple of extra tips that can help you become a pro player of the new game. Have a look.

  • Set a bet limit before you start playing. The game is fast-paced and engaging, so there is no time to waste while placing wagers.
  • Pick a table that corresponds to your wagering preferences. In the next section, we will give you a table that contains betting limits info about each table, so you have a great choice when it comes to that.
  • Use the strategy that you believe in. This is a standard Blackjack game, so any strategy that you use for regular games will work here as well. Only make sure you have chosen the one that you like before you start playing.
  • Never chase losses. If you experience a losing streak, it’s better to quit than to continue investing money that you are not prepared to lose.

Table Limits

There are ten different tables where you can take a seat and enjoy exclusive live entertainment. But opting for one might be challenging, especially as they are all quite similar. Strike that – they feature the exact gameplay and rules. The only difference is the table limit.

Here is a table with all minimum and maximum table limits for each Blackjack Azure table.

Table Name Minimum Table Limit Maximum Table Limit
Blackjack Azure A 10 EUR 2,500 EUR
Blackjack Azure B 25 EUR 2,500 EUR
Blackjack Azure C 25 EUR 2,500 EUR
Blackjack Azure D 35 EUR 2,500 EUR
Blackjack Azure E 50 EUR 5,000 EUR
Blackjack Azure F 50 EUR 5,000 EUR
Blackjack Azure G 100 EUR 5,000 EUR
Blackjack Azure H 100 EUR 5,000 EUR
Blackjack Azure I 250 EUR 5,000 EUR
Blackjack Azure J 500 EUR 5,000 EUR

Pick one that suits you best and play. But most importantly, enjoy the perks that come with every Azure live table that Pragmatic Play brought to you.

Where to Play Blackjack Azure

Before we sign off on this review and guide for playing Blackjack Azure, there’s one more thing we need to show you. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where to play Blackjack Azure.

As you know, Pragmatic Play is an internationally acclaimed brand with a massive player base. The company’s reputation by far precedes it, so it’s no wonder that so many brands work with this game manufacturer. Our top picks for casinos where you can play Blackjack Azure tables are LeoVegas, PlayOJO, and Plaza Royal.

Play Blackjack Azure at LeoVegas

LeoVegas specializes in mobile casino play, so if you are a fan of portable gambling, this is the place to check it out. LeoVegas features Pragmatic Play’s Blackjack Lobby in its live casino section, so make sure to stop by and find your new favourite Azure tables.

Play Blackjack Azure at PlayOJO

When it comes to diversity in content, there is no better place to seek it than PlayOJO. This exceptional digital venue offers everything – from slots to exclusive live dealer tables. Blackjack Azure games are included in the offer too, so you only need to visit the casino and start playing.

Play Blackjack Azure at Plaza Royal

Plaza Royal casino is a life-long friend and partner of Pragmatic Play, so it always has the freshest games to offer. You can register in a couple of minutes, and then you will be able to enjoy premium casino games forever. If you love exclusive releases, the Plaza Royal casino is here to deliver them.

Our Impressions

When we first heard of the Azure collection, we were thrilled. The reason why we were so excited is that a) we always love new live casino releases, and b) we adore Pragmatic Play live dealer games. So, you see, enjoying these new tables was the only thing we could do while we were testing them.

Judging by what we saw and experienced, the new tables are something most casino players would enjoy. They provide a fast-paced adventure in an engaging environment which surely boosts the real land-based casino feel that our players sometimes miss.

Extravagant to the core, Pragmatic Play’s Azure collection is a standard Blackjack game with six (soon ten) tables where you can experiment with table limits, side bets, and game options. It is perfect for novices that are starting their live casino careers, as well as proficient players with years of experience.

We hope you enjoyed our Blackjack Azure live guide. If you want to share your thoughts with us, don’t hesitate to reach out by dropping a comment below.


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